Monday, May 28, 2018

Bob Wins, Part 6

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Bob the Fourth gave the "New Order hello" to a Venture pilot named Reaver Ventris. Reaver turned out to be a genuine newbie. Despite being killed by a charming and charismatic Agent, Reaver showed signs of being radicalized by anti-Code forces.
Bob the Fourth > well the one thing I think we can all agree on is that you owe me 10 Million ISK
Reaver Ventris > nope
Reaver Ventris > definitely not
Reaver Ventris > i see you
Reaver Ventris > chasing me
Bob the Fourth > of course, this is your new normal now.
So far, the young miner was unwilling to obey the Code. However, he would never again be able to mine AFK with peace of mind. From now on, death would always be a possibility. 'Tis one of the biggest changes imposed on life in highsec by the Code.
Reaver Ventris > because i believe in freedom of movement and all that sorta jazz
Bob the Fourth > Oh yes, all that freedom stuff is perfectly acceptable, so long as the miners follow the rules while they are being free.
Bob the Fourth > There you are friend, Now all the other agents will know that you are wanted too.
Reaver Ventris > is that it? just 300k ... ish?
Agent Bob gave Reaver the "mark of 315": a bounty of 315,315 isk. In addition to marking the miner, the bounty would notify Bob if Reaver ever lost a ship--to someone else, that is.
Reaver Ventris > rules are not freedom.... freedom is responsibilty... like not paying fool like you
Ynohtna Sirrap Leusten > iwell you shouldnt need to have the rite to mine its open space so just leave them be to mind their own business and mine their not harming you
Bob the Fourth > well, there's someone I didn't expect to hear from. Ynohtna would you like to buy your permit, 10 Million ISK is a lot less than those ships you keep losing.
Ynohtna Sirrap Leusten > run better i what respect
Just then, another member of the Niballe community spoke up.

(As we saw in a previous episode of this series, Ynohtna Sirrap Leusten would eventually purchase a permit and make an accidental donation to the New Order. For now, though, he blocked convo requests and refused to communicate with Bob. Our Agent would need to continue ganking Ynohtna to get him to open up.)
Ynohtna Sirrap Leusten > Reaver Ventris hows thing going
Reaver Ventris > going good, you?
Ynohtna Sirrap Leusten > it going okay just mining
Reaver Ventris > missions good salvage to be had :D
Ynohtna Sirrap Leusten > ah i know but lost my mission ship the other day so not missioning atm
The next day, Bob idled in the Niballe system to log local chat. The resident carebears were usually silent, but that was apparently beginning to change.
Dovah Ormand > did you miss us?
Reaver Ventris > howdy peeps :D
Dovah Ormand > all is good
Dovah Ormand > well in you dont count bob
Despite not having been at his keyboard for some time, Bob's mere presence in local triggered the miners. Interestingly, they were on speaking terms with newbie Reaver Ventris. Were they the ones who had radicalized him?
Reaver Ventris > dont mind bob, hes our local neighbourhood preacher
Motcat Bruno > if by preacher you mean ass hat I agree.
Nai'a Haku > You fuckers are new to area
Nai'a Haku > bobby has been here alot longer than you fucks
Nai'a Haku > sho some respect
Motcat Bruno > im sticking with ass hat. Seems more accurate.
The conversation turned, as it always does in highsec, to the New Order and its Agents. After all, we're the biggest thing happening in EVE right now. Besides, there's not much else to talk about after exchanging the usual "I plan to mine again today" and "I lost another ship yesterday".
Zoey Hemah > Someones head needs removed from bobs ass
Motcat Bruno > Probably Bobs alt.
SandBoxWhites > Tarak Eknath is obviuosly tied to Nai'a Haku lol
Tarak Eknath > And you obviously arent gonna mine tonight
SandBoxWhites > lol thats cool douche
Without Bob's steady hand to guide them, the lawless miners quickly turned against one other. As with the rebels in Anti-Ganking, they grew paranoid and accused each other of secretly being New Order spies.
Zoey Hemah > guess i gotta got get my stabber
Nai'a Haku > Have fun
SandBoxWhites > get bent
Tarak Eknath > The beauty of watching miners go after each other... priceless.
Zoey Hemah > these are all alts as well
Bob the Fourth > well, I must say, this all bodes very well. It seems the Niballe community is maturing.
As they quarreled, some of the miners re-shipped and began bumping other miners to prevent them from mining. When Bob returned to his keyboard, he was amazed. There were signs of life here. There was hope.

Of course, evolution can always use a good nudge. In a whimsical mood, Bob offered Reaver a contract for a pair of destroyers.

Too curious to pass it up, Reaver accepted. Maybe he would try to equip these gank ships with mining lasers. On the other hand, could the newbie be tempted into making an attack on his newfound miner friends?

To be continued...


  1. Good job Bob!

    Kill more miners!


    Triggered shitter hypocrisy best hypocrisy!

  2. As far back as i remember, this blog has never censored anybody for saying anything.

    It is the cornerstone principle of free speech that has always reinforced the ideal that is CODE.
    And why i have been a part of it for so long.
    Why would anybody post anon here?

    You just can't have respect for shadow boxers.

    What are you scared of alt 00?

  3. alts crying over alts shitposting as anons in MB comments.

    Looks like anon is the way to play properly here. Those shitters trying to maintain false personas seem to be mad, a lot. Reminds me of the shitters in highsec crying over gankers "abusing" valid game mechanics because they are too ignorant to play the game correctly.

    It won't be long before some shitter with a named tag shows up and tries to explain why she thinks it's "dishonorable" to use a "throwaway" anon tag in comments pvp.

    Can't take the heat, and all...

    Seriously, that's fuked up. Laughable yes, but still pretty ignorant.

    I too would like to know who altanon00 really is. So far the only truly transparent gankers I know of are James (we all know his alts) and Wolf/loyal. Everyone else is hiding their main identities behind alts. What are they hiding from I wonder?

    The Code always wins!


    1. My name has not changed and is the same since the death dealers.

      But feel free to be a sook.

      Nobody thinks that rant comes from me.

  4. Did Zoey Hemah get mad at Nai'a Haku because he gave her a dressing-down, and then start bumping him out of spite, even though they are both illegal highsec miners anyway? lol miners

    Reminds me of the spite coming out of ProCodeAnon in the comment section. He's had his panties in a twist since that dressing-down he received from Agent Alt 00 on the 25th, and now he's lashing out at those who support the same Code he ostensibly supports anyway. Could it be my turn next?

    1. Why would it be your turn? Are you a hypocritical alt also?

      There was no dressing down, altanon00 acted like a silly miner losing her cool. She showed her hypocrisy and carebear nature when she got triggered over someone showing more dedication to carebear eradication than herself. She did the only thing a true carebear can do, she cried like a bitch over it. I guess she got triggered because someone was laughing at her religiosity.

      It's too bad you cannot seperate your RL sympathies from the game, and that causes you to act out like a miner. You must be religious/superstitious also judging from the distinct sound of your squeal. Which is strange, because I have heard the lisp in your voice over comms LL, and most religions say your lifestyle is wrong. Good thing we don't judge that here, miner.

      Why can't the altanon carebear speak for herself?

      You keep trying hard there, professor. A loud argument can sometimes make up for substance. Maybe if all her other alts cry loud enough the hypocrite won't be forced to back up her opinion.

      Oh that's right, you are just an alt also.

      Are there any gankers who don't hide behind alts? Well there are a few, but the rest of you are scared, and cowardice is anti-Code.

      And there's nothing you can do about it except cry like a highsec miner bitch.

      Without James and the Code you are nothing. So why do you try so hard to embarrass him? Just like when your parents found out the would not be having grandchildren, the shame must be terrible.

    2. "ostensibly"

      "Professor" of what again?
      I have heard your lisp on comms. Good thing CODE. is "don't ask, don't tell". Is that why you trigger so easily?

      Next time just ask and I can help you find the proper words to express your anger.

    3. Thank you for the clarification Professor! I knew you would appear sooner or later to shed some light on how the ProCodeAnon's mind works.

      Wish we could hear his full story - maybe even here. Too bad James only posts the tales of broken miners, and not broken agents.

      Anyways, hope he doesn't drag our respected 'Anon' tag too deep into the mud. Some of us are daily readers for years, usually only coming to casually praise James and laugh at miners.

  5. Sorry, but the 'lashing out' was altanon00, followed by a few days of her spamming refresh in a lulzy attempt to have the first tears of the daily comments. Pissed off and reactive seems to be her default setting.

    You'll notice that all stopped when her childish behavior was called out and she went into hiding. So far altanon00 has done nothing but cry then hide, offering nothing substantial to supoort her opinion except the tears of a triggered miner's alt.

    She got mad, called out an anon, tried to ignore her own anonymity, then went into hiding. That sounds just like something pedojedus would do.

    Her superstitious belief in some hypocritical RL religion caused her to trigger after an anon shut down 'the messenger' and his attempts to interject his same superstitions into the mix.

    She got mad and triggered over someone making fun of her god, that someone dared not believe in her superstitions. It made her realize she was impotemt to do anything about it, so she started crying over anonymity.

    And now other "gankers" are getting twisted over it. Too easy. Especially when they don't even have a valid opinion, or an avatar that is subject to the same standards as real gankers like James or Wolf/loyal.

    There's nothing your superstitions can do to stop it. Your gods are powerless aganist logic, your beliefs laughable. Uneducated, blind following is not a virtue. How can you fight for something you can't understand?

    When you are prepared to support the Code 100% then you may have an argument, but while cowardice and RL superstitions still determines your actions you will remain nothing more than anonalts. Just another level of anonymity.

    The Code is obviously not your code. I mean, look at the tears spilt by your alts in the last few days. How can you expect your opinion to be taken seriously if all you can put forward to combat anonymity is more anonymous tears? You have nothing beneficial to add, you are simply posting because you are triggered. Not very agent like.

    Post on your mains or stfu about other anons. Hypocritical miners.

    Or are you really that scared? You do know that James is no coward, and that your hypocrisy overshadows any authority you may infer from his Code.

    Why do you insist on anonymity for your alts?
    Why are you scared?
    Where is your main?
    Who are you?

    Definately not a James, or a loyal, or a D400, or even an AC. All you miners are nothing more than false agents, hiding behind gank alts. In highsec.

    If the comments section was implemented just to harvest miner tears then it's doing it's job in spades every time some triggered altanon or his friends forget their place and cry openly here.

    Have none of you silly shitters heard the phrase about "airing dirty laundry" in public? You call me procodeanon, but you try to discredit me, and only end up exposing your own ignorance of the situation.

    Well I AM pro-Code, and I believe the Code deserves more dedication that some shitter's alts crying about her own hypocrisy. If you can't control yourselves any better than alt00 or pedojedus, how can you possibly NOT be a highsec miner? Even if you have an alt that gankers highsec shitters, your main is still just a miner hiding in highsec. That's why you are too scared to post on your main, because it's a highsec carebear. Lololol.

    Keep airing that laundry, shitters. Maybe James will forgive your trespass. But what he should do is kick all the hypocrite shitters that can't keep it in-house.

    Triggered bitches belong in NOL, check your corp ticker.

    1. You certainly never fail to deliver. That’s for sure. All I know is I’ve seen Alt00’s kill board. Procodeanon, doesn’t seem to come up in a search. Are you sure you’re an agent?

    2. "All you miners are nothing more than false agents, hiding behind gank alts."

      You know, if you weren't an agent, I'd guess you are some miner, based on the above line. They often go paranoid about their colleagues and neighbors being alts of their enemies. Like in today's entry.

      Didn't you inhale too much miner tears over the years? Agent, calm down!

    3. 'Anonymous' strikes me as someone who would benefit from a nice cup of English chamomile tea.

    4. Made you post tears on your altanons!

      Powerless shitters.

      Nothing you can do :)

  6. Meh seems made up

  7. People have been saying this for years. You're only now just making this worn out comparison?


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