Saturday, October 29, 2016

Thou Shalt Not Covey, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Hell hath no fury like a carebear who's lost his isk. Covey Deninard let Busty Lady Ereland borrow three ships. When she failed to return any of them, he arranged to hire mercenaries. Busty Lady beat him to the punch by hiring Agent Krig Povelli to wardec Covey's corp. Bizarrely, Krig Povelli was then caught by Covey's mercs while flying a freighter during the wardec.

Things only got stranger. Krig's freighter was involved in a courier contract with suspiciously high collateral: 8.7 billion isk. Between the freighter and the lost collateral, Krig lost over 10 billion isk.
From: Krig Povelli
Sent: 2016.07.02 20:44
To: Covey Deninard,

Alright you little shit.. now you cost me real ISK. You will pay dearly for that.

You may think you can hire mercs forever but I can hire mercs too. We'll see who has the bigger wallet and I will never stop the war now. You are going down.
It seemed as though Covey was triumphant. Not only did his mercenaries destroy Krig's freighter and ruin his courier contract, they caused Krig to send him an angry EVEmail--written in a style uncharacteristic of a New Order Agent. Had the New Order suffered its first defeat after more than four years of nothing but victories?
From: Covey Deninard
Sent: 2016.07.02 21:01
To: Krig Povelli,

Looks like I can hurt you after

Vittenyn >> Osmon (250020 m³) (Courier)

not that is bout twice what you took from me.......ready to return what you took or shall I continue....
Covey blamed Krig Povelli for everything Busty Lady had done; apparently he now believed they were the same person all along. Earlier, Covey had told Busty Lady that his arrangement with the mercenaries didn't require him to pay anything unless they inflicted a certain amount of isk damage against the target. They'd certainly earned their paycheck now. Covey was ecstatic.

Behind the scenes, the situation was murkier. Some shady deals were being made. Blissfully ignorant of these proceedings, Covey went on a victory tour. He embarked on an EVEmail-writing campaign with few precedents, even among his fellow rebel carebears.
your pride will be your undoing...your ego is going to be you weak spot....I'm going you hurt you in EVE......make all the threats you want.....I'm an old disabled vet...I fight.....I bleed.......but I take you with me....swallow your pride and return what you took now........that is your only chance.......I do not keep my wealth in isk for you to look have no idea what is coming......but you can stop it....You preyed upon my geneerosity.....these things too make a real simply do not seem to have learned that.......but I am always willing to teach a small man like you....the train is coming.......the 1st wave will not seem small compaired to the second.......and I can count very high........
For the next few hours, he wrote one EVEmail to Agent Krig after the next. Some of them consisted of paragraphs, while others were one sentence. For the sake of readability, I have merged the shorter EVEmails into paragraphs. And, as you'll soon see, there was one other typographical issue that needed my attention.
I prefer to make you an ally and friend as my actions showed.......but I will make of you an example.......if you make me....return what you took........settle is not isk that will win the is heart......I do not wish to tear you down......but do not mistake that for weakness or unwillinngness.......I will have justice.....I will teeach you in Eve what you failed to leare irl as a man...or I will crush you without have become predictable and your ego needs deflatting...I do not require your submision.......only that you return what you scammed, took and preyed upon me for.......all while my hand was outreached in friendship....
Covey is a big fan of ellipses--the longer the better. Many of his ellipses contained 10 or 20 or more periods. For your sake, dear reader, I have shortened the ellipses to a more manageable length.
learn or be destroyed....or go waste your money on merc who hide from the best....but in less than a day the terms will increase many times what you took........I will, after that, the tide of destruction and matter the cost. Please......take the hand of friendship is worth more than our pride........ [REDACTED] was my enemy, now they are my sword.......learn from them has been profitable in isk to them in isk far beyond your knowlege....
Covey was confident that if he kept paying his mercenaries, they would continue to inflict dizzying losses upon his enemy. Covey offered Agent Krig a way out.
My merc have much more in intel and recorces than I.....they know your other about to stop flying in Eve...tic toc........and my sureender conditions are aobut to be many times my losses to you...tic toc....

ironic isn't it......what you threatened me with is about to be your fate........tic toc........tic toc....
Covey was in the driver's seat, he believed. He'd always failed at PvP before, but with PLEX-funded mercenaries, he'd found the answer.
You are a coward, a theif and a lier........let the game begin for round two.......your surrender will now bit the origiinal loss of 4.3 bil plus fittings will be increasd to X4.....deep pockets should not mine that at all.....4.3 bil X 4 will be my price to "call them off" as you put it.....enjoy my ships skid mark........

Lesson one:.......if you cant do the time or pay the fine....don't do the crime...smooches........not on line ........didn't get the essage........NMP........(not my problem)

FYI.......incace you can't do math......that's 17.2 bil to stop this now....not a problem for "Deep Pockets"...right?........
The price for calling off Covey's mercs would be a steep one: Over 17 billion isk. It was an unreasonable offer, but Covey was motivated by revenge. He still felt the sting of Busty Lady's betrayal.
Where are your mercs....hiding in dock?.....lmao.....come one big bully....real men and real soldiers "complete the mission" all costs.......

I bacame disable vet from real are nothing....but an arm chair want-a-be...I was in Afganastan in 79 when the Russians came in....that is how I bacame disabled specialty was WMD are just an arm chair what you owe 17.2 bil or leave eve......

it's heart dirt bag...not friend and pay up or run and hide....punk
The "I'm a disabled war veteran" square was retired from Miner Bingo nearly four years ago. That hasn't stopped carebears from randomly injecting references to their alleged military service into conversations about EVE, though.
does your wife know you have to squat when you doublt she knows much more than fight with your

Pay me 17.2 Bil isk and then you can go be a scummy scammer in
Covey was drunk with his imagined power and success. Would he be satisfied by the war's conclusion, or was he in for a rude awakening?

To be continued...


  1. Looking forward to the next part... on Monday.

  2. Mercs are also Krig/Busty, insurance fraud post trade, idiot is being manipulated into paying more for damage that isn't damage. It's approaching unbelievable that such a person can even exist. Was hopeful this fiction would at least involve a novel scam that would be useful later. Yawn.

  3. Hi Super P up there. Only 2 days to go then. At least we have some stuff or other going on in Las Vegas now, or so I understand from reliable contacts.

    I heard that the rise of the Pirate Party in Iceland, and their fairly good showing in the current general election there - is the real reason CCP wants to open an office in London. They're afraid that Iceland is going to turn into Lowsec. Now that would be poetic justice.

    As far as Mr Deninard is concerned; have at him, Busty! He deserves all he gets in return for that impossibly puffed-up prose of his.

    Thank you Saviour, for bringing this feast to our table.

  4. This is a rather gripping story! Whilst I suspect it will end in total CODE. victory, I really can’t wait for Part 5!

  5. Code is failing incredibly hard right now

    1. You think that just because loyal got banned again that "code is failing"? That is what they said last time. "loyalanon is banned.. Code is dead!"
      You might want to check the killboards, miner. And calm down.

    2. It was however sad to hear the news about loyalanons remaining alts being permabanned.

    3. lol Praise Zopiclone!

    4. meh.. Zopiclone didn't get loyal's new alts banned. It was probably some carebear who lost his illegal mining ship and found proof that the alt was actually loyalanon.
      I just checked though, and the New Order is still alive.

    5. lol so what you are saying is that loyal got himself banned like a pro. even worse. XD

    6. Want to know who got him banned?
      And yes it was actually him before you claim it was a miner, I know the guy responsible :) and if you think this is the end, then lol...

    7. Did anyone else get banned with this? Heard possibly Ben RMT'Li, along with with some other guy from Goons.

    8. Just saying. Code is failing incredibly hard right now. Zopiclone is my bitch lover. Zopiclone forever!

  6. I can tell this is going to end really well........... for the Agent.

  7. I'm on the edge of my seat. Is the Goofus paying the mercs to destroy his own property? Are the mercs undercover agents?


    After the alpha clone drop you can expect 100x more of this type of carebear fail posted in the forums.

    Should be worth a few lulz!

  9. He seems upset! Poor guy just needs the love of CODE.

  10. is that why there is no comment here from Loyal, because he was perma banned again using his exotic alts. Damn shame that

  11. Attn amarr miners ....having fun balancing your carebear karma ....break out your skiffs im back

  12. We Love Love Love seeing loyalanon failing incredibly hard right now. Make sure to give him a LOT of ISK when he comes back so it can be given straight to CCP! CCP loves to perma ban tards and take their ISK. I hear BEn Li can hook you up with some RMT ISK. Ben RMT Li is good for RMT just message him in game and ask how much per 1Billion. Great deals happening now!


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