Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Anti-Gankers Contemplate EVE, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Aaaarrgg's infiltration of the Anti-Ganking channel offered insight into the minds of the people who continuously nonstop fail daily.

Carebears are shockingly entitled. They truly believe it's their right to mine AFK in absolute safety.

The rebels indulged in idle speculation as to the true motives of the CODE. alliance.

Miners, here's a hint: CODE.'s motives might have something to do with a thing we call the Code.

Shalishaska Laoch accused our Agents, saying they gank people only because "they enjoy hurting people"--but that some are rather decent folk.

Even though the New Order is more transparent than any organization in EVE's history, the Anti-Gankers fell prey to wild rumors and conspiracy theories. Shalishaska believed that the number of people in CODE. has declined (Dotlan says otherwise) and that the "hard-line gankers" have left (if they're hard-line, they make their home in CODE.). Meanwhile, Tailsko still clung to the long-debunked myth that Goons fund CODE.

Another common theme among the Anti-Ganking crowd is that ordinary gankers are fine, but CODE.'s gankers are an evil greater than anything EVE has ever seen. Similarly, you often hear the sentiment that Goons aren't so bad compared to CODE. Before the New Order, miners thought all gankers and Goons were evil, so it seems we've succeeded in moving the Overton window a fair bit.

As is inevitable during any conversation in Anti-Ganking, the participants turned sour toward each other.

Tailsko and A'stral started bickering about how miners should respond to being ganked.

A'stral challenged the notion that carebears are completely blameless and responsibility-free when it comes to being ganked. That's an Anti-Ganking no-no.

Shalishaska was disgusted by the victim-blaming. On the bright side, this time a rape comparison was not explicitly made.

The carebears' argument grew more heated. If you've ever seen a fantastic killmail earned by CODE. and wondered "Where was Anti-Ganking?", this is where.

A'stral demanded a duel. Clearly she'd come to the wrong place.

Meanwhile, the Kusion family did as it pleased in Uedama. Another day of failure for the rebels; another day of victory for the New Order!


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  2. You guys are really a piece of work.
    You dont only gank afk miners or botters.
    Fuck i was ganked once coming out of a station, the eve mail said i was afk mining, but how would that be if i was talking to the guy in local.
    Wasnt even mining that day, i was just moving a ship out of that system

    1. Mad i died in a game where the "content" is either kill or be killed. Umm no cant say I am.

      Just wanted to spread word that these guys are lying shits, ive never paid into their extortion racket and never will, i would gladly lose 100 orcas rather than give these guys a single isk

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    3. I like the way you have realised that the only alternative to buying a permit, is that you will suffer, and die

    4. All high sec citizens need a mining permit friend.

    5. Hello Kronz

      Thanks for the tears, and might i suggest you chat kip wanker about joining his Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia.
      I mean you sound like a PHag, might as well join them.

  3. Lol these episode were really good, kept me chuckling.

    A question for Tailsko: Where do you get your crazy ideas about how ganking is griefing unless you roleplay? I'm serious here brother, not trolling at all. I'm honestly curious. Could you link me the source of this nonsense? Thanks.

    -Galaxy Pig

  4. Well, Thurston Kalorned Howell III has practically given them our schedules by admitting to them that we are all getting filthy space rich by ganking, I dare say.

    Although I do admit that I gank the miners because of the way they were dressed. SAXY!

    1. I can't ever bring myself to lie, truth is ganking is super profitable, I've made gorillians!

  5. and that the "hard-line gankers" have left (if they're hard-line, they make their home in CODE.)


  6. "If you've ever seen a fantastic killmail earned by CODE. and wondered "Where was Anti-Ganking?", this is where."


  7. Willing to suicide frigs? Absolutely ...who has the killmail for the freighter ganked with atrons or velators?

  8. But where oh where is Ming?


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