Saturday, October 22, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #117

What a Goofus. Welcome to the latest edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Agent Georg Codie is new to the New Order. As soon as he enlisted, he found he had to learn the strange customs of the bot-aspirant miners.

Georg is doing outstanding work. People say EVE is dying, but there are always new players joining CODE.; the game's future is safe in their hands.

Dazzle Starjack had a lot of grievances. He began by complaining about Agent Kalorned's "bloodlust". Then he started talking about his own problems, as if they're ours.

...And it ended with a request for money. If you have any doubt that his request for reimbursement was without merit, read the follow-up:

Taking his wife to work indeed. Can you imagine if our Agents had the same attitude? "Miner, could you please hold still and self-destruct your ship? I'd gank you, but I have to take my wife to work." Highsec would never get saved!

Robin Davaham couldn't be bothered to construct an intelligible tearmail, so he simply picked random bits and pieces of one and threw them together.

CODE.'s branding is powerful. To the extent that there are non-Order groups ganking, their actions are mostly ignored. But when someone is ganked in the name of the Code, people take notice.

Uh, I believe the word you're looking for is democracy.

Rideback Ayanami sent our Agent a series of three different tearmails in Russian. As each one was translated, the evolution of the Russian carebear's complaints became clear:

First, quick-and-dirty profanity prepared in the typical Russian manner. Next, expanded and difficult-to-translate tears with a strange animal reference and a threat to file a petition. Finally, in the last EVEmail, we see the adoption of the modern carebear's tears: Claiming we're killing EVE by driving away new players! That fallacy has truly gone global.

Fubar Acami, I'm afraid you don't "get" the sandbox.

Having failed to include player ships in his overview filter, darkeruption was bound to die. Playing a PvP game and making your fellow players invisible is a bad idea. Fear not--our Agents are teaching people how to play EVE the right way. The Code way.


  1. Am I the only one that thinks pushing all carebears out of highsec is better for them AND EVE?

    That's the only reason I do it. Not for profit at all.
    The tears are a plus, sometimes.
    And I have even made good in game friends.

    But the real reason I do it is just because they are in highsec.

    It's easier for me to get fights in null where my main's alliance lives. I can log in and get gf's in null or low almost anytime, but as it is my allies are having to drag me off my gank alt.

    It is that satisfying.

    I gank highsec carebears because I believe anyone who's primary income is from highsec carebearing should be under two months old.
    Everyone one else should die.

    People like Socratic are much more humble when there is no concord to back them and their actions have more consequences.

  2. I gank everyone everywhere. CODE showed me the way. My favorite are less than 1 Day old ventures. Gank them on their first day so they leave the game forever. Code makes it all possible! Fuck the player base kill everything including the game. Ben Li is the master RMTer. Thanks for selling me ISK brother!

    1. Got you to respond
      lel xdxd

      Oh Where is Ben Li? My favorite RMTer

    2. Yea 417 is definitely a Pandemic Horde anti ganking candidate. Having never done anything to help the game except cry like a bitch here.

      Good job PHag!

  3. For me ganking miners is profitable i have proven it. Its also about knowing your place. I will use a foreigner to a new country analogy. If you come to a new country you respect the law and culture of said country you don't petition the government to change or cry racism when you lose a decision that is not in your favour. So stfu, purchase a permit and when you learn how the game works and you have some time up then play it properly and apply to an elite pvp corp like the conference elite

  4. All highsec miners are clean targets if they are not in a noob system.

    In the noob systems, anyone over a month old seems safe so far, as i have not been banned yet even though there have been those that claimed to have reported me.

    Let's face it, if a character is over a month old and still trying to hide in a noob system, CCP don't seem to mind if you shoots at the carebear.

    If you play EVE and don't have a highsec ganking alt you should be ashamed.
    You have to help support EVE by spending some time killing miners, or yoh don't deserve to play.

  5. Hey, Fubar Acami.

    The only unregenerate here is you refusing to play EVE properly, while trying to destroy the game we all love.

    Although it is odd that a dumbass carebear would even know what unregenerate means, but not odd at all that the carebear used it to describe the wrong group of people.

    Kill all miners

  6. I laughed for an hour after seeing that screenshot.

    Man these hisec shittebots deserve nothing less than a daily podding.

  7. Its a carebear catchcry that CODE gank new players....the majority of miners that i have ganked are alts of null sec characters 2 or 3 yrs old and who can not handle the boredom and tumbleweeds of null. If null is so great why has TCE killed so many of your jump freighters and bulkheaded T1 freighters. Because you all are fed from james 315 tradehubs and you cry because you think its a free right to use it.


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