Friday, October 21, 2016

Over One Trillion Eighty-Six Billion in Shares Sold

Giving money to cancer charities is always a good idea. And an even better one? Buying New Order shares!

Elite Harvester became a legend with his many high-volume purchases of New Order shares. Last year, he came out of nowhere and bought one hundred billion isk worth of shares in one shot. He instantly made friends all across highsec.

But Elite Harvester has never been in it for the fame or the glory. Much moved by the courageous example of our martyrs, Elite donated all of his shares to the Permabanned Heroes of the Code and made all subsequent purchases under their name. This week, he made a purchase of 24,000 shares on their behalf. This sent us past the 1.061 trillion, 1.062 trillion, 1.063 trillion, 1.064 trillion, 1.065 trillion, 1.066 trillion, 1.067 trillion, 1.068 trillion, 1.069 trillion, 1.070 trillion, 1.071 trillion, 1.072 trillion, 1.073 trillion, 1.074 trillion, 1.075 trillion, 1.076 trillion, 1.077 trillion, 1.078 trillion, 1.079 trillion, 1.080 trillion, 1.081 trillion, 1.082 trillion, 1.083 trillion, and 1.084 trillion isk marks. This momentous event generated a Quattuorvigintuple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. Cheers.

Great question. Let me answer it with another one: Why would anyone want to sell? When it comes to New Order shares, all experts say BUY BUY BUY! One minute before sending this EVEmail, Jerome Vascez made a purchase of 2,000 shares. This sent us over the 1 trillion 85 billion and 1 trillion 86 billion isk marks. Jerome earned a Double Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ and got some great investment advice, to boot.

What a week!


  1. Obvious UMADBRO? is obvious.

  2. Please buy more shares CODE more shares!

  3. Well, at least I got my name in lights.

  4. The CODE always wins! Always!

  5. Its a well established fact that mining causes cancer of the rectum and other antisocial side effects.

    1. Mining is also perfectly correlated with a lack of testicular fortitude.

  6. Am i the only one that thinks pushing all carebears out of highsec is better for them AND EVE?

    That's the only reason i do it. Not for profit at all.
    The tears are a plus, sometimes.
    And I have even made good in game friends.

    But the real reason i do it is just because they are in highsec.

    It's easier for my main to kill carebears and others in null where my main's alliance lives. I can log in and get gf's in null or low almost anytime, but as it is my allies are having to drag me off my gank alt.

    It is that satisfying.

    I gank highsec carebears because i believe anyone who's primary income is from highsec carebearing should be under two months old.
    Everyone one else should die.

    People like Socratic are much more humble, pleasant even, when there is no concord to back them and actions have more consequences.

  7. Holy fuck you kiddies are bad, Go PVP in low sec


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