Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Excellence in Action, Part 1

Spotting a criminal in highsec is easy these days...

...They start whining in local as soon as an Agent of the New Order appears.

Michael Pergkk tried to talk down to our Agent, but it didn't work. It's hard to discourage the people seated at the pinnacle of power and influence in EVE.

Agent Australian Excellence knew what it means to be a member of the mighty CODE. alliance: We attract plenty of flattery and adulation from the highsec locals who aspire to be like us. But because we stand for something--because we have values--we're naturally polarizing. Some slander us or shout out long-debunked myths.

The ultimate rebuttal to our enemies is simply to be ourselves and enforce the Code. They have no answer to that.

Michael Pergkk was a spent force, and he knew it. It was time for a new challenger to rise up and take his place.

Right on cue, a miner named Dravik stepped up to the plate. He was armed with some nonsense about how important highsec miners are.

Dravik tried to deflect attention away from the highsec carebears' crimes by pointing to alleged improprieties occurring elsewhere. Needless to say, Agent Australian wasn't fooled.

Protip: The people who talk the most about how hard they work tend to work the least. The real workers are too busy working to brag about it.

Dravik, who might've passed himself off as a genuine newbie, incriminated himself. He confessed that he'd harbored a grudge against the New Order for two long years. Apparently Dravik thought that we'd eventually go away. But the Code is forever.

The mouthy miner was drawing a lot of attention to himself. Our Agent took note.

For whatever reason, Dravik didn't reactivate his old account. Maybe he'd gotten angry about a gank and biomassed his old characters. Or perhaps his account was permabanned for RMT or botting. Anything was possible.

Dravik refused the order to calm down; he grew increasingly upset. Australian knew this was a problem--the miner's rebellious attitude could spread to others in the system.

One local recognized Australian from the days before he'd joined CODE. Evidently he didn't mind when Australian ganked people before, but now that he was ganking in the name of the Code, it outraged him. The carebears were indeed getting restless. Could our Agent salvage the situation?

To be continued...


  1. Holy hell, where do these fukin carebears keep coming from? These are the type of people that make me believe highsec should be removed.

    Without the safety of highsec, people like Dravik would have to play elsewhere, as in another game.

    EvE and it's real players deserve better.

    Obligatory 'Kill all miners'

  2. Well hello Dravik

    Good news!

    Your application to the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia was accepted. You sir belong with us!

    Your ability to post like a true PHag has been noted.

    Be sure you see Kip Winger or Fylth soon for enrollment in the Highsec Online Moderator and Operator training classes. You are a natural born H.O.M.O. and it would be a waste not to put those skills to work.
    Long, hard work

  3. Another Australian collecting tears from the algae of new eden..where is anti ganking?.

  4. Highsec miners need to die. Every one of them is a greedy, lazy, cowardly drain on EVE Online. They should be out in nullsec mining good ore and raising ADMs where they are actually needed.

    1. Welcome triggered anom314!

      A couple points, firstly you have absolutely zero proof that highsec miners contribute anything other than copius ammounts of salt.

      Your highsec risk free isk serves no purpose other than to cause inflation. Inlation hurts EVE's economy. You see where this is going huh? Highsec miners are klling the economy.

      Secondly EVE is PVP. Jeezus ffs get over yourself highsec shitter. Even CCP will say EVE is PVP. If all you do is horde risk free isk to spend on crap like excavator implants and blingy mining modules, why bother playing?

      You say you are playing 'your way', but if all you can do is die and cry, that means 'your way' is the wrong way.
      Don't you think if CCP really wanted your kind here they would protect you?

      Take it somewhere else princess, EVE don't need people who cry over 'sploding spaceships in a spaceship 'sploding game.

      There are other games out there that encourage you to play wrong, why would you do it in the one game that truly punishes you for it?

      Begone carebear bitches, or shut up and die. We gonna protect EVE until the threat of carebears is under control.

      You could always prove how much EVE needs highsec shitters, all you PHags gotta do is quit. Prove us wrong.

      Before you go please post a final tear mail for us to lol at.


    2. So that 314anom called EvE stupid, admitted that hisec miners dont "give two fucks about" EvE, and has no idea how to play the game.

      That's the kind of people we don't need in EvE.

      So why do those PHags even play? And how the hell do they keep finding EvE?

      Oh shit, and just think about all the shitters the new alpha clones will bring in. What were you thinking CCP?

      Will an Agents work never be done?

  5. I wonder if carebears break out a spreadsheet on the viability of refining salt in station as they produce so much all day every day.

  6. Burn it all, every highsec system. No one in highsec deserves any less.

    Time to fight fire with gasoline

  7. wow antigankers are failing so hard right now

  8. Why does ag support people like these highsec carebears? Is it because ag knows that without highsec they would have to fight or gtfo?

    Hmmm i think i see a motive.

    Chickenshit ag hiding behind highsec carebears, EVE really don't need that.
    All EVE players should be killing highsec miners, to help protect the game's future!

  9. You can identify the carebear in james 315 territory simply by the profanity and salt they deposit in local and on forums....please calm down algae and remember your place in the food chain of new eden.....the bottom

    1. Algae. Oh hell yes. XD

      You slimey miners can get a permit or get rekd!

  10. But where oh where is Ming?

  11. You all sound like a bunch of Trump voters, whiney Carebear miners and Code PVP tryhards, you are all bots and Trolls alike.


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