Saturday, September 29, 2018

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #167

Because of people like us, EVE is dying... for more Code. Welcome to the latest edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

I think katreana Mabebu is asking us not to demand mining permits until her corp grows a bit more. However, without permits, her mining corp is surely doomed.

This guy will buy a permit eventually.

Of the three people we see chatting in local, guess which one is the Agent?

You can always tell the difference between an Agent and a miner by their manners.

Any nullsec alliances out there want to claim this "TomHorn" dude?

I believe the Agent. What possible motive would an Agent have to lie? Anyway, slowboating to a gate in your pod--something you would only do under the assumption that you're totally safe in highsec--is a definite sign of bot-aspirancy.

Looks like someone forgot about the "respect" clause in the Code. Compliant miners don't spit at people.

I've noticed a pattern: Miners who claim their innocence have a tendency to accidentally confess their guilt instead.

Sixer70 seems to think "monkey" is an insult. I would trust a monkey over a carebear any day of the week.

Ah, the new returning player excuse. When a miner calls himself a "player trying out EVE again," that translates to "I'm not a new player, but I want to be given special protections like one." Instant Code violation.

tl;dr "gank me"

After watching the mighty CODE. alliance assemble a war fleet, shady1986 industries requested to be allowed to surrender. I was informed by an officer of our wardeccing corp that the matter was settled to his satisfaction. And people say the wardec system is broken?


  1. -tl;dr "gank me"

    Holy crap that was perfect. I r loled.

  2. Why does a carebear even want to play a "Sandbox PVP MMORPG"? There's nothing in that description that pertains to their preferred play style.

    Highsec cowards are shit tier players, there's no place for their kind in EVE.

    Leave highsec or get rekt.

  3. Im TomHorn dude .

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