Monday, October 3, 2016

A Freighter's Peaceful Conclusion, Part 1

Reputation matters. And no alliance in EVE has a more impressive reputation than that of the mighty CODE.

According to zKillboard's API-verified alliance stats, CODE. has destroyed thousands of freighters and hundreds of jump freighters. So when a freighter starts getting bumped by a member of the New Order, the freighter pilot knows his goose is cooked.
Spryt3 > were forming a fleet to kill you but its a bit of a pain in the ass
Spryt3 > you have 8b in cargo
Star Doppeller > Yeah. How did you figure that out?
Spryt3 > we scanned you
Spryt3 > anyways the way we handle ransoms is they have to go to one of the directors
Spryt3 > Zula Terra in this case
Star Doppeller > OK. Wany my to eject it?
Charon pilot Star Doppeller was triple-anti-tanked, but taking him down still would've required a number of gankers to rally. However, upon being bumped, Doppeller was ready to throw in the towel. There was no purpose in requiring our Agents to actually execute the gank.
Spryt3 > that works
Spryt3 > let me get the hauler here
Spryt3 > hmm thats a lot of m3
Spryt3 > you know what
Spryt3 > just eject from freighter and we will take 1/3 of it out in station
Spryt3 > and trade you the rest back
Spryt3 > along with freighter
Doppeller agreed to eject his cargo as a ransom payment, but that would've required our Agents to recover the cargo with a freighter of their own. As an alternative, Agent Spryt3 suggested Doppeller simply eject himself from the freighter.
Spryt3 > otherwise i can get a freighter here but its gona take longer
Spryt3 > you can pay ransom in isk but im guessing you dont have much
Star Doppeller > Just trying to figure out how to eject.
Spryt3 > right click on capacitor
Spryt3 > and eject from ship
Our Agents never stop teaching carebears how to play the game. Though Doppeller had been in EVE for more than three years, he'd never ejected from a ship before. This would be his first opportunity.

After Doppeller ejected from the freighter, Spryt3 sent his own freighter pilot to board the ship and return to station.

Our Agent confirmed the contents of the freighter. Including the freighter itself, more than 9 billion isk worth of assets had been recovered. All of it unlicensed.
Spryt3 > ok now warp top station
Spryt3 > we will trade it back to you there
Star Doppeller > Well, this is quite a loss. But everybody loses once in a while.
Spryt3 > were not done yet
It had already been quite a victory for the New Order. However, our Agents are known for putting in that extra little bit of effort. Highsec is at stake.
Spryt3 > we have secured the contents of your freighter
Spryt3 > now we have a bit complicated proceedure
Spryt3 > you know about mining permits?
Star Doppeller > yes.
Spryt3 > you dont have one
Spryt3 > so to make things work we need you to first have a mining permit
Doppeller had suffered the consequences of engaging in highsec PvE without owning a New Order permit. Given Doppeller's good conduct thus far--Code violations notwithstanding--Spryt3 was confident that he could reform the carebear.
Spryt3 > let me just get my director on
Zula Terra > hello
Star Doppeller > Hello Zula.
Zula Terra > i was busy trying to get the people to kill you together
Zula Terra > but apparently we have reached a peaceful conclusion
Star Doppeller > I see.
Zula Terra > which is cool with me
Zula Terra > so now we need to get just a few things into order
Although the New Order has the best, most elite combat pilots in EVE, we don't always rely upon violence. If we can achieve our goals peacefully, we're sometimes willing to go that route.
Zula Terra > okay so first of all if you check my bio you can see that i have my permit holders listed there
Zula Terra > SwiftxFate Codie SwiftxFate Codie Pandorath Aynamka Overdose The Specter
Zula Terra > people like these
Zula Terra > to get privileges that members of CODE. community are entitled to you need to have one of these permits or be an agent of James 315
Zula Terra > this is our website and we are quite a big group
Zula Terra > we own all of highsec
Earlier, Doppeller admitted that he was aware of mining permits. Agent Zula Terra filled him in on the New Order in more detail, just in case the carebear's understanding of our community was only surface-deep.
Zula Terra > for confiscated freighters and goods to give the previous owner back the belongings he needs to pay an official fee of 1 billion per 3 billion value
Zula Terra > spryt3 can you verify the value of contents?
Spryt3 > yeah, sure
Spryt3 >
Zula was willing to return the confiscated assets to Doppeller, but only if he paid one-third of the value as a gesture of good faith.
Zula Terra > so now to get you sorted you need to provide 9.25b divided by 3 which amounts to 3.08 billion
Zula Terra > do you have liquid isk or assets amounting to that value?
Star Doppeller > I would imagine that I have assets in that value, but not liquid isk.
Star Doppeller > Hold on...
Star Doppeller > Yeah, I'll have to give you the assets.
Unfortunately, Doppeller didn't have 3 billion in isk. Though it would be less convenient, our Agents were willing to accommodate the carebear by taking his assets instead.
Star Doppeller > How much does a plex go for nowadays?
Spryt3 > 1b
Star Doppeller > I have a bundle of five plex. I can't split it from here, so I'll have to contract you the whole thing.
Spryt3 > okay
Once again an obstacle presented itself. For some reason, Doppeller was hoarding PLEX in a station elsewhere in highsec. The carebear's greed for PLEX was so great that he'd purchased them in batches of five. Our Agent wanted three of them. Because Doppeller wasn't in the station with the PLEX, he couldn't take three from the stack. Thus, the only way to speedily accomplish the transaction was for Doppeller to contract over all five PLEX.

Once again our Agent was willing to accommodate Doppeller's special needs. But their business was not yet concluded.

To be continued...


  1. just hand over your account...or do you seriously expect to get that freighter back? :P
    reach out with your hand and they will bite off your arm.

    1. He didn't reach his hand out... He severed his own arm and served it on a silver platter.

  2. It's funny that everyone thinks of the New Order as some oppressive bullying entity, yet stories of compassion and honor like this occur every day in EVE online. You will have manipulative bot-aspirants try to con and manipulate you for all your worth, while noble knights of the new order only require that all highsec residents follow the code for the sake of the community as a whole, and are even willing to go through these great lengths to help a total stranger - and code violator - out even after he was caught red handed trying to smuggle unlicensed goods through James 315's soverign space. Would it have been easier to just blow him up and get dank killboards and potentially far more than 3 bil in isk? The answer is yes... but unlike the savages of highsec the new order is a admirable orgsnization dedicated to customer satisfaction and interpersonal relati9nship building. That, my friends, is how you make the eve community a better place for all. Thats why the bot-aspirants and anti-gank propagandaists have to be stopped: if it wasnt for the New Order of high sec this poor care bear would have been scammed, abused, probably raped... James 315 truly is the saviour of highsec.


    1. " if it wasnt for the New Order of high sec this poor care bear wouldn´t have been scammed, abused, probably raped... James 315"

    2. Couldn't have said it better myself, Agent GanKsta.

      Though I'd probably know.....broken it up a little. My old eyes... Have pity, man...

      Good stuff tho!

  3. why didn't the highsec militia respond?

    1. Que the music... because.... we are too busy doing your mom


    2. That's 'queue', Anon. I know it looks odd, but that's the English language for you.

      You're too busy, you say? You'll never get a rep for anti-ganking if you don't put in the work, boy. Jump to it!

    3. Actually, it's 'cue'. Tut, must put in the work myself sometime!

    4. Man 1: Yo Mama!
      Man 2: Que?! What the Fuck did you just say?!!?
      Man 1: Yo Mama is a fine lay, huey!

  4. It's increasingly impossible to believe these stories. Even if true, the relish with which you people engage in this behavior is disturbing. You all need help.

    1. Miner, calm down.
      And what do you mean "you people"?

    2. Im sure you offer help to your moderators in anti-ganking... oh wait.

    3. Your mum was great.

  5. I can see where this is going. The NO agent is going to steal the freighter, the cargo, and scam this guy of 5 plex on the false pretense of giving his stuff back.


    1. I wouldn't say scam. More like the Agent is having a hard time catching all the stuffs being thrown at him.


    2. 1st rule of eve - don't fly anything you can't afford to lose

      2nd rule of eve - never trust anybody. Especially if they ask for your stuff.

      It's not that hard to understand. The carebear should have done everything possible to not get ganked in the first place - like buying a permit, using an alt to scout ahead, be in contact with friends to help out in a similar situation etc. And after he got bumped, he should have just let the freighter go kaboom. Not hand over both his ship, his cargo AND 5 plex to your adversaries. But some people never learn.

    3. Sorry all your stuff made sense until you said buy a permit. You lost all credibility after that.

    4. anon129 is a triggered carebear. You coul have just said you were buttmad, we would have understood you.

    5. lol, CODE is probably two or three dudes, with 50 accounts each. Buy a permit.. hahaha just so you can get ganked for being afk even with the permit. I nice scam.

  6. But where oh where is Ming?

  7. Praise Zopiclone!


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