Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Code, Always and Everywhere

Our Agents really care, and it shows.

Agent Galaxy Mule once expressed to me her desire to help Arnon the way Kalorned has helped Gamis. And as you can see from Galaxy Mule's killboard, she has given that system a lot of love.

But every story has its villain.

Slipknot TheGreek began interrogating Galaxy Mule, accusing her of violating CCP's policy on rookie systems.

Space lawyer Slipknot insisted that it's against the rules to gank any ship in Arnon--a 0.6 security system, no less!

As Slipknot's argument unraveled, he invoked special rules that applied specifically to Arnon. The system was singled out by CCP in an official EVE Wiki article.

Whoops! Nothing to see here.

More recently, EVE's support team updated the rules on rookie systems. Arnon is no longer mentioned by name. Nevertheless, new players in SOE Epic Arc mission sites are not to be ganked. Since Galaxy Mule ganks miners in asteroid belts, she is in full compliance with the rules. Arnon is no haven for illegal mining.
Slipknot TheGreek > if you bother anyone who is 30 days old or less you will be banned for life
Galaxy Mule > I'm afraid you're incorrect, friend
Slipknot TheGreek > I have been playng for 12 years
Slipknot TheGreek > you can be afraid as you like, If I see you harrassing newbros I will see to it that you get banned
In 12 years, Slipknot has yet to find something constructive to do.
Galaxy Mule >
Galaxy Mule > check out my killboard brother
Galaxy Mule > I gank here all the time
Slipknot TheGreek > Killboard is for macho freaks
Slipknot TheGreek > the only true measure of success in EVE is isk
As Galaxy Mule suspected from the very beginning, Slipknot was a dyed-in-the-wool carebear.

Our Agent could only shake her head at the GM-aspirant. Slipknot didn't know the EULA any better than he knew the Code.

Inspector Slipknot vowed to watch Galaxy Mule like a hawk.

The carebear's anger was a tell: His confidence in his ability to ban Galaxy Mule was waning.

Our Agent offered to assist Slipknot, but he remained as cantankerous as ever.

It's astonishing to see the rebels and skeptics choose a path in life that obviously makes them unhappy. Imagine how skilled Slipknot could've become, had he spent the last 12 years learning the art of the gank. Instead, he pouts and fumes in Arnon. What a waste. But there's a silver lining: If he watches Galaxy Mule as closely as he threatened to, he might end up learning something after all.


  1. Wait...wasn't that Socratic guy banned? Hilarious him threatening to get someone banned.

    So much salt. Can't wait for alpha clones. Gonna make me a couple gank alts. Yes I know only one alpha per computer...good thing I have more than one.

    1. that Socratic idiot was awoxed into accidentally smartbombing a bunch of "innocent" pods way back when sec status had to be ground up in low and null.

      he was such a notorious highsec shitter that everyone knew of him and it made grinding that rep kinda rough on him, as everyone that lived in the null/low areas he fled to would constantly kill him

      he will blather on about how it was nothing but rain off a ducks back, but it drastically altered his play style.

      He is part of the reason harassing noobs in a starter system is banned. he didnt suicide gank, he baited. he lost so many Gila's, his poor credit card.

    2. sorry, he smartbombed in highsec, a bunch of pods warped into his a safe he was "camping" (expecting one little pod that had enraged him so over the years.)
      so he went from positive sec status to like -9something in one stupid move. so he had to flee to low/null. where real EVE players hated him too :)


      theres a link to Zed's blog about the incident in the info.

      Socratic is such a shitter.

  2. "Our Agent could only shake her head at the GM-aspirant"

    that made me laugh

  3. Socratic o/

    Welcome to the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia. your recent feature on this site guarantees you membership in PHag.

    Also, don't forget to join our advanced training classes for Highsec Online Moderator and Operator certification.

    Your years of documented PHag like actions make you perfect H.O.M.O. material.

    contact me, private pejedus, PHag's #2 H.O.M.O. soon. i feel we have a title that will fit you well.

    and again, welcome PHag!

  4. Come on down to Arnon folks! There's almost always a retriever that needs blapped!

    Long live 315!

    -Oink -I mean, Hee Haw!


    thats some lulzy shit right there

  6. wow antigankers failing non-stop daily ALL the time!!!1

  7. 12 years and still playing in a rookie cell of James 315 territory.....WOW...he is playing the real EVE aspirant i think he has completed the life cycle....much like parasites

  8. It can only be Socratic if someone is so stupid as to claim to be Socratic. We had him on comms once, he was allowed on for comic relief. It was a comic relief when we ganked him in Low. He begged to get back on comms. It was refused. He was upset.

    If you see this guy, please kill him and then kill him some more. And when you do, please say "R1fta kindly asks you to f*** off".

    Thank you for your kind attention.

    1. i hope you recorded that downsy shit. it's hard to understand why he is not under full time supervision.

  9. So socratic is mensa, but he cant see how simply wrong his assumptions are.

    He is truly an idiot, and the last time I checked, a fat old bald white guy that thinks he knows something about blues music. xD

    I am sure that Pajedas is an alt of his, I have seen similarities in their misconceptions, and you see both of them use "Fact:" followed by some wild stat about something he does not understand.

    What can I say, I'm that good.

    And he is so wrong.

  10. Socratic.....epic pleb....he can be googled...just search ouzo swilling neckbeard failure wearing a dress.

  11. Slipknot TheGreek > the only true measure of success in EVE is isk

    From a credit card warrior

  12. But where oh where is Ming?

  13. Awwww...Pendejopedo is quitting EVE :(
    Another rebellion dies of SIDS

    1. SIDS made me laugh in a meeting. No big deal there, but now i gots to explain the humor in SIDS.

      It's because no one would read his blog!
      So why didn't that work on kipper?

      And i guess truth be told, he's only 'claiming' to delete some un-named alt. Prolly bought with Lothar's credit card anyway.

      What a shitter, EVE will be much healthier without people like him.

    2. Speaking of STDs.... Ya'all might want to get checked out.

    3. SIDS is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, dumbass. You should spend some of that time while you're AFK mining on learning something instead of watching Netflix or crying on forums

  14. It seems you people have never heard of a double-double cross. The smart bomb incident was a reverse punk. It was done in a ship given to me by the perps for free. For a free Mega, I will drop to -9.8 all day long. I have lived more than half my EVE life in either null or lo sec. Losing standing is not a loss for me! You have been punked!! ROFLMAO!


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