Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Anti-Community, Part 1

Another typical day in the Anti-Ganking channel: Mutha Fugga Jones attempted to report a ganker. Rather than productive anti-ganking measures being taken, an argument erupted.

Our spies have observed that the Anti-Gankers spend far more time fighting each other than fighting us. I suppose, like most EVE players, they're only interested in fights they can win.

As the brawl drew in more participants, a ban was inevitable.

Amusingly, even those who choose to take part in the Anti-Ganking "community" eventually refer to it as toxic. Mutha was banned and peace was restored to the channel. But for how long?

Mere seconds after Mutha was identified as a CODE.-sponsored saboteur, another potential spy was uncovered.

Unlike Mutha, who was not affiliated with the New Order, Frenzier Unicum did appear to have at least some connection to it. He'd recently purchased a mining permit from Agent Lawrence Lawton. Had the Anti-Gankers, for once, actually found a genuine spy--rather than inadvertently banning one of their own supporters?

Upon further inspection, Frenzier wasn't a true-believing advocate for the Code. He was a skeptic. Frenzier had bought a permit, but he doubted that it would be honored.

Frenzier didn't hide his true motive for aligning with the New Order. He had a vendetta against Miss Fia, a bot whose Hulk kept taking all of the ore in the Tash-Murkon Prime System. Frenzier enlisted the aid of Agent Lawrence and his friends, who killed the bot's Hulk.

A couple weeks earlier, Lawrence had killed another of Miss Fia's Hulks. When Frenzier reported Miss Fia as a bot, Lawrence investigated. The story checked out. And it was doubly confirmed when Lawrence ganked Miss Fia's third Hulk in the same system. Miss Fia was indeed a bot.

When Frenzier told the story of why he bought a mining permit, the Anti-Gankers were horrified.

Even as Frenzier went into more detail about the circumstances, the Anti-Gankers grew more disgusted. Frenzier was responsible for the assassination of an innocent highsec miner.

Frenzier, though skeptical about the Code, recognized that gankers could perform a useful function in highsec. He went to the Anti-Ganking channel for guidance--only to be told that he should allow himself to be pushed around by a ravenous Hulk. Frenzier began to question everything he thought he knew about gankers, miners, and the Anti-Ganking movement.

To be continued...


  1. No matter how much they deny it, when a particular case comes up, the Anti-gankers ALWAYS support botting. Way back in the manifesto, James specifically pinpointed this trait of the miners as THE specific reason they had to be saved.

    Of course, being the Savior of Highsec, James always knew what the situation was. Still, its good for us Agents to once again see we are and have always been the good guys and on the true "right side". Lets all kill a miner tonight and save him from botting.

  2. the asteroid protection commitee agrees strongly.
    btw your Big Bamboo ship will be ready soon, we just need to collect some more rope to tie the sunsails to the masts and a few more haystacks for the pilot´s chair. we would have used metal for most fittings but... ;)

  3. Frenzier convo'ed me out of the blue asking for a hit on this Miss Fia.
    Since I'm not a merc, I sold him a permit and then accepted his intel as a tip. That Hulk proved to be a good tip--and the tip of the iceberg. I ended up relocating to Tash-Murkon Prime for a couple of days to do some much needed Code enforcement. kills from August 6th 2016 (currently pages 2 and 3).

  4. Miss Fia was programmed to warp around scanning all the belts until she found the most valuable rock to mine.

    It is apparently a convention among miners not to mine a rock that someone else already has their lasers on, but Miss Fia was not programmed to respect such conventions.

    Frenzier was irritated by her lack of common courtesy and refusal to respond to convo requests, and acted on his feelings instead of bottling them up as the AG would have him do. In doing so he indirectly lead to the destruction of 3.26 billion ISK worth of illegal miner assets.

    Thank you, Frenzier!

    1. Good job LL!

      Make sure any bots are reported also. CCP will ban automation

    2. Dante Fasttackle, United Ganker College FundAugust 31, 2016 at 10:32 PM

      Praise James 315. You are truly doing the Lord's work!

  5. The antiganking channel, always good for a laugh/toxic behaviour/delusional eve players. Looking forward to this!

  6. I knew that name looked familiar

    He was on the forums recently


    1. loses all his stuff, tries to help anti-ganking - gets banned for asking questions. Biomasses.

      antiganking retaining players non-stop daily!

  7. agers.

    No need for caps.


  8. So CODE tested my DST in Uedama last week, and I passed James 315's test by tanking them and paid a hundred million for the Catalysts that officiated this holiest of rites.

    That was wonderful, but then freaking anti-gankers pm'd me all white knighting acting like they had somehow saved me when they weren't even on-grid. I was not saved by them, but by the CODE which is stronger than any tank. Disgusted, I closed the chat immediately.

    Please, CODE, save hisec from these filth.

    - Dante Fasttackle, United Ganker College Fund

    1. That's the proper procedure for dealing with ag. Close the chat, quickly.

  9. LOL I'd biomass, too, if I entertained the idea of joining AG.

    1. Jones still plays, but now he pvps on a combat alt.
      He showed self control and an ability to see the problem, he was invited to null.

      He's not part of the problem anymore, he is now part of the soultion.

      Respect to that carebear. ;)

  10. But where oh where is Ming?

  11. Good 'ole AG, still unable to tell their heads from their proverbial thrusters.

  12. "Quand on veut tuer son chien on dit qu'i a la rage"
    Le vieux proverbe marche toujours très bien et il est appliqué a l'anti-anti-gank
    Comment un mineur peut profiter d'un chan d'intel s'il est un bot ?
    Preuve par l'absurbe


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