Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Freighter's Peaceful Conclusion, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Star Doppeller committed an audacious crime: Moving his 9 billion isk freighter through highsec without a permit. He was familiar with the New Order, so when his freighter started getting bumped, he immediately surrendered to Agent Spryt3.

Our Agents now had in their possession one freighter, three packages containing a total of eight billion isk, and a five-pack of PLEX.
Spryt3 > okay now the packages
Spryt3 > what isk do you have on hand
Spryt3 > you have 315m?
Spryt3 > James 315 is our protector and savior
Star Doppeller > I could probably pay that.
As agreed, Spryt3 arranged for the safe return of the three packages. Despite receiving the contracted PLEX, our Agent required an additional 315 million isk.
Spryt3 > so a symbolic price for the packages would be 315m
Spryt3 > enter that into the trade window and il hit accept and you get the packages back
Spryt3 > zula will issue you a mining permit
Star Doppeller > Hold on... I'll have to transfer teh isk out of my corp.
Spryt3 > 314m it needs to be 315m sorry
Spryt3 > James 315
At the same time, Doppeller prepared to receive his very own mining permit--something he must've wished he'd purchased much earlier.

The trade was completed. Of course, before returning the packages, Spryt3 first removed any and all contraband that they contained. In his judgment, it was all contraband. But Spryt3 was as good as his word: He contributed one unit of ammo to each of the three packages and returned them. As for the freighter, it would remain in protective custody for the time being.
Spryt3 > okay now next thing would be blue status if you want to make sure we dont see you on out overviews
Star Doppeller > What do you mean exactly by see blues?
Zula Terra > i guess you are a little newer to eve
Zula Terra > so the way overviews the things you see other ships on can be set up is to exclude people with standings set to certain levels
Star Doppeller > I was just going to say something about standings.
Doppeller received the three packages, though he didn't see fit to inspect their contents. Now it was time to move forward and think about ways to prevent future incidents. Since Doppeller was being cooperative, Agent Zula Terra was willing to consider giving him good standings. At first, it seemed Doppeller was a new player who didn't know what those were, but no--his EVE life had simply been too isolated for him to know what "blue status" was.
Zula Terra > alliance has a maximum of 1024 standings that we can have total
Zula Terra > there is no way to exceed that so we have a 1.5 billion price tag for such service
Lulu Airuta > everyone who wants to function properly in highsec generally purchases standing from CODE. Even us in Archetype have do it so that we can go about our day to day bussiness.
To purchase blue standings from CODE., Doppeller would need to pay an additional 1.5 billion isk. A steep price tag, but well worth it.
Zula Terra > https://zkillboard.com/character/93159118/reset/group/513/losses/
Zula Terra > click on the link above if you want to see my profficiancy at killing freighters
Zula Terra > ive killed almost 500 of them
Star Doppeller > OK. well, it's a one man corporation, so just me will be fine.
Zula Terra > so now we need you to provide 1.5 billion worth of isk or assets and we will set you as blue so you can haul safely
CODE.'s gankers have killed thousands of freighters. Zula has personally participated on several hundred of those kills. Failing to purchase standings was an unacceptable risk.

An additional 1.5 billion isk was paid. In all--ship, cargo, PLEX, isk--Doppeller handed over more than 16 billion isk.
Star Doppeller > How's that?
Zula Terra > yeah that works
Zula Terra > okay the only thing we need to do now is go to uedama just leave courier packages here we will return for that later
Zula Terra > its just one jump out
Zula Terra > i see you in local
Star Doppeller > I have arrives, Zula
Doppeller was interested in seeing his freighter again. Zula suggested that they meet up in Uedama.
Zula Terra > if you undock from the station you will see a citadel right in front of you
Zula Terra > you will be going in its direction
Zula Terra > warp to it
Doppeller dutifully reported to the rendezvous point.

Doppeller received additional content in the form of a friendly pod-gank. The pod was cheap; it was all in good fun.
Zula Terra > thanks for your donations to the CODE.
Star Doppeller > IAll good.
Given Doppeller's new pledge of loyalty to the Code, Zula assumed that the carebear would want him to keep the 16 billion isk. After all, our Agents can do a lot more good with the money than some hauler pilot can. Doppeller's parting words seemed to confirm that he was fine with things as they stood.

The proud owner of a fresh New Order mining permit, Star Doppeller was ready to rebuild his career on a more solid footing.

However, after thinking about it overnight, Doppeller shed his mining permit in favor of a somewhat ambiguous manifesto.

Doppeller renounced his permit and seemed to defend the loss of his ship and assets. He also made some perplexing remarks about players not being able to hold in-game sovereignty in highsec (which we know is irrelevant, as most territorial claims in EVE do not correspond to in-game sov).

The carebear's true feelings about losing 16 billion isk were not totally clear from his bio. What was clear--clear as crystal--was that Star Doppeller had gained far more from his interaction with our Agents than the 16 billion isk he'd lost. For the first time in his life, Doppeller had experienced EVE and all the wonders it has to offer. A good time was had by all. A peaceful conclusion was reached indeed.


  1. Doing Wolf Sopranos mom is so good!

    1. Doing yours however is like chucking a sausage up a 5 lane freeway without a toll.

  2. Wonderful conclusion!

    I don't think Star Doppeller 'lost' 16 billion Isk; he was simply persuaded to invest it in a socially responsible way, something which might not have occurred to him without the intervention of Agents Spryt3 and Zula Terra.

    All's well that ends well.

  3. I love a successful ending.

    Huzzah for the New Halaima Code of Conduct, long live James 315 \o/

  4. Agents win again? Why didn't he just batphone in Antiganking to help?


  5. Why didn't the highsec militia respond?

    1. They were too busy training a new group of Highsec Online Moderator and Operators for the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia.

      I hear Kip Winger has had some long, hard nights thrust at him lately.

  6. jeezus christ carebears! Apparently EVE is not for everyone.

  7. He got all that content for the low price of 16 billion ISK. Quite a bargain in my opinion.

    1. Well the new order/code is known for providing the best kind of content for high sec!

      He could have saved 16billion isk and got an entire year of content for 10 million isk!

  8. Everyone was happy with this conclusion. This just shows how fair we can be as agents.

  9. this is a lesson, to not listen to a word of what code promises. He was better off just losing the freighter and Cargo. He was compliant the whole way and got nothing back materialistically as promised, scammers all of them. Rather keep the 5 Plex and the additional 1.6 bill plus 315milland cut the losses. In the end Doppeller realised that the permit and standings are just an empty promise and not worth it. That he was royally fcucked over and rolled while being Gallant

    1. Well, I guess we all know how much worth a CODE agents word is worth these days. Just when I thought I could appreciate CODE and their content creation, they do this. They could have had their huge profit AND create another convert and show that they keep their word. Instead, they take the easy way out and just alienate another player. Lost opportunity CODE and a direct example that people can point to when they question the value of trusting CODE.

    2. Loyal anons word is worthless. Aka chapo muerte aka soprano alts. All worthless. Only idiots buy permits. Surprised this carebear isnt rebanned for botting again. End of story.

    3. 258 triggered and buttmad.
      Nothing has changed, carebear. The idiot was non-compliant, that means he owes fines.

  10. 1 more reason proving that Code is nothing like it was supposed to be. With Erotica it turned into a sociopathic beast with unquenchable thirst. With Loyal and the Conference Elite it turned completely into something that is more about making ISK and being carebears and bittervets. It is a sad era indeed when something that could of been great and respected is instead more vile and destestible than that found in the deepest sewers. Code is only a testament now to how bittervets not worth a damn anymore simply act out their grievances.

    1. You hit the nail on its thick head mate! Praise Zopiclone! No one will ever try to win vs these meanies ever again. Just meanies. R.I.P. Zopiclone

    2. Please stop crying its pathetic

  11. I must admit to being a tad disappointed in this. Doppeller was an idiot... but he was open to conversion and teaching.
    Now... not a chance. I think these "agents" took advantage of the teachings of James 315 for their own profit. If not, I would expect to see what they took used for shares, preferably in the name Hero's of High Sec.

    1. Keep spectating pleb

    2. Ben Li is so salty.

    3. I agree with this sentiment. I generally like what Code does. It's all in fun when you feed a salty miner enough rope to hang themselves (in game!). But when a dude is being super nice, if naive, and has more money than sense, a pig-in-a-poke con is rather tasteless.

      At the very least, treat it as a teachable moment about some of the basic game mechanics so he doesn't get fleeced again. If he doesn't even know about blues, he's either very new or very casual, and for 16 billion and a good attitude I think he's bought himself a few hours of an agent's time.

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  13. I see Code is still winning..and wow..is the highsec militia still a thing?

    Yes..I stuck my head in the door to look around..
    Gorilla V

  14. Yep they are killing minors too

  15. But where oh where is Ming?

  16. Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia.October 5, 2016 at 3:26 PM

    The Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia would like to grant Super Honorary member status to all the anon carebears, who took time out from failing daily in game, to visit this blog and fail here too!

    We saulte you, Super PHags!

    You are all now eligible for training to become Highsec Online Moderators and Operators. You guys are going to make great H.O.M.O.'s!

    Every one else can ask Kip Winger for instructions on how to join as a fulltime member. As our premier PHag H.O.M.O., Kip has spent many long, hard nights training a new batches of PHags!

    1. Yes please just mail me, Kip Winger, in game for application instructions.

      I am looking forward, when i am not doing reverse-cowgirl.

    2. meh seems made up


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