Sunday, May 13, 2018

Kills of the Week

Hear ye, hear ye! Death to the bot-aspirant carebears. With those words of wisdom in mind, from the week of May 6th @ 00:00 EVEtime through May 12th @ 23:59 EVEtime:

A few things to note about this kill: Did it take place in highsec? No. Were the killers, Mr'Robin Good and Artemida I, Agents of the New Order? Not that I know of. So why is this kill being featured in a Kills of the Week post? Because JTClone Ares is involved, and he managed to lose 111 billion isk in a single death.

For those who are new to MinerBumping, JTClone was one of the most notorious (and ridiculous) anti-Code resistance "leaders" of all time. For years, he attempted to destroy the New Order, only to get scammed out of billions of isk and kicked out of his own corporations. The following is but a sample of the defeats suffered by JTClone that were documented on this blog:

Absolved Victory
Attack of the Clone
Ocean's Zero
The Indecent Proposal

Apparently JTClone gave up his crusade against the New Order and moved out of highsec. But he remains, as ever, a Goofus.

Agent Krig Povelli knows how to use an Orca. Miners always whine, "Why don't you shoot ships that can shoot back?" Yet when our Agents use those very same ships, they achieve extraordinary success in elite PvP. This only proves once again that it's not the ship, it's the man. Katherine Irelia lost a 283 million isk Skiff to Krig's Orca, which then went on to pop two of Katherine's alts, also in 283 million isk Skiffs. I thought our Agents weren't supposed to be able to kill Skiffs? That's three Skiffs and two myths busted, then.

SoulOfStars Sayajins lazily mined away in Verge Vendor in his bling-tanked Hulk. He had no idea that Agent Revis Owen had been lured by the scent of ORE modules. A billion isk later, SoulOfStars was left with nothing but broken dreams.

One can only guess that pad-a-wan was attempting to win a prize for the worst Bestower ever. The tech I hauler heroically withstood 2,315 damage points before yielding its 6.6 billion isk cargo to Agents Ralliana and Luna Nightblood. Now let's find out what kind of cargo a daffy carebear like pad-a-wan hauls without a permit:

Yeah, this might be the worst Bestower ever. Did pad-a-wan know that carrying an "Invulnerability Core Operation" skillbook didn't actually make his ship invulnerable?

The freighters continued to fry this week, with no end in sight. John S Isayeki's 18.5 billion isk Providence headed down to Uedama just in time to meet up with Agents Justin Kusion, Jake Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Jayson Kusion, Joel Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Joseph Kusion, Joshua Kusion, James BIG BONED, PogChampion, erobb, Johnathan Kusion, oink piggu, tumblr ptsd, Shy Elf Trap, patyooki, Daniel Chanline, Jason Kusion, Serious Web Developer, and HSM Lieutenant. I've heard the Kusions like to gank freighters. Did you know that?

John S Isayeki's 2.8 billion isk pod was still hanging around after the gank, but not for long.

Late last week, Lena Stetille managed to lose a 3 billion isk pod to Agent Malbona Pomon. What did Lena need such an expensive pod for? At the time, she was using a Retriever to AFK mine in highsec. A solid investment--if you're a bot-aspirant.

Michi, you dog.



    Is John E Normus still playing EVE after all?
    That portriat looks like at least one current NOL member....

  2. Jeezus! JT really should be under constant supervision.

    I believe the Savior said it best when he said: "you can take the carebear out of highsec, but you can't take the highsec out of the carebear".

    At this point JT is officially a "whale" as far as money spent, and although he doesn't belong in EVE, he has certainly spent enough RL cash on PLEX to earn himself some leeway.

    Holy shit, that makes his Raptor an Indyceptor, only JT could be that bad.


  3. Actually laughing that he had an ecm drone blueprint in that kill.

    You can take the antiganker out of highsec, but the shardani is soul deep.

    Who can forget that child murderer.

  4. Revis...mah boy....*sheds a tear*...I'm so proud.......

    As for that idiot in the HELL do you get popped in an inty in It...couldn't be possible. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT.

    I have a sneaking suspicion autopilot was involved......

    And kudos to the kill team, who snagged 47 BILLION in blueprints. Even by nullsec standards that was a fat blingy whale of a kill.

  5. meh seems made up

  6. Man... I'd gank JTClone!

    1. Lol kip wanker should biomass.

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