Monday, May 7, 2018

Bob Wins, Part 1

Whenever an Agent of the New Order enters a system, he arrives to fireworks.

In some cases, they're literal fireworks.
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Boystin
Barabbas xxx > Bob the First :)
Bob the First > fear not, I'm here to make your lives better. Permits are just 10 Million ISK.
Barabbas xxx > u really should be mining
Andrew Nightshade > naw, Bob is above mining. He's the next level up.
...And in other cases, the fireworks are metaphorical. The arrival of Agent Bob the First, the rock star of Solitude, was nearly always hailed by the locals--though they had mixed feelings about him.

Agent Bob treated the Boystin system to a grand fireworks display. Each time he began to bump an Orca away from the ice it was trying to mine, Bob felt like celebrating. Bob was in a good mood. And why not? He had the Code, after all.
Sugar Magnolia > They are really flooding the market with those fireworks
Andrew Nightshade > I'm actually counting on BOb to raise the price of Oxygen Isotopes. :) His patrolling of Niballe ensures that ice prices continue to pay off.
Keuthein > There goes my niche market - I buy Oxygen Isotopes for 1000 here and sell in Amarr for 1700
Soon, however, the Boystin residents were reminded that Bob wasn't all fun and bumps and games.

Whenever Bob came across blingy named drones, he brought in smartbombs to vaporize them.

Consequently, the fireworks took on a darker meaning in the eyes of the miners. When Bob started up with another fireworks display, cautious Orca pilots yellow-boxed him.

Finally, one of the miners lost control.
Ryhos Gunerre > Don't feed the trolls
Keuthein > Or the pigeons
Bob the First > thank you, please come again
Bob the First > I trust we all learnt a valuable lesson there.
Bob the First > Kill: Jake Terona (Arbitrator)
An Arbitrator pilot named Jake Terona was no longer satisfied with yellow-boxing Bob.

Bob won the fight, of course. Though our Agent wasn't the aggressor, he was better prepared for the showdown.

CONCORD also played a minor role in the engagement.
Bob the First > a permit would have cost less
Bob the First > dear me, trying to sneak back in without a permit.
Steile Drakesson > Beleive it or not, Bob provides a valuable service to us. .... I'll take one of those permits. He's a good person to have a a friend.
The display of the Code's power proved persuasive.

Bob wasn't surprised. Mining permits practically sell themselves these days.
Steile Drakesson > bio updated.
Jake Terona > .....
Jake Terona > u pussy
Jake Terona > who needs a permit
Bob the First > please miner calm down. You remember what happened last time you lost your temper.
The rebel who had actually lost the ship was too thickheaded to learn the lesson that mere witnesses to the scene had been able to absorb. Was there any chance our Agent could reach this miner?

To be continued...


  1. Bob is a true superstar.

  2. Ah Jake my boy. Good job for trying pvp, the extent of the compliment ends there.

  3. I love throwing firework parties in ice belts, even if just for my own entertainment.

    The last display cost over 200,000,000 ISK and was funded by mining permit sales.

  4. wow just wow. antigankers failing so hard right now. just so incredibly hard. its pathetic

  5. Eve is fifteen and to celebrate, i will be selling platinum mining permits for 50 million isk for the month of may.

    to purchase, pm me in game or fly over to GHESIS, aka, the ghetto, to reap the rewards of CODE. compliance.

  6. some spreading of the CODE in Rookie chat would be useful, hordes of bot aspirants asking for ill advice. or at least take down names...i fear for Eve

  7. Those ISDs need to remember their place in the game.

    Non participants.

    No wonder they hang around in rookie chat like paedophiles at a primary school.

    So toxic.

  8. Thanks a lot for posting this here!


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