Sunday, May 20, 2018

Kills of the Week

The Code is such an integral part of EVE. Knowing how to obey the Code is almost like knowing how to jump through a stargate. If you don't obey the Code, you're really just bad at the game. How bad? Let's look at an assortment of people who don't "get" EVE, from the week of May 13th @ 00:00 EVEtime through May 19th @ 23:59 EVEtime:

Matrix 101 lost a staggering 44 billion isk when he tried to take an ORE-anti-tanked jump freighter through highsec. Despite being in a 1.0 security system, the Rhea was dispatched by a relatively small force. The Russian contingent of the New Order was armed with Taloses, which pack quite a punch: Agents Vollond, Astrid Tyrfing, Bastian Mart, Narl' Amhar, Vulpeculla, Alarik Maleus, Votre Dieu, KaMiKaDzExD, Nam Plau, Ariku Orenuk, Varvarin, Rungerd, Lovchi, Sergey AB, Basya, kali laska, and Baboon Copper.

Whether or not this stuff was originally mined in nullsec, transporting it through highsec without a permit was both illegal and foolish.

As I've said before, there's more than one way to skin a carebear. rody haringman learned that lesson when he lost his 20.7 billion isk jump freighter. As with Matrix 101, the jump freighter in question was a Rhea. But it was a completely different kind of kill:

As I'm sure Facebookina McHashtags vonInstagram and Aaaarrgg would attest, rody made a serious mistake somewhere.

The New Order's massive freighter-ganking operations have taken a toll on the freighter and jump freighter populations. Kuromi Saban thought it safer to use a Deep Space Transport, but by now we should all know how that goes. Kuromi simply got himself caught by Agents Luna Nightblood, Ralliana, and Underpaid Ship Mechanic, who specialize in hitting exactly these kinds of haulers.


Alixe Aishai lost a Mackinaw. That's bad enough, but it was a 1.3 billion isk Mackinaw. How do you lose an exhumer that expensive? You fit it with a pair of ORE Strip Miners...

...and stash a pair of ORE Ice Harvesters in the cargo. Agents Tarkk Navin and Hazel Navin were more than happy to clean up Alixe's mess.

Agent Krig Povelli's battle Orca continued to prove its worth this week. Krig took on mprotector, who was piloting an Orca of his own. It's not clear what mprotector was thinking by taking this fight. Regardless, he lost his Orca and his billion isk pod. Incredibly, Krig's Orca was challenged minutes later by another Orca, this one worth 1.9 billion isk. Krig prevailed again, winning the Everyshore regional competition and earning him a spot in the battle Orca semi-finals.

Mastra Kumamato was in over her head, I think. Agent Lawrence Lawton busted open Mastra's head and removed its contents. It didn't take him long.

One of these implants sticks out like a sore thumb. Sorry, carebears. If you want to use a mining implant, be prepared to lose all of your implants.


  1. The 'messenger' was weak, but he followed a predictable path of emotions that mirror his most infamous alt, pajedas.

    First he tries to sound calm and collected, almost like he thinks he's smarter than everyone else, all while posting ignorance and assumption.

    As soon as someone disagrees with his views he starts to lose it a bit. Not much at first, but as he makes more and more mistakes and is called out on them he becomes more and more hostile. Soon he abandons all attempts to conceal his ignorance and starts to post tears and insults by the bucket.

    Once he gets good and wound up it's not long before he has a complete meltdown, and if he's not on an official forum (using obvious alts to bolster his stance) then he really starts to show his true colors and starts screaming vulgarities at everything that moves.

    Finally he goes critical, and after a final scream of rage he retreats into hiding for a while, buttrekt that no one is going to support him or his alts. Only to resurface again after his rektum has healed.

    Typical ignorant, uneducated, shardani loving, ag scumbag, trying hard to change EVE into a themepark shithole. His kind don't belong in a modern EVE sosciety.

    A little refrence material:

    1. Still crying.

    2. pedojedas meltdown best meltdown.


  2. Since when is it a good idea to put 44+ BILLION isk into any one single ship.

    Eggs and baskets people! Some people are too stupid to play this game. Mostly highsec carebears.

  3. Praise James!

    The Code always wins! Always!

  4. Pods worth 2.2 billion dying in highsec where there's no bubbles. Pedojedas says that guy has a right to NOT be PVP'd because he's hiding in highsec. ag shitters want to reward cowardice because they benefit by default. They cannot compete so they wail and cry until they get just one more nerf.

    Just one more nerf to placate a group of savages that don't even belong in EVE. Highsec ag carebears are shit tier players with subpar skills and bad attitudes.

    Absolute animals.

  5. Do you think shardani killed his kid to hide the molestation?

    I wonder if pedojedas kids are safe.

  6. CODE losing pods in high sec.

    1. You're new huh?

      We are laughing at you pedojedus alt. Keep digging up 200mill pod mails and and stack them up against 44 BILLION isk carebear kills.

      Gankers make all kinds of sacrifices to keep EVE healthy, because they care.

      I'm sure it devastated Mal to lose a pod worth pennies. ahahahaha


    2. p.s. your kind don't belong here.

    3. I can smell butthurt from a mile away, c0De sure do get butthurt, go die in a fire.
      c0de needs to pay their gank permits.

    4. Lol no one has the balls to try and sell a permit to a ganker. Certainly not some beta pedoalt whiner like you.

      The Code always wins when limp-wristed pedoPHgs post tears in these comments.

  7. Meh seems made up

    1. I'm sure it does, to pedoalts.

  8. ag alts are always so absent on Sundays. I guess they were worshiping kiddies in the backrooms of their churches.

    Yea, that's exactly the type of animal we need playing EVE.

  9. Something tells me that Bustard was not cap stable...


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