Friday, April 1, 2016

Never Guilty of Harassment

For the New Order vocalist, it's one thing to read a text from MinerBumping. But suppose you're dealing with a post that contains screenshots, etc.?

Sasha Nemtsov has taken up the challenge--and succeeded admirably.

The post(s) in question are from all the way back in 2013:

Griefing, Harassment, Bullying, and the New Order, Part 1
Griefing, Harassment, Bullying, and the New Order, Part 2

Impressively, aside from a handful of permabans, not a single Agent has ever been banned for harassment. That's a record we can all be proud of.

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Agent Mildron Klinker is ready for the Citadel expansion. Are you? Our Agent offered a thoughtful reminder during CCP's latest o7 Show.

Wait for a bunch of angry carebears to say, "But you didn't warn me!" Like heck we didn't.


  1. Sasha's melodious voice soothes my weary soul.

  2. Saying "No agent has ever been banned for harassment" is a bit like saying "George W Bush kept us safe". I for one can remember one particular day it was a problem...

    1. James does cover this in his blog-post.

      In the text I recorded for this piece, I tried to make it clear that no one had been permabanned for MinerBumping related activity.

      The bans handed down related to a 'Bonus Round' in the Isk-doubling fraternity.

      Although some of those good folks were associated with MB, their banning was unconnected with this site and its content.

      It was one of those occasions where I took the liberty of updating and retrospectively clarifying James' text.

      It's totally my fault if it caused doubt or confusion.

  3. Anon 123, first of all, those are some salty tears. Second, Miner Calm Down


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