Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Battle for Aridia, Part 1

As highsec continues to fall more and more under the influence of the Code, our Agents sometimes have difficulty finding any Code violators in the areas they regularly patrol. This could inspire us to recline into a posture of self-congratulation, but that's not the New Order way. Instead, our Agents are only inspired to make the Code penetrate more deeply into highsec.

As Agent Alt 00 studied some compliance maps prepared by Agent Jack Van Impe, her attention was drawn to the Aridia region. Alt 00 recorded her thoughts in her journal:

Were the Aridian systems populated with Code compliant miners, as one would naturally assume? Or had they lapsed into bot-aspirancy, hosting broken and wayward populations in desperate need of our help? I could not have this weighing on my conscience. The die was cast; a fleet of Catalysts was commissioned. But little could I have anticipated the wickedness, the depravity, and the violence that lay in wait at the heart of this desolate, cruel wasteland, that was poised to push my skills as an Agent to their absolute limits.

The fleet arrived via freighter at the designated staging outpost, Zinkon, on the edge of the Kor-Azor region. My backup pilot Alt Proxy and covert ops scout Alt 100 unloaded the Catalysts into the only available station. Zinkon is a typically lifeless highsec system of little note. Aridia lays ahead; comprised almost entirely of lowsec systems and narrow bottlenecks. Three distinct "islands" of highsec are to be investigated.

Most highsec miners will happily spend their entire EVE life without ever setting foot outside of highsec. But some occasionally traverse a lowsec system or two in order to find highsec islands and mine under the protection of CONCORD there. They consider themselves adventurers, but they don't fool anyone but themselves.

I cover the eight jumps through lowsec without incident and arrive at the Mayonhen constellation. No sooner do I land than my worst fears become immediately confirmed: An illegal Hulk was detected on d-scan, mining in the Bazadod system! I intercepted the wrongdoer and removed his Hulk, preventing him from committing any further crimes.

Our heroine left Aridia, having made her point. Still, something called to her back to the region.

I found myself back in Mayonhen. Perhaps the Hulk was the black sheep of the area, a known outlaw in an otherwise obedient constellation? Sadly, it was not to be: I quickly discovered a new threat. A worrying pattern had already started to emerge.

Alt 00's triumph in PvP against a Code-violating Retriever was met with jeers instead of cheers. What was going on here?

I've often warned of the unearned arrogance and bravado of the highsec island dwellers. They think a life of highsec carebearing is an accomplishment so long as it's occasionally punctuated by trips across lowsec.

They also tend to be xenophobic.

Alt 00's heart was overflowing with compassion. Look at that rainbow of Code links!

Kazor Seventh was confused. The Retriever pilot belonged to his corporation. But rather than correcting his corpmate's behavior or buying him a permit, he acted like Alt 00 was the one who'd done something wrong.

Though the Aridian locals were familiar with the Code, they had a lot to learn.

Alt 00 soaked it all in and planned her next move.

Perhaps this remote corner of highsec was simply ignorant of the benefits of the Code?

The locals tried to change the subject, deflect blame, and throw their fellow carebears under the bus. Typical miner behavior.

Alt 00 had accomplished a lot during her short visits there, but she knew the Battle for Aridia had only just begun.

To be continued...


  1. Miner, calm down. Please follow the rules. AG may now post comments but try to not rage like this guy.

  2. :) follow this rule. "get fucked carebear police officer". Carry on the spew. But please don't forget the rule.

  3. Replies
    1. Now that is the pot calling the kettle black...

    2. ag always toxic! Always!

    3. Pot calling the kettle black.... He's just a pot head.

  4. 636 does it make you mad to be so impotent against the CODE?

    Knowing the most you can ever accomplish is to embarrass yourself in these comments.
    And in doing so, you reaffirm the need for CCP to remove hisec.

    Mining, shit gameplay for shit players.


  5. CODE kills miners, ag is just the punchline at this point.

    Remove highsec! Send the miners back to wow!
    Make EvE great again!

  6. I miss Doc Fury posting as chodeanon. He is some special downs!

    When he gets all worked up and mad, and he starts sperging, i'm all like: dawwwww! He so cute! I'ma name him Corky, and i'ma hug him and pet him.

  7. I read this blog for James' wit, but "I take offence at the arrival of anyone" was the best line of this post today.

  8. 954 looks like Zopiclone won for all of New Eden. Looks like code got impotent. Praise Zopiclone

  9. Ritalin is easy you code carebears. Don't forget your daily dose! Ritalin is easy!

  10. I swear code agents are getting lower iq's all the time. Code used to be slightly amusing, but as of late they are just lame. Guess that's what happens when they loose their leaders one by one :-)


    1. Loyalanon wasn't our leader. He was just our pawn, bitch, inside joke, scapegoat, troll, fleet organizer, biggest loss of ISK that code ever had, our pride and shame. But he wasn't no leader.

    2. Miner fake agent anon, calm down. We still love loyalanon. I named one of my kids after him.
      I assume you are referring to the stolen ships when you say "biggest loss of isk". Please screen shot tears or any text really of an agent who cares about that isk.
      Most of us congratulated the thief and told him GG. So...

    3. Lol. Probably true.

  11. But where oh where is Ming?

  12. Is it true that CODE stands for "Chokes On Dick Exceptionally"


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