Friday, October 7, 2016

Over One Trillion Fifty-Five Billion in Shares Sold

In September, a new miner ganker was on the prowl in highsec: Niten Doraku of the Respect the Code corporation.

But it was all part of an elaborate espionage operation! Niten never believed in the Code; he merely wanted to learn our tactics (ganking, bumping, being awesome, etc.) and gain access to New Order Agents' schedules. It was the biggest breach of New Order security since the notorious rebel spy Ledrian Saisima.

We all miss that guy.

Despite the security concerns caused by Niten's infiltration, 'twas a good thing in the end. It inspired Dom Arkaral to give us all a case of déjà vu with a purchase of another 630 shares. This sent us over the 1 trillion 55 billion isk mark and earned him another Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. You can never have too many shares or too many Supreme Protector's Tips of the Hat™.


Straight outta Gamis, the highly anticipated release of The Code Is Forever #29 is here!

In the New Order, elite PvP isn't just an aspiration, it's a fact of daily life.


  1. YouTube: The Code Is Forever #29

    Dieses Video ist in Deutschland leider nicht verfügbar, da es Musik von UMG enthalten könnte, über deren Verwendung wir uns mit der GEMA bisher nicht einigen konnten.

    1. Dear Germans,
      You are the only country that can't ever view these. You have two options
      1) Learn how to use a proxy
      2) Move to a better country with more sane IP laws


    2. Fuk it! Go with 2, we need more crazy Germans where i live!

    3. Good news Niten Doraku! You have been accepted into the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia!

      Please see Kip Winger as soon as possible for butt cream and ice packs.

      And remember, you are now a PHag for life! It will be a long and hard life of faiiling, but we know you will grit your teeth and take it all. Daily!

    4. Flattery takes all types of form. Thank you.

    5. For the German speaker: the video is a series of repetitive cuts with Catalysts performing suicides on mining ships. With the Author standing there like an idiot bumping the miners. Not worth watching, I stopped after 20s of watch, there are much better learning videos out there !

      For the Author: before you use technical terms you do not even understand in order to look smart, learn them first. It's not a Proxy they need it's a VPN connection to the YouTube hosting country. BTW this is something extremely simple to set up, google it, I do the same from my country.

    6. Anon 1028 welcome to the ranks of the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia.

      You have been shown to possess many PHag qualities, and we are happy to have you join us.

      Please see Kip Winger, Hisec Online Moderator and Operator for your free tube of prepH. You seem to need it.

    7. "For the German speaker"
      Then proceeds to English.

      Hisec shitters, failing daily.

    8. Ben Li is so mad

  2. ...but it is available in the UK, and a very nice accompaniment to the visuals it is too!

    Well done, Kalorned. I was surprised though at the number of Covetors. I don't think I've seen one in a belt in Genesis for weeks, if not months.

  3. So glad to hear you have been looking after Genesis, Rob – I really must stop by and pay them a long-overdue visit soon.

  4. Lmao, if only we had a website where the Savior of Highsec outlines all of our tactics, then this guy wouldn't have had to kill all those innocent miners just to infiltrate us. lolololol


  5. Praise Zopiclone! What a story for the kids and grandkids. These AG spies are worthless

  6. Nearly all gankers are Alt´s. It just keeps 2-3 weeks to prepare a ganker alt.

    True sec living is mostly boring just a low number of fleets per week and limited income sources except for high ranks who are able to do moon mining.

    Its also somewhat easy to prepare a catalyst fleet vs. a single target (freighter). 1.Send out scout , scout 0 to target , catalyst fleet, 4.boom freighter dead,5.grab out stuff from wreck, 6.wait criminal timer 12minutes &continue 1.

    In my whole eve live ive never seen catalysts fleets(successfull) in true sec. It hasnt anything to do witth pvp of course its kinda pvp but extremly boring.

    Bring ya catalyst fleet into true sec and well see 70-80% die at first gate camp......

    people interested in real pvp join a true sec alliance

    antiganking is useless

    1. PVP is about destroying your target. ‘Real’ PVP is immaterial. EVE has always been this way.

    2. There is just so much bad information in 437's comment.

    3. Except the last sentance

    4. Anon437,

      Why you claim to be a null pilot but post anon?

      Why you try to act like you know pvp when all you do is highsec whine, sorry, mine?

      Why you claim to know the virtue of a catalyst when all you fly is shitfit highsec barge?

      Why you mad broski? Bad vodka crop this year?

      Learn to EvE fool, then join the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia, you belong here.

  7. Anon carebears whine about "real" pvp. As opposed to what? Immaginary pvp?

    Being too stupid to understand don't stop them from posting.


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