Thursday, May 3, 2018

Mining, Wining, and Whining

Some people are content to let injustice slide. They sigh, "Why bother? What can I do?"

...And then there are the Agents of the New Order of Highsec. Our Agents are men and women of action. Minx Mattel saw an unlicensed miner and ganked him. She made justice happen.

The miner in question, tonus Yotosala, was disoriented after the attack. Partly it was because he wasn't used to losing ships in highsec. Also, he was buzzed.

One of the weird things about highsec carebears is that they expect to be reimbursed for their losses, even when the idea hasn't been suggested by anyone. They really think someone will pull off a perfectly good gank and then spend a bunch of money to pacify the guy they killed. Needless to say, that's not EVE.

When tonus heard about the Code, he threatened to file a petition. You know, CCP's resources are limited these days. The last thing they need is to spend time reading complaints from a bunch of drunks.

The miner considered moving elsewhere, yet he remained in place. It's just as well, since the mighty CODE. alliance has 100% coverage of highsec.

Hoping to sober the miner up, Minx name-dropped the Saviour of Highsec. It put tonus in an even worse mood. An intoxicated Goofus!

Minx urged the miner to purchase a permit, but there was a danger here: tonus might not even remember their encounter the next day. Then she'd have to explain the Code all over again, and request another 10 million isk.

tonus had mined and wined all night, and now he was whining, too. However, there was a glimmer of hope: Might tonus truly choose a better path--or was it the sauce talking?

Unfortunately, tonus' opinion of ganking took a sudden and unwelcome turn.

Agent Minx realized that the miner was too numb to feel the searing truths of the Code. He was feeling no pain. He might need to lose additional ships to get the point.

tonus stumbled his way out of the EVE client so he could go pass out somewhere. When next he awoke, he would have a lossmail and a hangover. The best cure for both of those things? The Code.


  1. What is a lossmail?

    1. Come to the Uedama system in a jump freighter, and you will find out.

  2. Haha, EvE and alcohol a very costly (in game) mix.

    A lot of fun but, I've lost many ships through impaired decisions. Who doesn't love this game!! \o/

  3. wow just wow.

    antigankers failing hard so hard right now - biggest failures - so big.

  4. omg another story from lame-james and his co..suckers

    1. Yes - because he has being penning an ongoing anthology almost every day for the past 6 years, were you expecting something different to happen today?

    2. No matter where you stand with CODE, this site always offers well written and usually hilarious conversations that illustrate the wide-range variations of both players and their game expectations. Being commited for 6 years to bring quality writing and content to the EVE community should be applauded by all. Now, excluding the good Professor and a few others, if James could only teach some of his followers to limit the grade school playground taunts they post in the comment section. Please continue your content creation and high-sec education program; EVE needs your dedication.

    3. STFU budgrillsanon322 you useless pos.

      You don't belong here.

  5. Never play EVE drunk kids. Bad things happen. And you wake up in the weirdest places.

  6. idk if you guys from code just pretending it or you are just that retarded : D


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