Monday, May 14, 2018

Bob Wins, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Jake Terona made a fool of himself. Hoping to stop Agent Bob the First from bumping Orcas, Jake executed a suicide gank against Bob's bumping ship. The attempt was a failure; Bob easily survived. Even worse, the show of power caused another miner in the system to buy a mining permit right in front of Jake. His humiliation was complete.

In the days to come, Jake tried to come to grips with his defeat--mostly through denial. His loss had already been replaced, he knew his gank would fail, etc.
Bob the Fourth > hey Jake, what you up to?
Jake Terona > not much
Bob the Fourth > nope, not much happening
Jake Terona > `slow day i guess ey
Jake Terona > i think what youdone is bump everyone to the point where they will only mine when your not on XD
A few days later, our Agent caught up with Jake, who confessed that the actions of every miner in Solitude were dictated by Bob. Victory!

Last year, Bob made contact with a miner named Ynohtna Sirrap Leusten by killing him. Bob tried to tell Ynohtna about the Code, but he would not listen.

Several months later, when Bob returned to EVE, he discovered Ynohtna in the same system. He was still flying a Covetor, too. The only thing that had changed in five months was that the carebear mined ice. Bob punished him. Still, Ynohtna refused to communicate.

The following week, the miner was at it again, mining ice in the same system. By now, Ynohtna had graduated to a Mackinaw, which he didn't bother to tank. Ynohtna's losses were getting much more expensive. But even after three ganks, he wouldn't reply to Bob's EVEmails about buying a permit.

Agent Bob patrolled the ice anomalies of Solitude, always with a sharp eye out for Ynohtna. One day, our Agent noticed that someone had left cargo containers laying around.

Agents of the New Order are elite PvP powerhouses. For this reason, it's rare to see an Agent at the helm of an industrial vessel. Nevertheless, our Agents are committed to advancing the Code by every EULA-compliant means at their disposal.

When Bob saw the non-secure cargo containers, he grabbed a Miasmos and confiscated the illegally mined ice. There wasn't much--the whole lot was worth only 8.7 million isk.

...But it was enough. The ice block that broke the bot-aspirant's back, as it were.

Finally, after all this time, Ynohtna was interested in talking to Bob.

The miner was talking, but that didn't mean he was listening or learning. It had taken over five months just to get a convo with this guy. How long would it take to convince him to buy a permit?

To be continued...


  1. Yep, definitely a scam. On par with what you see in Jita local.

    Jamey = King of scams.

    1. James is definitely the king of making highsec shitters squeal. As evidenced by your feeble and juvenile attempt to belittle the Savior.

      Ask yourself why you would continue to log into a game you are unable to play properly, and that you hate, and where you won't ever fit in and are not even welcome by the community.

      I bet it's because you are butthurt and filled with impotent rage and jealousy because you will never be one of us real EVE players. You are doing it wrong and you can't stand the fact that you are too stupid to change.

      Your kind is not welcome in EVE, the community demands better.


    2. Calm down, ganker slave.

      I'm already on my way to my 2nd billion for the month of May, mining in various high security systems. And not a CHODE. slave to be seen. Eve Online can be a relaxing game.

    3. Shitteranon331 you are a liar. You only made a few million tops, and we all know it.

      But you keep crying here friend, this site was designed to make your kind squeal like a piglet.

  2. It's pretty damned simple, miners. CCP says EVE is a sandbox, so if someone claims a system and sends enough people with guns to enforce their rule, regardless of the sec status or Empire designation, then that person owns the system. And all you can do is cry and deny.

    When it's done as a collaboration of lawful participants it's called "civilization" and you silly miners don't belong there anyway. You miners may as well quit if you don't want (or are unable) to play in this sandbox.

    The Code always wins because it's the law of the land, enforced by a civilization that is willing to punish the unlawful.


  3. Long live James 315! 1000 years!!! \o/

  4. The block that broke the bot aspirants back.


    Personally speaking, i have never popped one that had a spine.

    1. That's why carebears hide in highsec, they're cowards, the lot of 'em.

      And too ignorant to realize that a well controlled nullsec is actually safer for miners than highsec, so they continue to prostrate themselves in highsec rather than play correctly in null/low.

      There is no place in EVE for cowards, and if we care at all about EVE then it's our duty to gank them until they leave highsec, or the game. EVE wins either.

  5. Meh seems made up

  6. I like how the carebear dismisses the defeat because the vast majority of the damage was done by Concord, and not by his "victim". Yet AG revels in alleged victories over New Order agents when they themselves inflict minimal damage. Ironic.

    I should, however, add that these two situations, even though they look to be quite different, are very similar:

    1) Agent ganks a target, miner explodes, but AG folk get 1% damage on the ganking ship before Concord finishes it off.
    Outcome: Miner dead, AG didn't prevent the gank => Agent wins and AG loses

    2) Miner tries ganking an agent. Gets 1% damage before Concord plops him, preventing the gank.
    Agent lives, miner dead => Agent wins, Miner loses

    1. Winners never shitter and shitters never win?

    2. AG is like the bootleg copy of Concord, except that's even too high a praise. Have they even ever successfully stopped a gank before?

    3. ag is like a bootleg action figure that only speaks in gibberish and falls apart easily.


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