Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Making Sense of Highsec, Part 1

Highsec can be a bewildering place.

...Especially when you jump into an imbroglio-in-progress. EVE players travel through populous (but usually silent) highsec systems one after another. And then they encounter content.

Secretia found herself unexpectedly entranced by a commotion in local chat. How was she to make sense of any of it? Well, for starters, the very first thing you should do when you enter a highsec system is to identify the Agent of the New Order. That tells you who's in charge.

In this case, the man everyone looked to was Agent Xan Staraider. Once upon a time, in his misspent youth, Xan found himself misled into joining the Anti-Gankers. Then, like every other Anti-Ganker who was actually interested in playing EVE, he left the toxic group and joined up with the mighty CODE. alliance. From then on, Xan enjoyed an existence charmed by the power of the Code.

Xan admired the beauty of an ice anomaly in Brapelille and paid his respects by ganking a Hulk.

Munkin Keto responded to being ganked by sending an angry EVEmail to Semaj Cay Erquilenne. Munkin saw Semaj salvaging the wreck of the Hulk, and he strongly suspected Semaj of involvement with the gank.

Xan enjoyed the first kill so much that he wanted another. His instincts were rewarded: The unlicensed Covetor he found mining in a nearby asteroid belt was blingy and capacitor-tanked.

The Hulk pilot was still skulking around the system. When he learned of the Covetor gank, he felt compelled to write an additional complaint letter. Finally, his rage overflowed its banks and poured into Brapelille local chat.

Munkin was upset about the ganking going on in Brapelille and had no intention of keeping it to himself. But how would the locals react?

On occasion, local chat is dominated by compliant, Gallant miners. But on this day, the Goofuses descended like vultures.

Agent Xan had a special compassion for the rebels. He knew what it was like to be on the wrong side of the Code, and he knew it was bad for the soul.

However, Xan also understood that not every Goofus grows out of his rebellious phase so quickly.

...Which brings us back to the point in our story where Secretia asked who ganked whom.

The truth is, despite the New Order's unrivaled transparency, a lot of miners have absolutely no clue why it is we do what we do. But they were going to find out.

To be continued...


  1. Regular readers will fondly remember JTClone Ares, famous for being as useful as a dead spider.

    New readers should know that JTClone was once a rebel leader, of no repute. The good news is he was once awoxed by Code: http://www.minerbumping.com/2014/07/attack-of-clone.html

    But all readers should rejoice that JT is famous once again. This time for getting top billing. Top billing as Most Expensive Loss in Eve this Week: https://zkillboard.com/kill/69794772/

    Stabs are illegal in all space, not just highsec.

    1. Praise James! And he wanted to be on the CSM.

    2. wow, that cargo...... I'm like WHAT?!!

    3. In fairness at least he got out of High sec and started playing the game.

    4. In fairness, he don't belong here. All he did was change location, not his attitude. He's still a shitter who cannot seperate the game from RL. Not to mention he's a danger to new player retention.

      He still thinks that gankers are bad people IRL because they gank in a game. No separado!

      Seriously though, all you shitters take heed, JT was killed because he felt the need to act like an ignorant shitter while sperging to anyone who would listen about "ebil gankers". So someone 'close' to him was watching and waiting for him to act stupid again, and when he did the gankers were allerted. There's no escaping justice in New Eden, miners. Some of you need a permit ANYWHERE you decide to operate.

      There is nowhere to hide, carebears. Leaving highsec but continuing to act like a shitter will get you awoxed. Gankers are everywhere, and they are watching. And contrary to carebear beliefs, gankers have friends in every alliance.

      Nowhere is safe for a carebear in EVE. Hiding behind a null alliance or a lowsec faction will only expose the carebear to more people that like to kill shitters.

      So the lesson is: Don't just change your home station and not your attitude, or you will be corrected. Then laughed at like JTshit ares.

      See ya soon, carebears.


  2. D4ZZ states that miners cannot defend themselves. Why is that?

    1. D4ZZ also ays an Imicus is hardly capable of combat.
      Seems he needs to get out more (hit that undock button)
      because Jin´taan disagrees on the Imicus

  3. Ha! Ganking miners for profit. The typical exhumer drops about 10m worth of modules and charges, 5m worth of salvage and a bit of ore that's not worth hauling.

    Reminds me of a miner I was bumping the other day:

    [ 2018.05.06 04:09:16 ] Michael Badasa > why do you want to F around in Hs sec and not making the money in NS?

    [ 2018.05.06 04:18:29 ] Mihai Albescu > I don't think you could ever understand Michael Badasa \ The carebear is obsessed with the gradual accumulation of ISK. The Agent of the Order obeys The Code and the rest just follows.

    [ 2018.05.06 04:19:24 ] Michael Badasa > I am only in HS due to Medical \ already spoke to my Director \ Plan on going back to null \ 1 more surgey and done

    1. I'd like to see the doctor's note to his Director :p.

      "Patient needs to stay away from all nullsec activity in the spaceship video game, Eve Online.
      Patient should grind ore in Hisec until 1 week after surgery.
      Please excuse patient from all content in the game that might be dangerous"

    2. ahahahahah holy shit, he's on medical leave. Fukin carebears will lie just for the sake of lying. Another reason they should be hunted for sport.

    3. Carebear delusions are real.

  4. Wow just wow antiganking failing so hard right now


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