Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thou Shalt Not Covey, Part 1

In every man's life, there are times when he is forced to make a decision, moments when he must take a stand one way or the other. An Orca pilot named Covey Deninard was about to be faced with one of those moments.

Covey Deninard was the CEO of a highsec ice mining corporation. He'd given himself the title of "Covey Deninard", among other things. Covey never bothered to buy a mining permit or pledge support to the Code in his bio. On the other hand, he'd never joined the Anti-Gankers. When Covey saw Agent Krig Povelli go suspect by looting containers in an ice anomaly, he just ignored him.
Busty Lady Ereland > o/
Busty Lady Ereland > can you jam this guy?
Covey Deninard > o7
Covey Deninard > I can ecm drone him
Busty Lady Ereland > sweet
Then Busty Lady Ereland walked into Covey's life. A fiery, spirited young Anti-Ganker, she arrived in the ice anomaly and immediately attacked Agent Krig. The Agent's frigate was tougher than she'd expected, so she convo'ed Covey and requested his assistance. Covey never could say no to a damsel in distress--or a femme fatale.
Covey Deninard > All out of options......
Covey Deninard > He is killing me
Busty Lady Ereland > he convoed me
Busty Lady Ereland > he wants a ransom
Busty Lady Ereland > i am warp scrammed
Covey Deninard > me too but I have no cash......
As soon as Covey's Orca assigned its drones to attack, our Agent turned his attention over to Covey. After the Orca was tackled, a pair of war targets entered the system and helped Agent Krig destroy the Orca.

The Orca never stood a chance. It was the product of a bot-aspirant mind.
Covey Deninard > killed my orca
Busty Lady Ereland > i got out, they lost me when they went after you
Busty Lady Ereland > i really feel bad about how this went down
Covey Deninard > No big deal........always willing to help a fellow Ice miner
Covey knew he was responsible for his own fate. He could've refused to help the Anti-Ganker. He could've chosen to stay out of it, to remain uninvolved. But now he was in the thick of it. Before he even knew what he was doing, Covey was in over his head.
Covey Deninard > Have Rattlesnake ready to undock as soon as it will let me
Busty Lady Ereland > Do you need backup with the fight?
Covey Deninard > fight is over.....had to flee.......he had help
Busty Lady Ereland > damn
For a very brief moment, Covey tried to play the white knight again. He immediately failed. The CODE always wins. Always!
Busty Lady Ereland > well, I really need to move this crap and I am willing to split with you
Busty Lady Ereland > If you have an orca or a frieghter I can use, I will split the sales
Busty Lady Ereland > Just need it to go to jita and back
Busty Lady Ereland > If you can help me out with that, I will be on for a bit. Just make a contract or whatever. I promise it will be benificial to both of us
Covey Deninard > hey
Covey Deninard > was away from computer
As luck would have it, Covey was about to get another opportunity to help Busty Lady. His addiction to going AFK got in the way; the two ships passed in the night.
Covey Deninard > Can do.........not insured though
Covey Deninard > or I have a cheron
Busty Lady Ereland > Charon even better
Covey Deninard > will you need escort?
Busty Lady Ereland > i have a webber
It must've been fate. The next day, Covey and Busty Lady were on at the same time, and she still needed a ship.
Covey Deninard > one moment.........
Busty Lady Ereland > Cool, I really appreaciate it
Busty Lady Ereland > I will let you know when I make the run
Covey Deninard > have a bowhead too if you need sometime
Busty Lady Ereland > Can I?
Busty Lady Ereland > I need to haul ships too
Covey traded his freighter to Busty Lady, free of charge. It was the least he could do for a fellow anti-Code rebel. Especially after his embarrassing performance the day before.
Busty Lady Ereland > We can take care of that part now
Busty Lady Ereland > before I head out
Covey Deninard > which do you want?
Busty Lady Ereland > I can do both and save more time
Covey Deninard > your choice..........yeah.......but I need to trust a bit more to loan both at once.......hope you understand
Busty Lady Ereland > No problem
When she asked for both a freighter and a Bowhead, Covey had to draw the line. He was a chivalrous kinda guy, but he was no sucker. And this was EVE, after all.
Busty Lady Ereland > I'll put the charon in the trade window
Covey Deninard > ok, trade me for the bowhead
Covey Deninard > If we do well time I can loan both
Busty Lady Ereland > No prob. Like I said, I really appreciate the trust
Busty Lady Ereland > And the help
Covey Deninard > now, I have to run on a 34 jump back later
Busty Lady agreed to borrow the Bowhead first. After taking the ship, she disappeared. After another day passed, Covey couldn't stand the silence any longer.
Need Bowhead for a run
From: Covey Deninard
Sent: 2016.06.29 03:07
To: Busty Lady Ereland,

Hey Busty Lady Ereland, hope your trip was uneventful...........need my Bowhead for a trip........don't see you in Osmon.........let me know when and where I can get it back........

Another example of bot-aspirancy: Covey hoped Busty Lady's trip was uneventful. Since when did people play video games for their uneventfulness?
Re: Need Bowhead for a run
From: Busty Lady Ereland
Sent: 2016.06.29 22:38
To: Covey Deninard,

Something happened. I came back to the computer to do my run, and I couldn't find it in station. I thought maybe you had taken it back somehow through the station trade system? I had a Kronos and a few other ships in there worth about 1.8 billion ISK! It is crazy. I need those ships and you need your bowhead.
Covey knew from the moment she warped into his ice anomaly that this dame was gonna be nothin' but trouble.

To be continued...


  1. His title is like something a 3rd world dictator might have. Surprised he doesn't have Lord or Admiral in his name.

    This might have been the first time he's interacted with another player if he was dumb enough to trade a Bowhead to someone he doesn't even know. It will probably be the last time, too lol

  2. "Covey tried to play the white knight again. He immediately failed"

    That last sentence describes any anti-ganker trying to stop code perfectly

  3. Oh, dear! I really hope Busty Lady can find her missing ships! Perhaps if she had access to the Charon, she could locate them. I can't wait to see how this all resolves to a happy ending. :D

    - Sun-Tzu

    1. Busty Lady Ereland with letters mixed up forms anagram Suddenly Betrayal.

  4. The best rule in EVE. Never stalk a female pilot with a bigger internet penis then your own. EVE sex is only safe on the TEST server where you can't bring some unwanted disease home to your lovely ALT.

  5. Lol loyalanon who's the cat on Reddit with 4 toons that got mad and reddited about CODE. Couldn't he have just robbed you like I did if he was wanting ISK????

  6. But where oh where is Ming?

  7. WTF is it with Orca Pilots and SoE Advanced Combat Suits. it always makes me laugh


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