Saturday, September 1, 2018

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #165

Another edition of the Grab Bag, another death threat...

I can't believe he called us milquetoasts.

If these people are so new and innocent, how do they already know to spout all the anti-Code talking points?

Sounds like a veteran Anti-Ganker if you ask me.

Our Agents have noticed a disturbing trend of miners who, instead of using a hauling alt, leave an empty hauling vessel next to their mining ship. Luckily, our Agents can simply board the hauling ship--such as the Orca seen above--and confiscate it.

Maver11ck Charante also lost his hauling ship this way. Our Agent agreed to meet him at the system's star, but Maver11ck was a no-show. Miners hate shooting ships that can shoot back.

Oh, and don't forget that our Agents confiscate drones, too!

Protip: Ask for an Agent's permission before you start doing something.

My "crew" is the best thing that ever happened to EVE Twitch streams. I doubt many Twitch viewers would want to watch a bunch of highsec carebears not getting what they deserve.

I'm not saying Anti-Gankers are paranoid, but they do spend a lot of time accusing each other of being spies. In fairness, though, that's not all they do:

Anti-Ganking hard at work.

"Contacted rather hard." That's not bad for improper English. Maybe the next time some carebear whines about not being warned before being ganked, we can say he was simply given a "hard contact"?

If you simply must rebel against the Code, this is the way to do it. Gank someone's Charon and tell us about it.


  1. Jeezus, are those adults playing the carebear characters? How can anyone be that stupid?

    Ignorant highsec carebears are not really the intended playerbase for this Game. Their total worth to the community is as targets for our blasters, and ridicule, and nothing more. Completely useless.

    It is actually more humane to kill them in game until they quit like shardani, rather than coddle them and give them a false sense of belonging, only to have them lose their shit later and embarrass everyone in the alliance. I mean, the ultimate troll meta right now seems to be recruiting highsec retards then watching them meltdown in a public scene. Remember NoL? There's no reason to encourage highsec shitters to play this game, other than to set them up for future humiliation.

    Don't get me wrong, I love watching some ignorant highsec sperg get blapped, sometimes repeatedly, until they realize they were not made for EVE, helping them in the long run; but why would you invite those same retards into your alliance? It's like trying to help Chris Hansen catch some pedos, then inviting those pedos into your home to live with your family! Oh hell no.

    Highsec carebears, no matter how "reformed", are still highsec carebears, and not worth the effort or liability.

    Something something weakest link. Because that's what they are, the weakest link in the EVE community. They choose to hide in highsec like cowards, screaming about pvp in a "pvp sandbox" game. That's anti-EVE behavior, and it lowers the overall quality of the game community.

    The best thing for the game, the community, AND the highsec cowards, is to encourage the shitters to leave the game. No ammount of their tears or money would make up for the damage they can do in the long-run if allowed to remain in game, and ignorant.

    1. I often wonder why EVE attracts these players, the ones that constantly whine to try to change the game to suit them. You don't see Rust players trying to change the game because they got raided, and you don't see Counter Strike players trying to ban all guns because they lost a competitive match. No, these players adapt and improve so that they can do these things to other players.

      Is it an MMO phenomenon? I know that WoW had some issues with casuals making the game even more casual during the first few expansions, so maybe.

    2. The go-to carebear excuse is that "all forms of gameplay are valid in the sandbox". They miss the fine distinction that 'gameplay' is only valid to the extent that it is viable, and that viability is determined by the 'gameplay' of others. I think the confusion lies in the fact that it can take some time for faults in their 'gameplay' to become apparent. So let's keep fault finding.

    3. It's not about casuals. It's about cowardly, violent, poorly educated shitters thinking they are entitled to play EVE.

      Because, why not? I mean the entire world today seems to think that just by activating a clone they have some sort of "right" to live and act like they want, regardless of the long term negative effects of trying to stifle Natural Selection. Not ALL of them belong here, or could even earn the right.

      Currently, New Eden's not big enough for the ammount of shitters we have allowed to take up 'permanent' residence, and more are coming. If we don't remove them now, their legacy will be "EVE: The Musical" or some other overly effeminate aberration of our "PVP sandbox".

      Hiding in highsec is a crime against the Nature of EVE. There is no grey area here, long-term highsec carebears don't belong in EVE. Period.

      Why tolerate any highsec miners? They don't belong.

      Don't coddle them, don't befriend them, but most of all don't offer them a place at your table. Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

  2. james loves the miners!


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