Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Career Agent, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Unlicensed miner Mick O'niel was caught helping himself to the asteroids of Akiainavas, a "career agent" system. Luckily, Agent Ernst Steinitz was there, and he put a stop to it--while helping himself to Mick's billions worth of illegal drones. Later, Ernst saw Mick in the Isanamo system. Our Agent was given a chilly reception.
Ernst Steinitz > How are you currently making ISK then?
Mick O'niel > im not fuck piece!
Mick O'niel > im here hunting cock roaches
Ernst Steinitz > Any success yet?
Mick O'niel > coward
Ernst genuinely wanted to see the miner improve at EVE and life. But neither would happen as long as Mick still held a grudge against him.
Mick O'niel > ok suggestions for making isk from a care bear go on lets hear it
Ernst Steinitz > You could gank other bears and sell them Mining Permits.
Mick O'niel > pathetic .... next ?
Ernst Steinitz > You could mine in any Mining vessel in any HighSec system with a Mining Permit as long as you are not afk and have an adequate tank for your vessel.
Mick needed to turn his life around. He needed solutions--the last thing he was in the mood to hear.
Mick O'niel > i buy a warrent it means fuck all ull still gank me and you offer no protection. stupid
Mick O'niel > i see uve got ur girl friend well trained havent heard a word off Max August Zorn
Ernst Steinitz > I feel more comfortable chatting only with one client.
Mick O'niel > Max August Zorn have you got bigger nuts that this chode
Incredibly, Mick still saw Ernst as his enemy. It was as if he couldn't get over the fact that Ernst had taken his blingy drones away and ganked his mining ship.
Ernst Steinitz > See you in a few minutes, I found another unpermitted miner who requires my attention.
Mick O'niel > nice try dip shit
Mick O'niel > face me hear
Ernst Steinitz > gf miner
Mick O'niel > pussy
Crom Cimmeria > Mick O'niel Calm down miner
Though not a major trade hub, Isanamo is a relatively busy system. Mick's outburst drew attention.
Mick O'niel > give me back whats mine
Mick O'niel > im gona spam you for the rest of time
Mick O'niel > you such a bitch
Mick O'niel > got no balls have ya
Mick O'niel > come face me in you rbest piece of crap
Mick O'niel > i will destroy you
The miner demanded to be reimbursed for his lost equipment. Yet he couldn't think of a valid basis for making a reimbursement request. Our Agent was unable to assist him.
Mick O'niel > ganking suck bag
Crom Cimmeria > Miner, I told you to calm down...
Mick O'niel > dont know who or what ur doing talking to me but my prob is with Ernst Steinitz and Max August Zorn
Mick O'niel > but the both to pussy to show themselfs
Mick O'niel > absolute cowards
When an angry miner creates a disturbance in local, nearby Agents are sometimes called in to help restore peace to the system.
Mick O'niel > shooting up miners
Mick O'niel > in rookie space
Crom Cimmeria > Well I checked your BIO and knowing them i do not see a mining permit.. I guess that is why they did it
Crom Cimmeria > and you are NOT in rookie space
Mick O'niel > i was when i got ganked by them !!!!
Mick finally came up with an excuse: He shouldn't have been ganked because the Akiainavas system's status as a career agent system made it "rookie space".
Crom Cimmeria > If i would guess you were mining illegally in James 315 Space
Mick O'niel > bolloks
Crom Cimmeria > No the truth, James 315 is the Saviour of HighSec
Minx Mattel > Mick O'niel but you are not a newbie? Were you hiding in a rookie system? Using our newbies as meat shields?
Mick O'niel > fuck off with ur shit banter Minx Mattel
Unfortunately for the miner, additional Agents entered the system and they examined his claims very closely. Mick's "rookie" excuse blew up in his face--much like his Covetor.
Minx Mattel > Mick O'niel you know what? Your presence there could have cost the life of a few newbies. You should be happy Ernst is a professional.
Mick O'niel > what ????
Mick O'niel > ur so full of shit !
Crom Cimmeria > You violated The Code
Mick O'niel > bull shit
Miners often wrap themselves in the flag of "protecting newbros". But their concerns are insincere and used as cover for their own isk-grubbing. Only the New Order truly helps new players.
Mick O'niel > Ernst Steinitz Minx Mattel both broke ther own code by ganking me
Mick O'niel > i was no AFK
Mick O'niel > no attempt made to establish coms in local to assertain my wehabouts
Mick O'niel > i was attacked unprovoced
Crom Cimmeria > Mick O'niel mining without a minng permit is a severe provocation
Mick O'niel > agreed but who is to tell me that if im just set upon !!!!
Alas, Mick had no choice but to confess that he had been engaged in unlicensed mining. That admission made it much less likely that Mick would get a sympathetic audience.
Mick O'niel > even at war i should know the name of my enemy
Crom Cimmeria > When an agent enters a system, he will always check if your have your mining permit displayed proudly in your BIO
Crom Cimmeria > This is known you all miners for 5 years
Mick O'niel > if ur system for improving game play for the masses
Mick O'niel > is based on rules then you should adhear to them
Mick knew he was on shaky footing, but he had little choice but to press onward. Billions were at stake.
Ernst Steinitz > Sorry, I was afk Mick O'niel. Have you already purchased a Mining Permit?
Mick O'niel > FOR WHAT ull gank me without checking any how shit stick
Mick O'niel > like u did last time
Mick O'niel > u didnt adhear to ur own laws
Mick O'niel > i wasnt afk
Mick O'niel > you should be repromanded by you seniors
I don't know why, but a lot of miners think that it's impossible to violate the Code unless you're AFK. If that were true, the Code would be a whole lot shorter. I mean, it wouldn't even be a Code. It would just be one rule.
Crom Cimmeria > Mick O'niel Miner, you were scouted out. checked if you had a permit. once it was confirmed you did not have a permit you were bested in Elite PVP
Ernst Steinitz > Even if you were not afk, that does not matter. You were using a bunch of illegal Mining modules in a Rookie system, stealing the ore of James 315 and of new players.
Mick O'niel > elite pvp ... an un armed ship???
Mick O'niel > is your head broken ?
Crom Cimmeria > Mick O'niel it seems your ship is broken... :-)
Crom Cimmeria > and your drones gone. Praise James!
Mick was utterly defeated in verbal PvP. Everyone he spoke to in Isanamo local agreed that he had violated the Code and was properly ganked. (They were all Agents, but still.) Reimbursement was out of the question. However, Mick had a plan B. He was prepared to get his money back by force.

To be continued...


  1. But where oh where is little Johnnie Piddles?

    1. Maybe he quit, like shardani.

      One can only hope.

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  3. I do love it when they go from mining to chasing in a combat ship.

    It literally is at that point they almost get eve.

    Then they cry like a bitch in local and ruin the progress.

    Suck shit mick o'niel


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