Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Abandoned Mining Site, Part 1

Just another day in the Poinen system.
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Poinen
Konker Sauras > is the dude with the gila still around
Konker Sauras > there'es a tough ass group of enemies if osmeon'es got a good ship
Slutzilla > the dude with the gila or the dude without the gila?
Konker Sauras > any dude with a strong ship
It was a chance encounter. One random player, Konker Sauras, met another player, Slutzilla. Both were interested in seeing some spaceships get blown up.
Konker Sauras > if you want to fight strong enemies
Konker Sauras > they have about 55km range
Konker Sauras > then the smaller ones have 40km range
Slutzilla > what corp are they in?
Konker Sauras > they got me down half armor before i got in range
Konker Sauras > i'll go check real quick
Konker wasn't recruiting someone to help to destroy another player, though. He was speaking, of course, about NPCs.
Konker Sauras > Pithior
Konker Sauras > and they're supremasists and executers mainly
Konker Sauras > You want to warp to me?
Konker Sauras > i'm at 150km of them
Slutzilla > are they in the abandoned mining site?
Konker Sauras > yes
Slutzilla's motives were not so clear. Nevertheless, whatever she was going to do, it would happen in an abandoned mining site. Or nearby.
Slutzilla > what are you flying?
Konker Sauras > Maller
Slutzilla > link fit?
Konker Sauras > uh
Konker Sauras > not good
Konker Sauras > i'm lower sklil
Konker Sauras > but sure
Before Slutzilla was willing to jump in, she wanted a little information about Konker. He saw no reason not to provide it. I mean, why not trust a perfect stranger in EVE Online?
Slutzilla > not a good fit?
Konker Sauras > not great
Konker Sauras > Konker Sauras's Maller
Konker Sauras > did you get it?
Slutzilla > yep
Slutzilla > are you in a fleet?
Armed with complete knowledge of Konker's offensive and defensive capabilities, Slutzilla prepared to join her new friend.
Konker Sauras > what are you flying
Slutzilla > ready to accept fleet invite?
Konker Sauras > uh
Konker Sauras > i'll have to leave mine
Slutzilla > yep
Slutzilla > say when
Konker Sauras > now
In fact, Konker was going to meet two new people that day. The other was Slutzilla's fleetmate, D34dly D34dly.

Slutzilla didn't answer Konker's question about what she was flying, but it was the same ship as D34dly D34dly: They were both in Catalysts.

The three met up and went to battle. Konker didn't make it.
Slutzilla > you were right about that fit.
Slutzilla > Kill: Konker Sauras (Maller)
Konker Sauras > did you get killed?
Slutzilla > of course
Konker Sauras > then why attack man?
Slutzilla and D34dly D34dly lost their ships, as well--to CONCORD.
Konker Sauras > Just cost you a lot of money
Konker Sauras > for that 1 mil bounty?
Konker Sauras > how much omney did you lose??
Konker Sauras > the death of his ship is probably more than the bounty
Ralliana > we don't like criminals out here
Konker was flabbergasted by the gank. He immediately began to analyze the situation in terms of isk--the way carebears do.
Konker Sauras > I haven't done any criminal things
Konker Sauras > 1 mil?
Konker Sauras > that's nothin
Slutzilla > nothin?
Konker Sauras > my friend put it there as a joke
The only explanation Konker could think of was that the two Catalyst pilots wanted to collect on his small bounty. But even that didn't make sense, monetarily speaking.
Slutzilla > how many mills do you have then?
Konker Sauras > I rn have 18 mil
Ralliana > Is he really your friend,then?
Konker Sauras > yes
Konker Sauras > for 4 years
Konker Sauras > we came into this game together
Ralliana > He gets you killed
Slutzilla would need to open Konker's mind and teach him about the true meaning of friendship--and law--in highsec.

To be continued...


  1. in before meh seems made up

  2. It was good.
    As usual, I fell into it... got caught with my pants down (so to speak).

  3. Hay at least he isn't too terribly salty...he responded about how I would to something like that. I, too, analyze in terms of isk spent/gained. My question is how in the world do you guys manage to maintain such a huge criminal empire on what is by definition a lossy income source?


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