Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Triple Threat

'Twas a black day in Black Rise.

A trio of non-compliant miners huddled together, thick as thieves. And thieves they were, since the mining they were engaged in was 100% illegal. In the bad old days, such a thing might have passed.

Enter Agent Ernst Steinitz. Only a few weeks into the game, Agent Ernst was already making a difference.

Shinma Caine's fail-fit Hulk went up in a ball of fire.

Judging by his bio (which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do), Shinma was a carebear from way back.

In addition to losing his Hulk, Shinma lost some named drones in the aftermath of the gank. Daeyiele Abcde, one of the other two miners in the trio, cursed our Agent and demanded the drones' safe return. Why didn't Shinma speak for himself?

Shinma told Daeyiele Abcde to back off, though it wasn't clear why. Never mind, though...

...And then there was one. Daeyiele lost her billion isk Mackinaw. The ship contained a couple of Harvester Mining Drones, which is why it was so expensive. Daeyiele's alt should've been more concerned about her own drones. Take note of that fit, by the way--it was the best Daeyiele could come up with after nearly eight years of playing EVE.

Two of the three miners were dead. Surely by now they would have learned their lesson and moved? But Shinma told Daeyiele Abcde to ignore the gankers.

Shinma's not entirely wrong: Everyone reading this blog has been infected.

...Infected with the truth.

It appears as though Shinma was another one of those "if you gank me, the Code requires you to reimburse me, too" miners. That provision must be next to the one that says we're required to warn miners before shooting them.

Shinma repeatedly insisted that he and the other two members of the trio weren't AFK. So why was Agent Ernst putting yet another "gf" in local?

At last, Daeyiele Abcde's Covetor was destroyed. Ernst had patiently waited out the aggression timers between each gank, yet the miners never budged--until they were forcibly ejected, that is.

Even more damning: Dayiele, the second of the miners to be ganked, left her 584 million isk pod floating in space for nearly 20 minutes before it was popped. Not AFK, eh? Sure.

Where once there were three illegal miners, there was now only the beauty of empty space. Then again, maybe it wasn't so empty anymore: The space 'twas was filled with the Code.


  1. Kill


  2. Anyone hiding in highsec should be ganked until they leave for null/low or quit the game. "Career" highsec miners should be shot at first and often. They don't belong in EVE if they are too scared to leave highsec.

    Anyone not living in highsec, but still spending all their time carebearing (or F1-sov'ing) and NOT shooting highsec miners at least occasionally, don't deserve to play EVE either.

    Right now highsec afk carebears are the biggest threat to the health of EVE, and anyone not willing to kill highsec carebears (at least occasionally) don't deserve EVE.

    So, go kill some highsec miners and get your karma right, or GTFO leeches. Null/low dwellers that refuse to go to highsec and kill highsec shitters are shitters themselves, and without the protection of their alliances would all be hiding in highsec anyway.

    Nullbears need to prove they are not just displaced highsec shitters, or suffer the consequences from your alliance mate's neutral alts.

    Yes, that's a warning and a threat, a few null pilots in your alliances are currently training up neutral gank alts for the specific purpose of assinating nullbears that don't support highsec ganking. These pilots were selected from a handfull of dedicated gankers that understand what EVE was originally intended to be, and are willing to shoot any shade of blue to help make EVE hard again.

    Those gankers are in all of the null alliances worth mentioning, and if they had only one thing in their favor over their nullbears it would be fearlessness. They are not afraid to lose ships if it means destroying carebears.

    Oh, and they don't need the protection of others to survive EVE, so there's nothing the directors can do to them in return, even if the directors wanted to stop them killing carebear cowards.

    Every time some nullbear loses a Rorq it's not just because he's shit, it's also because at least one of his alliance mates is part of a small group of dedicated carebear-killers.

    We have supporters everywhere. Always!

    See you soon, carebears.

    1. Haha! Checkmate miners who whine that Code should hunt in Null, instead of harassing HS shitlers like them!

      Lovely initiative!

  3. Wow just wow. Antigankers couldnt even save miners from NOL.

    And they expect to save freighters?

    1. Well, ag'ers do expect to whore on CONCORD killmails, but I seriously doubt any of then actually believed they would be able to do anything more.

      I mean, ignoring The Code AND being a shitter AND not belonging in EVE. What can they really hope to do in-game except fail, like the carebear shitters they are.


      Kill all carebears. Always! They don't belong in EVE.


      Siegfried asleep at the wheel and lost a citadel to AG?

    3. Tist tist tist.... How did code lose that? With all those people in code, and they could not defend an Astrahus?? Looks like a fail... Always!

      Brace for code tears below.

  4. Strange, you can't even post your weaknesses.
    A nice event was on this day and you don't even honor it. :D

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