Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Me Ticket You Banned, Part 1

Our Agents improve highsec one miner at a time, a little each day. Upon being ganked in his Retriever, matth136 decided to take one more step toward Code-compliance.

However, after getting a new mining ship, matth136 began to act strangely. His arrogant and hostile demeanor quickly made him a target.

Agent Demolishar brought his trusty bumping Tengu into battle. He repeatedly bumped matth136 out of the ice anomaly. There's something unusual about this screencap--as we'll later.

Our Agent encouraged the miner to buy a permit, but he refused. matth136 railed against Demolishar's fellow Agents in local. He also insisted that Demolishar declare war. Apparently he was frustrated by the bumps.

matth136 felt confident that he would prevail in a wardec. But he had no idea how to win against an elite bumper. Obviously the miner was entirely unprepared for ice mining in highsec.

With each bump, matth136 became more agitated. He had no rational choice but to buy a mining permit and obey the Code.

matth136 wasn't in a rational mood, though.

The miner made a fateful decision: He petitioned CCP and begged them to stop the bumps.

Now the truth behind the screencap can be revealed. It was taken by matth136, not our Agent. The miner took screencaps to prove that Demolishar was indeed a miner bumper. matth136 then made the screencap public.

As a result of matth136's actions, Demolishar had a nice picture of his bumping Tengu in action. As seen here, a portion of the conversation in local was also immortalized by the screencap.

matth136 was absolutely confident that miner bumping is against the rules. Demolishar told him otherwise, but matth136 didn't waver. According to the miner, plenty of bumpers have been banned. And Demolishar was certainly a bumper. Would our hero be banned for helping to save highsec?

To be continued...


  1. I'm curious to know whether the Saviour of Highsec is thinking of putting pen to paper about the advent of Alpha Clones, and the changes to mining. At least, insofar as they affect our work in Highsec.

    I really don't think I could stomach another word about the damned Rorqual though.

    Can you believe it? Over on the forums the carebears are actually complaining that some of the changes aren't generous enough!

    Back to today's blog: bumping is a great way to introduce miners to the Code. If this degree of ignorance about the mechanic is at all typical, I think we should do more of it. I've already dusted off my trusty (rusty) SFI. Ready for duty!

    1. I think bumping Orcas will be very hilarious after those changes. You can bump them right out of buff range.

      They are already complaining that it is totally ok that the Orca gets 600k EHP, but that ganking a bumper is too hard and we "hide behind CONCORD". lol

  2. Was he even able to write a coherent ticket?

    1. Hopefully he did it in French so he doesn't sound like a complete tard.

  3. Seems like sometimes bumping generates more tears than ganks...

  4. Seeing this reminds me of the early days of James's articles where he would get AMAZING tears from miners he would simply bump.

    But it is true that miners get more salty about bumping then actual ganking XD

    p.s why didn't the highsec militia respond?

    p.s.s antiganking failing to stop ganks non-stop daily


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  6. But where oh where is Ming?

  7. Why, hello there, French miner-person.



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