Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thou Shalt Not Covey, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... A fool and his foolishly fit Orca are soon parted. Ice miner Covey Deninard was contacted by fellow anti-Code rebel Busty Lady Ereland, who requested his help in attacking Agent Krig Povelli. This resulted in the destruction of Covey's Orca. Then Busty Lady asked to borrow his Bowhead. He gave her the ship, but when he asked about it the next day, the Bowhead had mysteriously gone missing.

Covey was faced with a difficult decision. The objective evidence pointed to Busty being a liar and a thief. Covey didn't want to believe it. He didn't want to believe that Busty Lady was just another typical carebear--a user who only cared about money.
Re: Need Bowhead for a run
From: Covey Deninard
Sent: 2016.06.29 23:08
To: Busty Lady Ereland,

No, on my side, everything went as it far as I know trade went off after I checked the accept block........I thought you had it when I mentioned I forgot to check the told me all I had was the fittings on the you had to be looking at the Bowhead fittings which you could only do if you had recieved the you say you never got it..........I think I just got take a chance on people every now and then and can recover from the loss..........but I the one who is willing to loose ships for an ally..........maybe I was wrong about you........
Covey penned an EVEmail to Busty Lady. It was dripping with sadness and disappointment.
Busty Lady Ereland > o/
Busty Lady Ereland > Sorry, I was AFK
Busty Lady Ereland > did you get my mail?
Covey Deninard > Yep......I don't have it........sent email reply
Busty Lady soon got in touch with Covey. He was still speaking to her, but there was a coldness to his manner that wasn't there before.
Busty Lady Ereland > I see the mail now. I am not saying I never received the bowhead
Covey Deninard > I cannot take it back with trade without your participation.
Busty Lady Ereland > I am saying I don't know what happened to it
Covey Deninard > ok
The damage to their relationship seemed irreparable. Covey's trust was completely gone.
Busty Lady Ereland > I put ships in it to move and I logged off and when I came back it wasn't there
Covey Deninard > I don't have it.......but need it for about 6 runs myself
Busty Lady Ereland > It had over 1.8 billion in ships and fittings inside
Busty Lady Ereland > I need my kronos lol
Busty Lady Ereland > As it stands, I need to get a plex in a couple of days and I have no other source of income other than moving my 3 bil in stuff from Osmon to Jita to sell
Now it was Busty Lady's turn to tell her side of the story. Covey wasn't the only one who'd been hurt, she explained.
Covey Deninard > I guess I need to go buy another
Busty Lady Ereland > I can buy you another when I sell the stuff
Busty Lady Ereland > Can I use the charon to move it? I won't log off this time, just go straight to Jita
Busty Lady Ereland > Otherwise I wont have ISK for plex
Covey Deninard > Sorry.........I'm feeling a bit like a mark right now
Under the circumstances, Busty Lady felt it would be appropriate for Covey to let her borrow his freighter.
Busty Lady Ereland > I would not do that to a fellow anti-ganker
Busty Lady Ereland > I hate those scum
Busty Lady Ereland > And I hope we can kill them together soon
Covey Deninard > I've been burned a bunch here on Eve............but I still try to make ally''s when I can
Busty Lady Ereland > If you allow me to restore your faith in humanity, I will show you I am honest
Covey Deninard > I will give you one more me a sucker.....
I believe Covey when he says he's been burned in EVE before.
Covey Deninard > what fittings do you want on Cheron?
Busty Lady Ereland > just whatever it was before is good
Covey Deninard > got it?
Busty Lady Ereland > did you do the trade?
Covey Deninard > Cheron is gone
Busty Lady Ereland > I just saw the window close
Covey Deninard > Sorry Busty.........can't do this again
Alas, another of Covey's ships slipped from his grasp.
Busty Lady Ereland > Maybe we could try orca swap in space
Busty Lady Ereland > I can move my alt to the sun to get the orca
Covey Deninard > Just how many every expensive ship would you hand to someone?
Covey Deninard > egg on my face
Busty Lady then requested the keys to Covey's new Orca. Covey could hardly believe it. History had repeated itself--but this time, Covey really was done with Busty Lady. Finished, for real.
Busty Lady Ereland > But I promise you ship swap in space will work
Busty Lady Ereland > In the mean time, If i can get this stuff to jita I can cover the expenses
Busty Lady Ereland > You will see my alt get in it and go to jita
Covey Deninard > who is your alt
Busty Lady Ereland > [REDACTED]
Busty Lady Ereland > she can fly orca
Busty Lady Ereland > I will move her to the sun
Busty Lady Ereland > We can do it in space
...On the other hand, there was a lot of upside to letting Busty Lady borrow the Orca. Once she'd sold her stuff in Jita, Covey would be repaid.
Covey Deninard > meet me at the star
Busty Lady Ereland > omw
Busty Lady Ereland > she is there at the sun
Covey Deninard > hold the phone.....
Busty Lady Ereland > k
Covey Deninard > just got a message from a merc friend.............hears I'm getting ripped off.........offereing his alliance services again...............I told none of our conversations or loan of ships
Just as the two star-crossed rebels were about to meet at the star and transfer the Orca--a plot twist!

To be continued...


  1. Fish, barrel: meet gun.

  2. Brilliant idea, to disguise himself as an incompetent anti-ganker. Who could tell the difference?

    1. incompetent and anti-ganking is redundant

  3. what does she need to transport if all her stuff got "lost" with the Bowhead? Then the Charon, soon the Orca....brilliant "gank", top "loot" and not a single shot fired :P
    where do you find those guys? do you sponsor them with PLEX to provide this content? what would John McEnroe say to Mr Deninard? :D

    1. Yes we gank our own alts flying freighters through uedama, and then we scoop the loot (which was ours already) from their we take our loot to jita and sell it, and send the isk to our other alts who we then login all at the same time and start a detailed and multi-personality conversation with ourselves between alts, from their we scam our own alt, while also trying to be suspicious but trusting of our scam alt at the same time. when we lose all our stuff to our own alts we then proceed to get angry at our alts for scamming us.

      Its the same with miners, code members usually have to have a mining alt that they gank because we lack miners to kill in highsec.

    2. Lol that's the longest paragraph loyalanon has ever written. He must have plagiarized it from someone else. Lols

    3. Still salty xd no friends left in eve makes zopiclone a salty boy

    4. What wolf doesn't know is that Zopiclone is his best friend! He Must be... to give over 40-50billion ISK just like that. BFF's forever! <3

    5. wolf is surrounded by "friends" in EvE. That's some shit made me laugh right there. Perhaps you should try friendship in real life and not video games. What a delusional guy. Lol James please please please help our New Zealand friend and his online search for friendship. XD -salty pretzel boy

  4. Good to see Tweeps still in action!

  5. Doesn't he know that even if their avatar is a pretty young woman that they aren't actually pretty young women? I think "her" name made his mind go blank.

  6. Is he going to transport the Kronos inside the orca inside the charon inside the bowhead? Because that sounds heavy but also plausible. I bet this is the plan all along.

  7. Covey to Busty: "oh wow...... I've never seen a clitoris that large or long!"

  8. So much stupid. It's painful. Maybe EVE needs to come with instructions or something... in really big type, cause what CCP is doing now does not seem to be working. EVE... TRUST NO ONE, should be on the label. But then, carebears would miss that also and continue to do stupid shit. Oh well, the strong survive (and profit) the weak get hunted. Sucks to be them.

  9. Why didn't antiganking stop this from happening?? grrr code hat goons XD

  10. But where oh where is Ming?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. What I want to know is what ever happened to the we-are-many-code-will-fail/code-is-dead anon? Also.. wasn't there some alliance posting on our blog a while back about killing/destroying goons? I tried to look them up on zkillboard top alliances but I couldn't find them. Something like Mordumbs Angels or Mordus Agfails or something like that.
    Any ideas?


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