Friday, October 28, 2016

Thou Shalt Not Covey, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Covey Deninard's life was turned upside down when he met Busty Lady Ereland, a fellow anti-Code rebel who sought his help in attacking Agent Krig Povelli. Covey's Orca was destroyed in battle. To make matters worse, he lost a Bowhead and a freighter when he lent them to Busty Lady and she failed to give them back. Covey was disheartened. Still, there was something special about Busty Lady. When she asked to borrow his new Orca, he met up with her and seemed ready to give up the ship. Suddenly, Covey was contacted by mercs.
Covey Deninard > just got a message from a merc friend.............hears I'm getting ripped off.........offereing his alliance services again...............I told none of our conversations or loan of ships
Busty Lady Ereland > not me
Busty Lady Ereland > probably from some other engagement?
Covey Deninard > no other problems right now........just running my freight.........lost none
Somehow, Covey's mercenary friends knew their buddy was in danger. Busty Lady was shocked. She'd been just moments away from getting her hands on that Orca.
Busty Lady Ereland > I don't know what it could be
Covey Deninard > onlly losses were to you or on your behalf
Busty Lady Ereland > Its not a loss though
Busty Lady Ereland > Just as soon as I get the ISK its yours
Covey Deninard > sorry will have to fix this before I do anthing else.........if you can't........I hire him
Given these new developments, handing over the Orca to Busty Lady was absolutely out of the question. Covey demanded to be repaid for his Bowhead and freighter. If Busty Lady didn't pay up, Covey would hire the mercs.
Busty Lady Ereland > I can fix it now
Busty Lady Ereland > I just need to move the stuff
Covey Deninard > I'm out
Busty Lady Ereland > I am ready to swap in space
Covey Deninard > I'm out 3 bil +........i'm out
Busty Lady pleaded with Covey. All she needed was Covey's Orca. If she had that, she could set everything right. But there was no way Covey would fall for the same trick a third time.
Busty Lady Ereland > please
Busty Lady Ereland > I need the ISK too
Busty Lady Ereland > I will give you all 3 bil from the sale
Covey Deninard > last chance or you have a new alliance of people hunting me at star
Busty Lady Ereland > I won't let you down
When Busty Lady pointed out that she was in dire financial straits too, Covey couldn't help but sympathize. Once again he saw Busty Lady as a damsel in distress; she was the same rebel firecracker who'd come to him when she needed help attacking Agent Krig Povelli. Covey was willing to give her one final ship.
Busty Lady Ereland > she is in range
Busty Lady Ereland > grid is clear
Covey Deninard > Hold one moment.....have friend on other channel
Busty Lady Ereland > we don't want to sit here too long
Busty Lady Ereland > There is no need to send mercs on me. I am good for the money
Covey Deninard > we shall see
Covey ejected from the Orca. Busty Lady boarded it and went on her way. Having now received an Orca, Bowhead, and freighter, she'd pulled off the "hauler borrowing" hat-trick.
Busty Lady Ereland > on way to jita
Busty Lady Ereland > In olo now
Covey Deninard > k
Busty Lady Ereland > I don't appreciate your lack of trust. I am going to keep the orca. I still think you took the bowhead back somehow and you are trying to scam me
As Busty Lady made her way back to Jita, she reflected on her relationship with Covey. She was tired of his constant suspicions and guilt trips. He no longer made her happy. Under these circumstances, the only mature thing for her to do was to break ties with Covey and keep all his stuff.
Covey Deninard > that's what I was warned of..........hiring mercs
Covey Deninard > Those 3 ships will cost you more than you know.........I'm a good ally.......but I hire mercs to get many times that in reveng..............
Busty Lady Ereland > Mercs cost billions
Busty Lady Ereland > You won't afford it
That was the last straw. Covey got ready to hire mercenaries to take his revenge. However, the newly liberated--and contemptuous--Busty Lady didn't think he was man enough to make good on his threats.
Covey Deninard > contact will be for a specific isk amout of payback...........I have lots of would be supprise what I can afford
Busty Lady Ereland > I am going to pay a guy to merc you then
Covey Deninard > 2 guys now
Covey Deninard > enjoy
Covey explained that he wouldn't have to pay the mercs unless they inflicted a certain level of isk damage against the target. And if that happened, he would be more than willing to cash in his PLEX to pay the contract fee. Busty wasn't afraid. In fact, she claimed to have mercs of her own.
crash and burn
From: Covey Deninard
Sent: 2016.06.30 00:09
To: Busty Lady Ereland,

Deal made...........enjoy your new
Covey's threats weren't as empty as most carebears'. He made a contract with his merc friends and bragged about it to Busty Lady. Now is the point in our story where things take a twist: Busty Lady immediately hired a mercenary corp called Tax Haven McCorpname to wardec Covey's corporation.
From: Covey Deninard
Sent: 2016.06.30 00:17
To: Busty Lady Ereland,

if taht is the best you are in for a real fun ride.
Minutes later, Covey was notified of the wardec against him. He was unimpressed. What he didn't realize is that the mercenaries hired by Busty Lady included someone he knew--none other than Agent Krig Povelli himself!

The plot twists came fast and furious: A few days later, Krig Povelli was caught inexplicably piloting a freighter, which was killed by Covey's mercs. What in the world was going on?

To be continued...


  1. *rubs hands in glee and giggles just a little at the prospect of more MinerBumping mayhem!

  2. How is RMT Ben Li doing?

  3. I hope this is going to be a four parter..... waiting an extra day whilst the kills of the week come up will be hard!

  4. There really is something wrong with you guys. Assuming any of these heists aren't just sock puppetry, which given the way your patsies always seem to behave, is the most likely explanation. Past a certain point, you're not playing a game, and are just acting out petty fantasies of power.

    1. I used to think the same thing. Then I went to Jita.
      Turns out people really are that dumb.
      BTW, posting anonymously is a sign of sociopathy. You might want to get looked at.

    2. Lol remember when we all used to get accused of being James 315's alts? Now I see that the tinfoil has evolved to thinking we fabricate these stories, -as if we need to! lolololol

      Sorry, carebears really are just that stupid.


  5. I don't understand how people just trust randoms with so much. You know that old saying fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 3x...

  6. Nobody is as dumb as the "miners" that are parodied with these campfire stories.

  7. There's plenty of applicants for Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia in these comments.

    All you salty PHags are gonna fit right in!

    The CODE always wins! Always!

  8. Miners....the brains trust ....LOL

  9. Ohhh gawd, for James315's sake (did not want to use the lords name in vain) it is so obvious as someone pointed out Busty Lady Ereland is an anagram for suddenly betrayed is an alt of Krig Povelli. Let me guess the freighter was originally Coveys, he lost it and then killed it because if he could not have it no one would

  10. oh sorry...

    i agree a lot with Code´s gameplay.....but was this honourable?

    1. Not only honorable, but necessary to maintain our "herd immunity" from stupidiy. It is what keep EVE from becoming just another shit theme park game.

    2. I need to understand that, not easy for me.
      I am thinking about joining The Code, but i´m not sure, if actions like that, are what i can assist and accept.

      It will be important for me to hear some more answers.

    3. Want to join The New Order? Read the Code and if you don't agree with our honorable PVP style, then we probably don't want you.
      It would be quite silly to assume that we would be upset if an anonymous poster on our blog didn't want to join us because he didn't agree with what we do.

    4. In this point, not the PvP is what i don´t agree with!

      Sure, Code does not need me!

    5. One does not simply "join the Code".

      You comply with it and become part of it.

  11. Jeezus!

    Hey CCP!
    Just think about all the new petitions that alpha clones, combined with Covey-type ignorance, will bring.

    It could be the 'Golden Age of LULZ' if you guys would allow us all to read them.

    Wait, i mean that type of information should be shared with noobs.

    You know, like a repository of "don't do stupid shit like this and expect a refund" type of FAQ. Would prolly help new players in the long run.


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