Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tapestry of Tears, Part 21

Previously, on MinerBumping... Anti-Code rebel Lahnius fell on hard times. He had vowed to destroy the mighty CODE. alliance, but all of his plans backfired. Reflecting upon his career of failure, Lahnius made yet another bizarre speech in Nakugard local.

Moments earlier, Lahnius had threatened to reveal a deep, dark secret hidden at the highest levels of the CODE. alliance. Then he abruptly changed the subject.

Lahnius cast his eyes upon the list of players in Nakugard local. Now he would judge them.

First, Lahnius attempted to blackmail Alt 0, whom he accused of secretly running a fleet of miner bots.

Lahnius wasn't afraid to go on tangents. He suddenly remembered that he had meant to get his refineries destroyed all along. It was worth it for the intel.

Like an angry drunk, Lahnius started confronting random locals and picking fights with them.

The anti-Code leader was barking mad. Peaceful citizens of Nakugard could only observe the spectacle in disgust.

Staggering through his speech in random directions, Lahnius came up with a new theme--one which he would spend quite some time developing.

Lahnius was briefly interrupted by Leia Jadesol, who invited him to engage in some spaceship combat. Needless to say, the rebel leader had other plans.

Another round of strange accusations followed. No one in Nakugard was exempt.

Lahnius returned to the theme he referenced earlier. He was no longer the loyal CODE. ganker, the Anti-Ganking captain, the super-spy, or the "Hardcore AG" founder. Lahnius reinvented himself as an agent of chaos.

In other words, Lahnius was just a guy who did random stuff for no particular reason. It was his most convincing role yet.

As another night of rage and confusion went on, Lahnius grew more incoherent. Would sanity ever be restored to Nakugard?

To be continued...


  1. Replies
    1. You know, the guy that makes you post thinly veiled tears.

      Your feigned ignorance is almost as convincing as your RL ignorance.

  2. agent of chaos => guy who does random stuff for no particular reason

  3. What is it about Nakugard that attracts the crazies? Remember that guy who threatened to rape Alt 00 a couple of years back?

  4. So, he's an actual retard IRL.

  5. Oh look, that idiot hates the CODE. but gives them 21+ posts worth of tear filled tard rage.

    That technically makes him a supporter.

    What an idiot. There's NO WAY anyone is that stupid IRL, he's either one of alt's alts, or he's RPing highsec shitter like a mofo.

    Or he's foxbolt, back from how many bans!? Lol that video of Nathan G Newsome's "mission statement" was so bad, you can never unsee that. Holy shit at the cringe factor. Lahnius is definitely from the same stock.

    Natural born, pure bred retards.

  6. Lahnius is on stimulative pyschoactive drugs as he is playing, I think. And boy, he really makes a sport of himself! I am enjoying this series.

    Foxbolt, on the other hand, had severe mental issues. I stopped laughing midway through the Foxbolt series because I started feeling sorry for him. In all seriousness, he really needed help IRL.

    1. You should post your opinion on that ag blog with all of your ag friends camel jockey.

    2. It's obvious that lameass and foxtard were both suffering from the same affliction, a deficient upbringing by bad parents.

      That's the only reason people act like that, they are too weak mentally because they were not raised proper. People raised properly by diligent, tough, smart parents don't act like that.

      Mental health is really just a matter of "spare the rod". It's not a real disease if it's all in your head, it's simply laziness and immaturity, two things a competent parent can beat out of you if need be.

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  8. Really looking forward to the final twist when he just pays his 10 mil and updates his bio all nicely

  9. Come on part 22! I needs muh saltz!


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