Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Excellence in Action, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Australian Excellence commanded the attention of everyone in local simply by entering the system as a member of the mighty CODE. alliance. Upon seeing Australian wearing the CODE. ticker, Dravik became upset. He condemned our Agents and their use of the term "bot-aspirant".

Though Dravik was using a trial account, he claimed that he'd played EVE two years before, apparently quitting due to the activities of CODE. Now the miner revealed that he'd been a permit owner. Unsurprisingly, he had no proof of this whatsoever.

One of the easiest ways to prove that a miner committed a Code violation in the past is to demonstrate that the miner continues to be a Code violator in the present. Dravik's disrespectful conduct toward Agent Australian proved beyond all doubt that if the ganking incident Dravik described did occur, it was deserved.

Dravik racked up more Code violations. His claim of being a Gallant miner in the past grew ever more laughable.

The miner was tired of losing the argument. Now he only wished to be left alone, to illegally mine in peace.

Dravik blocked our two Agents. However, the block function cannot prevent the Code from being enforced--nothing can. Australian placed a bounty of 315,315 isk on the miner.

Minutes later, Dravik unblocked the Agents. On some level he probably knew that he wanted more content.

For whatever reason, Dravik was still hung up on being called a bot-aspirant. He couldn't shake it.

The miner's ranting was getting out of control. Miners, there's a lesson to be learned here: If you don't like being called a bot-aspirant, stop being one. You can't argue your way out of it.

Agent Ralliana suddenly arrived in the asteroid belt and ganked Dravik, cutting him off mid-sentence.

Is this Venture the ship of a Gallant miner? I think not.

Dravik was stunned into silence. Another victory for the New Order--and an extraordinary one at that!

If Dravik takes another two-year break from EVE, he can rest assured that our Agents will still be here, ready to accept his 10 million isk payment.


  1. It's quite funny how you post all these things and dont realize how much of a dick it makes you seem? Or maybe you do realize, and you dont care anyway?

    1. Anon 728


    2. crying anonymously is sure gonna show those evil code guys !!!!1

      grrr code hat goons

    3. Yea 723

      Everyone that counts thinks you are the dick. So i guess you can see why your tears seem so salty to us.

      But thanks for posting that whine. Gankers are killing EVE is vintage.

      I expect kip winger to be sending you some good news soon.

    4. Yup yup, sorry i was late.

      Welcome anon728, can you guess what time it is?
      That's right! Time for your acceptance into the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia.

      We saw you posting like a PHag and realized you were one of us!
      Dont forget to sign up for our Highsec Online Moderator and Operator classes! We think you will make a great H.O.M.O.!

      And again, welcome new PHag!

    5. More tears by Pedojas today. Anti ganking failing non stop daily!

    6. good lord. Pajedas spells to well to be Foxbolt. almost a JTClone in his unwillingness to see past his own hypocrisy.

      just another new highsec shitter who bought an alt. he will have to be set straight by some caring Agents.

  2. Well, Dravik did ask the Agent to come shoot him. Sounds like another satisfied customer!

    1. Meh, hisec carebears don't know what they want

      The only thing they do know is how to fail daily at playing EVE properly.

  3. All they were trying to do was help these miners and all they got was abuse, luckily our gankers are made of sterner stuff!

  4. I DEMAND you shoot me now.


    2. @bbb,

      i still laugh so hard at these. man i loves me some daffy miners

  5. When the rockspiders get tough they board either a ship of shame (skiff) or clamber into a mining shuttle.Nobody is above the code not even new born algae

  6. I'm actually on the flip side of these posts. They are quite hilarious to read. I played EVE a few years ago but probably logged less than 100 hours. Call sign Anduryn. I got frustrated by being ganked but it was because I would venture into low sec systems to mine alone without being in a Corp, hoping not to attract any attention. However, something so nominal as paying "protection" to mine rocks without fear of ganking is brilliant and almost makes me want to go back to EVE. How far does CODES influence reach? Is it in Minmatar space at all?

    1. Its all of highsec friend.

      Anyone whi says otherwise is a hisec carebear, and all they do is lie.

    2. James 315 owns every system in highsec. My home system is in Nakugard, which is located on the edge of Minmatar space. Each Agent is free to patrol any systems that they regard as non-compliant.

    3. Michael Tuthill,

      The rewards for killing highsec miners are endless, but more importantly you are helping maintain EvE, and that is all the reward a real EvE player should need.

      In fact anyone new to EvE, or even an old vet returning, should be killing hisec miners non-stop. Always! Daily!

      There are plenty of low/nullsec folks working hard, and long to keep up their end of EvE, the area that needs your help is hisec.
      The bears dont know how right they are, hisec is important to EvE, and that's why it is worth saving from the hisec bots.

      If you can mine in hisec you can mine in low, where you belong, unless you can PvP with no fear, then you are needed on the front lines in hisec.

      Every Catalyst pilot makes a difference.

      Just think about the flood of willfully ignorant, lazy, foul mouthed, theme park carebears that are about to drop into hisec with the Alpha clone release.

      There is a war coming friends, if you allow the hisec carebear population to become any larger, it will consume EvE.

      Hisec safety bots will kill EvE. Anyone that understands inflation understands what's about to happen with alpha clones. It might look good for a few months, but the game will suffer.

      Do your part, kill all hisec! All of it.
      Let the fires of burning carebear wrecks illuminate our path to victory over the bot aspirant, as their corpses blot out the suns!

      All hail the 315!

    4. you don't pay for protection. protect yourself.
      a permit displayed gives hope that EvE can be saved.

  7. lmao, his sentence got cut off by getting podded. that was amazing :)

    1. You can imgine the lulz had that day in ganker comms, yea?

      I mean ganker comms are usually all lulzy anyway with all the tears and shit, but to have that timing at that moment is priceless.

      Now imagine the hatred and paranoia combined with the desperation of hisec shitters all mixed together in ag comms.

      I am i the only one that just wants to see dead hisec carebears?
      There's lots of reasons, but 'for the lulz' seems to work for me too.

    2. There is nothing more satisfying that seeing a trash talker receive his comeuppance mid-sperg by being podded out of Local. It's the ultimate failed argument.

      The Venture pilot is in a better position to escape than a barge pilot. He's got fast align and +2 warp core stability. This particular "newbie" had also played EVE before and was still salty about it.

      A wise man once said, "There are no new miners, only alts of people who fail at EVE.

      If Dravik had paid more attention to the Atron beside him and less to filling Local with obscenities, he would have survived. If he had followed the Code, he would definitely still have his ship and pod and be a happier person.

  8. Dantan and the coming for you

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    Another dumb illegal miner selling his character on ebay...should have included a permit...get rekt and read EULA

  11. But where oh where is Ming?

    1. Prolly up ur mum's bum, like the rest of the EU.

  12. Well said. Being on the receiving end of elite PvP has been proven to motivate pilots to stay in the game better than any PvE. Allowing them to grind themselves into early retirement is just irresponsible.

    Also, this wasn't a new player. It was just a new alt of a bad old player being bad.

  13. so, over on the EveO private pejedus is losing his shit

  14. Gsm candidate LOL .... he is about as inept as the ones in game now....


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