Sunday, October 9, 2016

Kills of the Week

Highsec has a complex social structure built around different kinds of relationships. For example, there's the carebear-Agent relationship, in which the carebear is subordinate and shows deference to the Agent. That mostly covers it, actually. Now let's see what happens when carebears fail to meet their social obligations, as demonstrated by some kills from the week of October 2nd @ 00:00 EVEtime through October 8th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

1ittleNasty came to highsec with no other motive than to show what kind of trashy behavior jump freighter pilots are capable of. Her violations of the Code were punished by Agents Darnoth, Unfit ForDoody, Franz Fizzleblade, ZAKURELL0 LINDA, BAE B PEW, Nullus Modus, Jayson Kusion, Justin Kusion, Hermann Fizzleblade, Jason Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Jack Fizzleblade, Joel Kusion, Jake Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Joseph Kusion, Turkey Baster, Archibald Fizzleblade, Sigmund Jund, Elite Highsec PvP, Jeremiah Kusion, Johnathan Kusion, Joshua Kusion, Whitney Wooberg, Jasper Esper, BAE B BLUE, Alexis Grixis, Kyalla Ahashion, Ganku Desu, and Billy Tsero.

She had plenty of fuel that she could've used to escape the gank, but she chose not to use it. Maybe she was trying to save money on fuel? It sounds ridiculous--but not much more ridiculous than trying to save 10 million isk by not buying a permit.

Even in 2016, there are still people who use Hulks to mine in highsec. Agents Malbona Pomon and Penny Bunguin put a stop to one of these dangerous criminals. PhoenixQ was armed to the teeth with illegal modules, including a pair of ORE Ice Harvesters and a full set of 'Anguis' Ice Harvester Upgrades. I think that module's name is missing an "h".

Frank Butcher proved that a blingy Mackinaw can be even more expensive than a blingy Hulk. He, too, had a full set of specialized mining upgrades. In addition, Frank's Mackinaw had a 344 million isk Caldari Navy Adaptive Invulnerability Field--the perfect way to top off a shield tank consisting of an empty midslot and empty rigs. Agents Shadow Cyrilus, KoHfeTHbIu TpoLLb, Winnie Po0h, and Busta Swegg Dawg eliminated this fiend and recovered nearly half a billion isk worth of contraband.

Take a look at Sputris Demforcius's fit. Not great, right? Agent Goose Lee easily popped the hauler with his Vexor, destroying an Astrahus in the process. Judging by Sputris' killboard, he doesn't learn lessons easily. Barely an hour earlier, he lost another 1.2 billion isk Iteron Mark V, carrying another Astrahus. Despite that loss, Sputris didn't feel any need to improve his fit, except for one change: He upgraded his cargo expanders to tech II.

What is it with these industrial pilots? Kadean Deleaus autopiloted through Uedama with a fail-fit Iteron Mark V and lost 4.3 billion isk in the process. The ship was so anti-tanked that Agents Jayson Kusion, Joel Kusion, Justin Kusion, Jake Kusion, and Jason Kusion let the rest of their family stay at home while they ganked it.

And how did this hauler manage to be worth 4.3 billion isk?

The New Order destroys so many PLEX. Maybe we should get a cut of the action like those authorized resellers do.

True to his name, Spacerace was in a hurry. Not a big enough hurry to sit at his keyboard and manually warp across highsec, though. He went AFK and autopiloted in his shuttle like it was 2011. Agent Brutal Anna snapped him back to reality.

...And it's a good thing, because our pal Spacerace had a Michi's Excavation Augmentor plugged in. How retro. Get with the times, man!


  1. Wow. just wow. Antiganking failed for another week XD XD.

    It takes them 2 years to kill just under 200bil worth of ships that are already going to die, where Code can do it easily in 10 days.

    antiganking is straight up pure failures XD XD

    1. My favorite part is how they always claim to have spais among us but they never seem to get their hands on any of the schedules. They are always too busy trying to get content for their hisec militia blog that no one reads.

    2. Ill be the first to admit. I do read it when I need a laugh.

  2. Admittedly I had to look up 'Apotheosis'; one so rarely sees these things.

    Gifted to players on EVE's 5th Anniversary (2008?), EVE Uni says it functions just as any other shuttle (but has Scan Res+).

    Well,this one won't be functioning any longer. With this pilot's behaviour it's a wonder the thing made it to 2009...

  3. I never kept any schedule....i just flat out ganked bot aspirants at leisure..

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahah CCP say fuk you hisec dependants.

    Hisec cowards are like welfare recipients, useless with a grossly undeserved sense of entitlement. And a drain on regular society.

    EvE could do with less of both, highsec and the carebears that hide there.
    Immagine the tears if highsec were reduced to 4 noob starter systems.

    Highsec is for noobs, not cowards!!!

    1. Have you considered leaving james 315 territory for something safer like providence or other null sec safety zones? Not everybody can handle the fast pace of elite pvp. Its nothing to be ashamed of concerned citizen. No need for crying on minerbumping about your non stop failing


    2. "Highsec is for noobs, not cowards!!!"

      What are you doing there, then?

    3. Did either of you actually follow that link?
      It seems the concerned citizen is pro-code.

      That's a link to CCPFalcon telling some carebears to HTFU.

      I think maybe that same advice should be offered here too.


    4. Yes I did follow the link.
      Saying "High Sec is for noobs....", however, did not strike me as being especially pro-code. Hence my response.

    5. Hisec is for noobs

      Fukin carebear


    Hahahaha what a story for the grandkids. For sure.

    1. Man that is one butthurt anon.

      The downs is stronk with him.

  6. But where oh where is Ming?

  7. Personally i have likened miners to welfare recipients....they want everything for nothing and are the biggest whingers....go figure...the euro winter is approaching and im looking foward to exterminating a plague of locusts destroying our saviours territorial space i have heard enough to make me resub. comply or die miners.

    1. "comply OR die miners"?


      Comply AND die miners!

      Never not 'splode everything in highsec!

    2. It's pretty hard to kill a Code Compliant miner. They have a habit of warping off as you land or not being where you expected.

    3. @LL,

      I've never met one. :)


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