Friday, September 21, 2018

The Code in Italian

What's this? The Code in Italian?


You can thank Agent Mordred Redeye for The Code in Italian translation. The Code is now available in nine different languages: Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Just another sign of our extraordinary dominance in EVE. CCP may be cutting back on foreign language support, but the New Order only grows more accessible.

Nine languages! And to think, the Anti-Gankers can't even write properly in one.

Code merch? You never know. We've seen bumper stickers and laminated mining permits before.


Agent CiXiang Reytzenstein has crafted another piece of Code artwork:

Once we've filtered out all of the non-compliance and bot-aspirancy, highsec will be a sight to behold.


  1. How wonderful to finally read the words of The Saviour in Italian.

    *toasts Agent Mordred with a glass of aged Grappa*

    Buon fine settimana!

    1. *Toasts back joyfully* Hey Alt00, thank you it was a pleasure!
      Aged Grappa FTW!
      Buon weekend a te!

  2. Speaking of merch, what happened to the custom tee shirts with James 315's face on it and everybody going to vegas fanfest?

    This could still be a worthwhile adventure.

    1. It may not be safe for anyone to wear a Tee with James' face on it.

      If simply dropping his name in an online conversation in a video game causes all kinds of autistic behaviors, can you imagine the chris-chan-esque behavior that his face on an RL tee-shirt would instigate? Lol, the sperg would be epic.

      You would probably be forced into smacking innumerable triggered man-children who are unable to seperate the game from RL. Like some kind of weird TV game show where the contestants have to beat the shit out of a bunch of cowardly RL fuglytrolls while trying not to get any troll blood on their new James-face shirts.

      Let's face it, the shitters who would trigger over Code merch are the same idiots who make threats of RL violence and wishes of "cancer-death" against the good honest citizens of highsec, over PvP in a PvP game.

      And no, I don't believe any of those shitters are brave enough to confront you 'face to face', but I do believe you would catch them doing stupid passive aggressive bullshit, or trying to land a cowardly sneak attack, and then you have to bitch-smack them just to set an example. No disrespecting the Savior allowed.

      Hey, if you printed James' face on the back of the shirt you would have an early warning system of sorts, as the mere sight of his epic visage would send any squirrelly sneak attack cowards into squealing fits of rage before they could get to you.

      Like a P.H.a.g. powered air raid siren. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

      Although it may be a fun week of Always Winning! while you work out some aggression yourself, as you waffle stomp the shitters who are stupid enough to bow up on you.


      So... where do I get one of those shirts? xD

      Pro-civilization btw. Delete the weak, save our future generations from becoming drooling, window licking, politically correct social justice warriors with little free speech, and even less balls. Everyone who cries over someone else's speech should shardani IRL, only this time don't leave ANY of their kids behind, or even siblings.

      When it comes to shitters: Self extermination best extermination.

      I R L

    2. Now you know why i wanted to do it. If nothing more, the footage of encountering bot aspirants in rl would make teamspeak recordings boring.

      I would love a miner to step to me in rl and then alpha him on the spot on video.

  3. But where oh where is Ming?


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