Friday, May 11, 2018

The Recruit, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Self-proclaimed rebel leader Grand Design held court in the Anti-Ganking channel. He was aided by Majestic Smitty Schmiers, a sycophant who was new to the Anti-Ganking "community". As Majestic repeatedly sucked up to everyone and laughed at all of their terrible jokes, one could only wonder if he was a plant.

In addition to proudly linking CONCORD killmails, Grand Design burnished his reputation by sharing classified information.

When he ran out of secrets, Grand Design bragged about the sick burns he was laying down in local. Majestic Smitty lapped it all up.

The normally gloomy mood of the channel gave way to new optimism, thanks to the new recruit. Majestic Smitty made the rebels feel young again, reminding them of when they first joined Anti-Ganking years ago. 'Twas a time when they truly believed they could stop the mighty CODE. alliance by acting like Goofuses in a "private" channel.

Most rebels still inhabit their own little world. For example, to Lucifer SamuelStar, random Anti-Gankers are really important and influential, while The Mittani is no longer relevant.

Thus far, Majestic had brown-nosed and celebrated the greatness of the Anti-Gankers, but he hadn't actually received anything of value from them. Now he remembered why he'd joined the channel in the first place: He was plagued by Agents like Guybertini.

Majestic was confident that the Anti-Gankers would leap into action and help him destroy the New Order. Even if they didn't dispatch an army, surely the AG'ers would at least give him some solid advice.

...Needless to say, Majestic didn't know how Anti-Ganking did things--or didn't do them. At the very first suggestion that someone might be called upon to do something, the rebels started coming up with reasons why nothing would work.

Rather than giving the eager recruit a plan of action or even a word of encouragement, Anti-Gankers transmitted their culture of laziness and helplessness.

After spending more than an hour in Anti-Ganking, Majestic had precious little to show for it. But where else could he go?

It had been a while since Grand Design had puffed himself up, so he resumed bragging. This time, he shared an exciting story about how he'd faced down the Saviour of Highsec himself.

After reading this, I ran a search on my EVE chat log folder. Maybe Grand Design really did bark at me in local one day, while I had another window active? No such luck. The story was completely made up.

Since the Anti-Gankers were unable or unwilling to give Majestic any ideas, the recruit decided to tell them his master plan. Perhaps when they heard it, they'd be inspired enough to join him.

The foundation of Majestic's idea was to spend lots of real money to get people to join his corporation. Yeah, this is gonna go really well.

Grand Design was cautiously optimistic. He could find no flaw in this plan.

And so the session ended for the day. In a twist, Majestic wasn't an undercover CODE. spy with an outrageous persona. He was the real thing--a sheep in sheep's clothing.

Boosted by the promise of free stuff, Majestic's corporation has grown to more than 40 members. If you want to fight against CODE., or if you're simply looking for a good wardec/corp theft opportunity, Majestic's corp might be for you.


  1. This 'anti-ganker' possesses the communication skills of a five year old.

  2. "The story was completely made up."

    Something Jamey the slave lord knows a lot about.............

    1. What James knows a lot about is how to make limp-wristed cowardly shitters post tears here every day. He rubs your nose in your own impotence and scolds you like the useless cur you are.

      You should just shardani if that's the best you got. EVE is not for your kind.

  3. He's "well off" IRL, and yet illiterate.

    Looks like a nice awox target, he's got "mark" written all over him.

  4. It amazes me that those shitters can't see just how cringy their bragging and lies are.

    They should all just biomass, our species doesn't need anymore 70 I.Q. retards using uo resources and making more retards. IRL ofc.


  5. All "antigankers" are in reality just uneducated, illiterate bumpkins with a chip on their shoulders and hate in their hearts. They really don't belong in EVE, and every time one of them goes full-fukin-foxbolt, or has a pajedus meltdown and "wins" EVE it's a good day for the game and the community. When he quit, shardani did more for EVE that anyone will admit.

    ag shitters, why torture yourselves? You will never belong in EVE. Show CCP you mean business and biomass all your characters just before you cancel your accounts. I guarantee you will be a much happier carebear in another game, and CCP will finally regret not turning EVE inti a game you can anti-social/solo/afk/botmine your way through like a shitter.



  6. Lulz, grand shitter is so bad at EVE. His "friends" are constantly laughing at him and his ignorance behind his back. I'm no ganktard, but he makes you want to shoot at him, he's such a cringy sperg.

    There's nothing more pathetic than someone who thinks they are at a certain social level, and are oblivious to how little everyone actually thinks of them. Especially when it's their peers that disparage them so.

    At least we get to laugh at him. Xd

  7. Starting to think these antigankers are special needs.

  8. I want my MTV

  9. He's well off so he won't mind if he loses his 2 citadels in Jaschercis Everyshore?

  10. Meh seems made up

  11. Does it hurt the propaganda of New Order when you write articles about anti-gankers and your agents respond like the miners do, with discussions about how "low iq retards" need to "biomass IRL"?

    It's hard to portray the other side as the villain when someone who even shows the least bit of resistance to you is discussed like this by your agents. Ganking might be good for new player retention but do you know what's not? Humiliation, intellectual dishonesty and this special brand of RP that you have.

    Your idolization of mittens is interesting as well considering what he has to say about the mask you wear in eve. The mask is not who you are, it is who you wish you could be. Now, let me posit to you the following: If someone wants to be an influential figure in a video game, that would signify that they do not have the ability to influence others in real life. They are projecting this "wanted" identity in to the video game. Furthermore, it is obvious that you and most of your agents no longer enjoy playing eve. You just like playing the metagames you have created within it while extracting tears so you can have your entertainment. This is because you find the game itself boring. What you did, is use the sandbox as a tool to create a new game of your own design. This metagame of yours is a psychological stress test and when your victim snaps, you use their outrage to claim your victim status.

    It's also interesting watching your agents beg for all the miners to quit. It's almost like they dont understand that if they actually did quit, you guys would literally cease to exist. A corporation without a purpose falls apart. With no one to kill, you have no goals to aim for and attention wanes while boredom grows.

    Also, in an earlier post you mention how the first step in demonstrating that you are not letting your isk control you is to give some of it away. Seeing as how a preacher should practice what he preaches and you have accumulated well beyond what you need for your continued existence, why not give some of that isk away? Show everyone that you are not afraid to follow your own advice and go forth with your gospel as a pauper. Dont become the slave you tried to save New Eden from James, give away that isk.

    1. It's just Grand Design pretending to be a bad ganker. lol!

    2. In reality Grand Design is just bad.

    3. The wallet you see on the very top left is the current amount of money in the New Order reimbursement fund. But the overall amount donated over the years exceeds 1.5 trillion ISK. over 95% of the money was spent to reimburse ganking ships.

      Also, you can add "space economist" to your space lawyer and space psychologist titles.

      And finally -- stop crying and buy a mining permit!

    4. "Stop crying an buy a mining permit"
      Im sorry you spent so long in your echo chamber that you think anyone critiquing your actions and propaganda must certainly be a miner. I would buy a permit for shits and giggles, if I actually still played this steaming garbage pile of a game.

      56 billion is still to much for a space priest, that's over 3 years of PLEX. First the accounts and then the servers will go dark and billions, if not trillions of isk will be sitting in that wallet, which is what James set out to save us all from, is it not?

    5. If you don't play then stfu and gtfo, grand shitter.

      Your kind aren't welcome here.

    6. And you should biomass IRL, you whiney retard.

  12. miners should not be required to help agents to kill rebels. if they had the making of agents they WHERE agents.


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