Monday, October 17, 2016

The Great Filter, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... The Vrix Nation corporation took up a monumental task: To locate potential Gallants hidden away in the wasteland of AFK autopiloting pods. Our heroes were completely dedicated to their mission, no matter how many pod gankings it would take.

Fortunately, the more hardened bot-aspirants announced themselves--loudly and clearly, even if not intentionally.

Highsec miners aren't the only Goofuses in highsec. Autopiloters tend to be a surprisingly nasty bunch. They hide behind all manner of excuses.

"EVE is rigged! The New Order must be cheating," says the carebear who can't believe he was killed by CODE.

Ina Olha took the "Loss already replaced so I don't care" route. But on the other end of the spectrum...

Way back in April 2015, Elena Byrne demanded reimbursement for her pod loss.

Many moons later, Elena still hadn't gotten her implants back.

She's still waiting. Hers is a hopeless case, but at least she's honest enough to admit that she cares she was ganked.

While all highsec miners know on some level that they're carebears, autopiloters consider themselves a cut above. Wriggles McNaughty fancied himself a nullsec PvP'er, even though he'd just been defeated in elite highsec PvP.

When a whole six minutes passed without a reply, Wriggles fired off another angry EVEmail. Sorry, but this is highsec. Our Agents only send replies when they feel like it.

Other autopiloters take comfort in long-debunked myths. The myth that CODE. is funded by Goons, the myth that CODE. disbanded...

...and the myth that I don't have authority over all in highsec. (That one's the most outrageous--and dangerous, for its adherents.)

Successful pod gankers are almost always natural optimists. To hold out hope of finding intelligent life after receiving so many nonsensical EVEmails, they have to be.

But just when it seems that highsec is fresh out of Gallants...

...there's a glimmer of hope. Koba Isimazu took his pod loss in stride. He even admitted that new players need ganks the most! What a remarkable denunciation of the pro-carebear, Anti-Ganking philosophy. And what a victory for the Code!


  1. Long live EVE!
    Long live CODE!
    Long live James!
    Die carebear die!

  2. damn... antiganking failing non-stop daily.

    almost feel sorry for them.

    1. Why , at the heart they are incessantly greedy indy corp ceo,s charging new players 20% tax on everything they make and offer nothing but bot aspirant advice.pretending they are playing the legendary game.they are nothing more than the ebola virus

  3. this blog:
    "The Vrix Nation corporation took up a monumental task: To locate potential Gallants hidden away in the wasteland of AFK autopiloting pods."
    the code:
    "In this case, my mercy toward the miner comes in the form of some simple, practical examples by which he can follow the New Halaima Code of Conduct. Goofus represents the average highsec miner, while Gallant represents the reformed, improved highsec miner which I seek to create..." (practical examples chapter)

    as it doesn´t suggest the conversion of a potential goofus into a gallant this leaves only the conclusion you people kill the converted.
    i´m not the ritalin guy but i strongly suggest you misleaded disciples of James have at least 315 pills each...and get your holy book straight please ;)

    1. Pls don't give up your day job.

      Based on that 'analysis', I don't see much of a space lawyer career in your future.

      Fly Safe. G

    2. Whatever point you were trying to make was drowned out by the word "misleaded".


    3. @Oink

      It took me a second to realize what that crybear was trying to say.

      Then i loled.

    4. Are you sure you're not the Ritalin guy?

      His posts are a bit more coherent i guess

    5. love it when random plebs try to debate the code with us and end up just sounding like complete autists.

    6. Lol wolf is an "autistis"

    7. @1105:

      The Ritalin guy isn't capable of stringing that many words together. Ironically enough, he probably is a Ritalin kiddie

    8. More plebedas tears ?

  4. Ahh more anonymous pajedas crying ...what a salt stack

  5. You just jelly that you didn't come up with it. "Ritalin. Ritalin is easy." Zopiclone sends their regards while you're in the pharma isle. Put on your tiny tinfoil hats and your dreams will come true.

  6. But where oh where is Ming?

  7. Praise James 315.....The Trump of Hi Sec


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