Monday, September 10, 2018

Tapestry of Tears, Part 16

Previously, on MinerBumping... Freed from the demanding restrictions of his undercover work, Lahnius let loose on Agent Alt 00, telling her everything that he'd always hated about her. Our Agent took it in good stride. But no matter how much Lahnius vented, he was unable to let go of his rage and resentment.

Lahnius had more pressing concerns, though. There was still the wardec from Failed Diplomacy to contend with--and the rumors they were spreading about him.

Aitillies was Failed Diplomacy's spokesman and chief propagandist. He sought to win the Nakugard miners over to his side.

Lahnius knew that he would never be able to prevail against Alt 00 without the support of the local population. Thus, Failed Diplomacy threatened him on two fronts: His refineries and his reputation.

Nakugard's residents had not yet chosen a side. They didn't really like Aitillies or Lahnius. You can imagine why.

Lahnius had Aitillies locked into a stalemate on the smacktalk plane of the conflict. But what about the traditional, spaceship versus spaceship stuff?

Unfortunately for Lahnius, he was heavily outnumbered. Failed Diplomacy had, at least on paper, a few dozen members. Lahnius was on his own.

Lahnius needed allies. The mighty CODE. alliance was unlikely to help him, since he had vowed to destroy everyone. And the miners and Anti-Gankers were useless, he knew. So he invoked the name of one of Aitillies' fellow Failed Diplomacy members.

Aitillies brushed aside Lahnius' attempts to sow division in his corporation.

Aitillies and Lahnius each accused each other of being controlled by Alt 00 while the Agent maintained her benevolent presence in the system.

At this point, Lahnius grew more confident. The slap-fight was inconclusive, and his refineries remained untouched--for now, at least.

However, it was only a matter of time before Failed Diplomacy decided to take advantage of its superior firepower.

And when that day came, the Nakugard system was rocked by a magnificent explosion.

To be continued...


  1. Holy shit yes!

    Two retards having a retard fight in hihsec. How is that not hilarious. Acting like middle school children, calling each other names. Are you sure those players are old enough to play unsupervised?

    So, highsec shitters really don't belong in EVE. If the retard population is left to grow unchecked, they will eventually change the game. AND not for the better.

    There's no reason to encourage players like these to continue to play EVE. Honestly, if there were less shitters in game I believe more quality players would join up. As it is now when a new player joins the first thing he is assaulted with is the whine and stench of highsec. New players are spawned into the shittiest places in game, populated with the shittiest people.

    If new players were spawned in null, in PH or Goon or almost any nullsec alliance space you know the locals would already be there waiting to help and mentor the newbros. There would be initiatives, and exchange programs, and friendly people to learn from.

    But as it stands now, a new player's first human interaction in game is a starter system full of lowlife cowardly scum. Spitters and shitters. Truly vile individuals is what I'm trying to say. That's why so many people quit EVE in the first few days, too many bad examples allowed to hide out in highsec, spewing tears and filth and bad information.

    There should be a time limit on how old a character can be before they are forcefully kicked out of highsec. CCP should teleport them to nullsec if they are too scared to go themselves. Like with the bots but in reverse.

    Think of the newbros!

  2. Why did alt00 invite that piece of shit into the alliance anyway? Maybe alt just don't give a fuck about his alliance or his alliance mates. What other reason could there be for allowing someone like lahnius in your home.

    Maybe alt sees some of himself in the despicable miner, who knows. I wonder how long before he brings another scumbag home and subjects his alliance mates to more shitty behavior.

    Rhetorical of course, we all know he's probably already found another pile of crap to invite. Who invited alt00 ffs? That's where the problem lies.

    1. We are already at Part 16 of his hilarious breakdown and you ask for justification on the very thing that made it possible?

      Bro, do you even Code?

    2. As much as any other anon. And alt00 still has some 'splaining to do, Lucy!

    3. Does it take a name to cheer for valiant agents and miners displaying their disabilities?

      I'd probably undust it to criticize agents... but that's a hypothetical scenario. Agents are the epitome of perfection, only lesser kinds of players call them out. Especially in public.

  3. Replies
    1. Well he loves cutting my lawn anyway. Or maybe he just loves the money.

  4. A mentoring program has existed for highsec miners for years now. Although started as an experiment, those in the loop have known i have been keeping slave highsec miners in the amarr sector of James 315 territory for a long time.

    Long story short, they all still enjoy enforcing the CODE. at least twice a week.

  5. Lahnius is a matar. Lahnius is infamous! Lahnius is a hero! Lahnius seems like a guy that I wish I could have been, a man that never looked back and just fought the machine. I envy that guy!


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