Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Merger, Part 1

As we've seen in the past, highsec mining corporations are problematic. Too often, their "experienced leaders" exploit the members (often new players), profiting off of them while subjecting them to the dullest and most unrewarding gameplay in EVE. Worse yet, they don't even obey the Code.

Day Inc. is a typical case. It boasts a few dozen members, putting it in the class of mining corps too large to be closed and reopened upon receiving a wardec. Carebear corps can be much larger though; some even form carebear alliances. How do worthless corps grow to such a size?

It begins with men like Iorek Day, the CEO and founder of Day Inc. He felt his leadership was too great to be limited to such a small corp. So he decided to find other highsec mining corps and acquire them.
Iorek Day > o/
Levivity > o/, heard you were interested in buying the corp
Levivity > May I inquire the reason why?
Revan Ikkala > i have a very good dipol warning u xD
Iorek approached the ARC Corporation. Its own CEO, Revan Ikkala, enlisted the aid of his trusted diplomat, Levivity, to handle the negotiations.
Iorek Day > Well I wish to grow my company and have serious passion for the industry. Miners are hard to come by and believe that in a collaborative effort we could accomplish much
Iorek Day > as it appears your leader and I share some ambition
Iorek shared his vision for his corp. Interestingly, he made no mention of the Code and didn't spare a few seconds to drop a "praise James 315" or anything of that nature. Which makes one wonder about his priorities, no?
Levivity > So you dont just want to aquire the corp+name, but you want assets aswell as members?
Iorek Day > with all due respect I consider your membes the assets
Iorek Day > and their loyalty at thtat
The ambitious CEO didn't disguise his intentions. He viewed highsec miners as a valuable resource. And he wanted more of them under his control.
Levivity > Aha, that makes more sense. What are you offering that would make this worth it for both us and the line members?
Iorek Day > what I offer my men on the regular
Levivity > What do you offer your members that our corp currently does not?
Iorek Day > that consists of payment, as I run my corp like an actual company.
Iorek boasted that he ran Day Inc. like a real business--something which hasn't always worked well in the past.
Levivity > I see, what work is expected of members?
Iorek Day > I expect my members to work, that is if they want to be paid
Iorek Day > there is a quota for what we mine. and they are expected to meet the requirement, again if they want to be paid. the more they mine, the more they earn
The banality of evil exposed: Iorek, in a chillingly casual manner, explained that he forced his miners to mine a certain amount each week. Everything they mined went to the corp, i.e. Iorek Day. If they mined enough, they'd be allowed to get some isk in return for their work. So much for the New Player Experience!
Iorek Day > I have a member who really kicks ass mining. makes 800 mil a week
Revan Ikkala > thats one hard worker i have to say
Iorek Day > Revan Ikkala I agree. I would argue to say he has no life
Iorek Day > but will not tell him that
In case anyone asks, this, in a nutshell, is why highsec needs the Code.
Levivity > Where are you based?
Iorek Day > I am based in several locations
Iorek Day > highh and low sec
Iorek Day > all miners go to one system, PvPers another, and Industrialists, another also
Iorek Day > order is key
According to Iorek, his corp did more than force people to mine in highsec in exchange for a slice of their own profits. They also did PvP. Everyone was segregated, of course, because you wouldn't want your miners in the same system as the PvP'ers who might otherwise defend them.
Levivity > Do you have an FC?
Iorek Day > FC?
Levivity > Flight commander
Levivity > fleet commander if you like
Iorek Day > for what?
Iorek Day > mining?
Levivity > PvP operations, as you said you seem to have pvpers no?
Iorek Day > I do not. I am currently the commader.
Day Inc. is no slouch in the PvP department, either:

Its isk efficiency clocks in at two percent.

As their fleet commander, Iorek leads from the front. He has contributed 66 ships to the cause. Although his zero percent efficiency is slightly lower than the corp average, it's probably because he's busy calling targets, managing scouts, etc. Besides, enemy fleets probably snipe Iorek first, to take the gifted FC off the field.

Clearly, Day Inc. was in a position to expand its operations and bring more EVE players under Iorek's command. But could he persuade the ARC Corporation's CEO and diplomat of the benefits?

To be continued...


  1. Replies
    1. there is no mention of a gank yet...*sigh* Wolf Soprano fails

    2. sometimes I wonder if "anti-ganking" means something different to you than it does to everyone else. There wasn't any ganking going on yet.


    3. Hell, with a CEO like that, I would PAY CODE to gank that corp.

  2. FTA: "Iorek, in a chillingly casual manner, explained that he forced his miners to mine a certain amount each week."

    I see nothing quoted by Iorek where he states that he FORCES individuals to mine. If they don't agree to his rules they can leave the corp. They mine of their own free will.

    More "ehh, probably made up" drivel from Jamey and his CHODE. slaves.

    1. Well yes, in the same way that you have a "choice" to follow the TOS or have your account closed by a GM. I don't think most people count that as a choice.

  3. Look at the corp bio, halfwit.

  4. Highsec mining is like flipping burgers at McDonalds. It's a valid thing to do if you're ignorant or just down on your luck, but sane person aspires to excel in it. Nor could it ever finance an Italian sports car, a luxury yacht, or a supercap.

    Destroying awful Highsec corps was one of my passions in the game.

  5. Stories like these make me miss my merc days. I never understood why someone would afk autopilot (in the before days where it put you 15km from the gate.) But the more things change, the more high-sec miners/cargo runners stay the same.

    Been to long to get back into it though...too old to begin the training...

  6. The "As their fleet commander ..." paragraph had me rolling. Good stuff, James!

  7. wow antiganking is failing incredibly hard for ANOTHER day!!!!1

  8. another round of idiocy from wolfie...inducing an AG mod to commit suicide and murder his young child is apparently not enough...he wants more blood on his dirty hands.

    1. im sure you can provide proof of that claim. instead of the constant whining XD

    2. Proof? Pretty clear evidence that AG mod murdered his child and committed suicide shortly thereafter. This after months of relentless mocking and humiliation on this website, and an endless stream of harassment by you. Your actions have real consequences, it's time to take responsibility for what you do.

      In some ways this demonstrates the real purpose of CODE - to use the computer to inflict real life emotional, and even physical, distress on vulnerable populations.

    3. Fake Veers Belvar 1:59AM: You're the fake. Wolf is a homosexual piece of sociopathic shit. He is not a good samaritan, he inflicts harm on other players for his own amusement. It wouldn't surprise me if Wolfie boy, with his anal dwelling butt monkey, actually pushed that AG member over the edge.

      Remember folks, this is what CODE is about: driving people over the edge so they harm themselves and others. Erotica 1 did it and was banned. D400 did it and was banned. DJ Enthrobber did it and was banned. Jimmy boy 315, the bonobo of higsec does it on this blog, but he has yet to be banned. The Mittani did it, and was forced out of his CSM position.

    4. Kalynn is dead with a bullet to the head. Great job, Code.

    5. I ask again, who the fuck is Kalynn?

    6. This is what gankers do when they have nothing to say and can't take the insults thrown at them, "calm down" lmao.

      This is the equivalent of a 1st grader being insulted on the playground and can only say in response "I know you are but what am I?"

  9. If this doesn't end with a Corp takeover by CODE I will be very disappointed in all of you.

  10. Far be it for me to say this, but CODEdot does have a purpose. Although I do not agree with Jimmy Boy 315, the holder of demonic wisdom, on many things, in cases like this, I do side with him. CEOs like this are despicable. They prey on new players and rob them.

    I guess that I was lucky in the fact that the mining corp that I first joined was a pretty good CEO who pretty much let us do what we wanted to do. Even had a decent ore buyback program. And we did get paid for participating in mining ops.


    1. There's so much room for new players to be introduced to a poor CEO with concept of what new players actually need. They barely create content or offer training and generally hold on to the ISK they have for personal vanity projects that their members are paying for.

      If you had to answer five questions about Eve Gameplay before being able to sign up as a CEO it could lead to better corporations. It's unlikely to happen though.

      As for running a voluntary group like a company it's doomed to failure. Those that try are generally egomaniacs who get butt hurt should someone leave.

      I too will be very disappointed if this doesn't end with a corp take over, I just wish there were more of them to educate players in the hard work and dedication it requires just to offer a minimal level of quality of life to corp members.

      A high sec corp should offer SRP, SIG and the freedom to excel with the minimum of fuss and maximum of support. That's the minimum level, if the CEO and a director or two in a high sec corp doesn't want to inject plex to help fund the game play of its members before gaining access to more lucrative space, then they should seriously reconsider their plan.

      Actually I take the plex injection back, they could form en masse in to worm hole space for a weekend or three day period of their choice and swim in oceans of ISK and stories of victory and failure.

  11. This is a story to tell the grand-children.

  12. Never fear pilots! CODE will save the day and redeem their souls. ALWAYS!

  13. Just when you think you've seen the craziest shit, you find out about CEOs like Iorek Day.

    1. And just when you've read the post and seen the craziest shit, you look at his killboard and see:

      Not withstanding fitting a heat sink on a drake, what did he need all that capacitor for??? The mysteries of life.



    Last known location(s): docked up in station and shit posting on Minerbumping comments.

    Can often be found taking credit for new order achievements while having no participation of his own.

    If found please return to the nearest station.

    1. While mingle is mia, i am still around.
      I have continued to help miners learn their ways around eve, and how to avoid scum like is code, but lately i have been far far more active.
      Gather around little ones, let me tell you a tale.
      As of late i have been funneling hundreds of billions into the great World War Bee. Its amazing and glorious i tell you! Ships going boom all over the place, and they are mostly all goons ships. Yes I -=M=- have been helping groups like IWI fund the war against your overmasters, the other cancer of eve, Goons.

      No tears now dear codies,
      P.S. Please visit McDonalds and help out mittenless, he is being kept quite busy at his new job as a fry cook. Buying even a small fry can help bolster his failing spirits!

    2. When a door closes a cat flap opens. Hey M where you been? here to post more made up nonsense about 'helping' rebels and miners?

    3. M,that is literally the biggest freaking lie ever. Iron Bank does not need help funding the war. He is the richest man in eve. Second, have you actually been to the Frontline of world War Bee? The amount of fighting is minimal at best. All goons do is stay docked in Seranan while we entosis there sov. Also, alliances are leaving the Imperium because goons refuse to fight. All the has been is a blue ball so far

  15. Saw him all over TMC and Reddit recently, where he's been posting some well-considered and combative comments.

    Other than that, dunno. Why are you so interested in his whereabouts?

    1. well-considered, combative?

      nah doesn't sound like him...I'm sure he'll turn up

    2. I did say he was posting the comments; he may of course not be penning them...

  16. "Now, brothers and sisters, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, which you received and on which you have taken your stand. For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures,"
    1 Corinthians 15:1, 3-4 NIV

  17. Iorek reminds of a less ambitious version of JTClone. SMH.


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