Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Nerd

Highsec miner Bud Grills was struggling with EVE. He was in a 0.9 security system with a Retriever--and he was mining in silent desperation.

Agents of the New Order came to his rescue. See that fit? I told you this guy was struggling.

Agent Mal Warre introduced herself to the miner. Bud was still in a daze from the gank.

Mal linked the Code. Bud didn't need to read it to be triggered by it. Even the Code's URL is potent.

The miner was clearly outgunned, yet he remained defiant. Miners are often at their most belligerent when they don't have a ship.

Bud was completely out of touch with the reality of his situation. He seemed to think it was possible to cry his way out of his obligations to the Code.

One of Mal Warre's colleagues is Agent Sigrid Freud. Thanks to their friendship, Mal was very familiar with the concept of the Freudian slip. Bud had rocks on the brain.

Bud claimed to be back in action already, but Mal was skeptical--and she intended to find out the truth of the matter. The New Order has eyes and ears everywhere.

The miner was cracking up, and not in a good way. If Mal wanted to save Bud, time was running out.

A second Freudian slip! Excessive mining is against the Code for a reason.

After Bud terminated the convo, Mal discovered that the miner, as suspected, wasn't really out mining with a replacement ship. Bud was docked up in Jita. Their conversation continued via EVEmail.

For some reason, Bud kept calling Mal a nerd; he seemed to end every EVEmail with the word. Perhaps Bud was signing his EVEmails as "nerd"?

It took a long time, but Bud finally played the "new player" card. (He may have been reluctant due to the fact that his character was created in 2013.)

Bud's defenses were down. He even admitted that he was just a miner, something that he'd vociferously denied until now.

What remained of Bud's mind was deteriorating rapidly. Agent Mal offered Bud one final chance to get Code-compliant. If he refused, New Order assistance to this miner would need to resume at a later date.

Bud (or "nerd", as he preferred to be called) ceased communicating with his would-be rescuer. He may have thought of himself as a nerd, but another name better describes him: Goofus.


  1. vociferously
    adverb: vociferously

    in a loud and forceful manner.
    "the country vociferously opposed the war"

    Thanks for broadening my vocabulary further, Saviour.

  2. CHODE. slave = nerd = goofus. All one in the same.

    All slurping on Jamey every chance they get. Pitiful.

    1. Lol here you are again lying and crying and whining like a little girl.

      CODE. has definately ganked you a few times, and every time you post tears here The Code wins.


      You are obviously subhuman and not worthy of EVE.

    2. Impressive how i make bitches come back to the yard hey.

  3. I miss zopiclone

  4. Bud Grills is the typical theme parker..comes to mine space rocks on the occasional weekend (for 5 years) and derp around a bit. Honestly nothing wrong with that since this is a sandbox but don't go crying to momma when you get blown up in a game about blowing ships up. You are the lowest common denominator so be respectful and polite to your betters!

  5. wow just wow antigankers are failing so hard right now.

    damn they are such failures

  6. Ganking in the 0.9 0.8 " spastic safe zones " has entertained me through recent times and i highly rate it.

    The pilchards that school in these waters have got added A grade salt.

    So angry and toxic.

    Shardani was a 1.0 dweller.

    Never forget.

    1. Shardani didn't belong in EVE, he was a horrible person. He got what he deserved.

  7. "go get some sun, lose your virginity ..., you're missing out on so much," said the miner than Agent. If Garry Kasparov defeated Bud at chess, Bud's the kind of guy who would flip the board and call Kasparov a nerd.
    Of course, we know Highsec ganking is fully compatible with a rich social life. The 15 minutes of enforced docking after each success helps with that.

    Maurasi is a place where miners who just bought a mining ship in Jita go to test it out. Introducing them to The Code there, while they're still casual, is a great kindness in the long run. They may realize that illegal highsec miner is not a fruitful career choice.

  8. You do realize "bud" made you look like an idiot right?
    He just grabbed a new ship and started mining again, called you a nerd and ignored you by blocking you.

    You literally had zero effect on him.
    He looked down on you so much that he kept doing what he was doing.
    Your pathetic attempts couldn't even find him afterwards.
    I'd say Bud was spot on in his evaluation.

    You chose to fight a one sided battle because you're apparently hard pressed to win a normal fight and Bud walked all over you by not paying your fee and continuing to do what he wants all while calling you out for living in your basement.

    This is not a success story.
    Some of the other posts are.

    You should remove this post.
    James 315 looks less like a savior who knows all and more like a putz who can't stop a simple killboardless miner.

    Sad really. I used to enjoy these little banters between noobz and zealots. Anymore, you guys have become risk averse and whiny yourself.

    The new state of EvE... James and his army are practically worthless.

    1. That's not the story I read? Bud died like a pleb and then hid in Jita station penning tearmails. He was so devastated that he was reduced to hurling RL strawman insults at his opponent and then blocking him to secure the last word. I'd classify you as a Former Fan.

    2. Alright friend.
      Just making a suggestion.

      I, typically, otherwise enjoy reading the cry posts on here.
      This one's whine factor just seems pretty contrived.

      I mean... the guy literally said go fist yourself and followed that with the fact that he didn't read the previous mail and blocked the pilot.

      I chuckled while reading it.
      I was pretty sure the intentions of James 315 were to inspire me towards the cause not make me chuckle at the response from a miner at the expense of the zealot.

      This is a much better post:

      The first rule in being a scary is to always be scary.
      Don't applaud the poor performances just because they're on your side.. The only thing I can think is that you're running out of content so you're throwing anything you can up.

    3. Lol this "interested" anonshitter is just bud trying to downplay his loss of self control. His carebear shitter was showing and now he's on damage control.

      bud don't belong in EVE and neither does his alt.

      GTFO carebear coward.


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