Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tapestry of Tears, Part 19

Previously, on MinerBumping... Lahnius suffered a humiliating loss when one of his prized Nakugard refineries was destroyed by Failed Diplomacy corp. With his already-battered reputation in tatters, Lahnius began using a new strategy: Having his own alts talk him up in local chat.

In the past, few people believed Lahnius when he claimed to score victories against the Code. Mr None, one of Lahnius' alts, was able to support his claims. He was a witness to everything.

At times, Lahnius ran more than one alt; Blayne Shinn reported to duty in local chat.

As with his other alts, Madyson Landar shared the same schedule as Lahnius. When their leader logged off, so did the rest of them. On the bright side, Nakugard was spared all of their chatter whenever Lahnius was offline.

Once Lahnius started talking with his alts, he was hooked. He couldn't get enough of it.

Since fewer and fewer Nakugard residents were willing to speak with Lahnius, the rebel leader grew increasingly dependent upon his alts for conversation and support.

Nevertheless, not everyone who lived in Nakugard was an alt of Lahnius--and pretty much anyone who wasn't his alt disliked him. But there was another disadvantage to the "chatting with alts" strategy:

...When his alts lost ships, Lahnius lost them, too.

Failed Diplomacy's wardec was still active, so they took the opportunity to destroy two of Lahnius' Navy Scorpions. Fittingly (no pun intended), the alts used identical fits.

Like a pufferfish, Lahnius had used his alts to make himself appear bigger than he really was. The disastrous loss of his Navy Scorpions proved how expensive that strategy could be. He returned to relying primarily on his own account to fill Nakugard with gibberish.

Not everything had been taken from Lahnius--at least, not yet. Two of his three refineries were still intact.

Failed Diplomacy corp had cost Lahnius a lot. Yet the true hatred of his life remained: Agent Alt 00.

Lahnius urged Alt 00 to have Failed Diplomacy step aside so that they could settle their differences in solo combat. If Alt 00 accepted the challenge, everything would come down to one decisive battle for the fate of Nakugard.

To be continued...


  1. Calm down murder lover. Ritalin is easy!

    1. Hey johnny, put your leesh back on. I did not give you permission to cry here yet.

  2. But where oh where is Ming?

    1. I can't remember how many times I wrote that....But seriously whatever happened to Ming, did he ever figure out how to fit his Catalyst?

  3. Lol johnnie the pedo is back with his ritalin tears.

    1. That's "john pirtle, king of the pedos" to you friend. One of the biggest PHags in game. Pandemic Horde anti ganker that is. Don't be so homophonic, miners. We just wanna cuddle your frozen corpses, I mean, you aren't using them anymore.

    2. I am CCP Tara and I approve of this post.

  4. Oh my goodness, is that shitter an adult? Who acts like that?

    Nobody is really that stupid. At this point I think he's actually an alt00 alt, and we're just enjoying a good production piece.

    That's a lot of fucking alts, friends.

    I bet lahnius is the kind of guy that would say 'winning all the time is not fun'. xD

  5. Lahnius is the EVE equivalent of Chris-chan.

  6. A veldspar coated pufferfish.


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