Thursday, September 6, 2018

Driven to the Code

There's something unusual about the following gank:

Undoubtedly, the ganked Astero's pilot was full of bad ideas. There's nothing out of the ordinary about that, though. What's unusual is the identity of the ganker who killed him.

And here he is: Celeru, who lost a Hulk just a few hours earlier. What gives?

In our recent series, "The Rising Star", we learned about Knowledgeminer and the difficulty he has socializing with other Anti-Gankers. He's critical of them, and that rubs them the wrong way.

The Anti-Ganking channel was abuzz with the news of yet another defection. Knowledgeminer seemed to relish it.

In fact, Knowledgeminer has a history of alienating his fellow rebels. (For further reading on the former Anti-Ganker Adallia Ataria, who joined Goonswarm Federation, see this post.)

Is this becoming some sort of normal life cycle for anti-Code resistance "fighters"? Celeru's zKillboard profile tells the story: From Anti-Ganker to gank recipient to ganker, all in one day.

Having tasted the sweet nectar of a carebear killmail, Celeru struggled with his identity. It's hard to go back to mining once you've ganked someone.

Celeru soon found his way to the New Order.

The former miner purchased a mining permit from the Agent who had ganked him, and he promptly joined Division 315 of the mighty CODE. alliance. But did he follow through?

Celeru proved that he is capable of enforcing the Code. During an exciting battle in Uedama, he ganked a 448 million isk quintuple-anti-tanked hauler.

It's a good thing he did, too, because the hauler pilot was quite the criminal.

Nevertheless, skepticism is warranted when dealing a former Anti-Ganker who joins the CODE. alliance. Agent Aiko Danuja cautioned Celeru against following in the footsteps of some dysfunctional rebel-turned-gankers of the past. We'll conclude this post with Celeru's response:


  1. another citizen of new eden seduced by CODE. washed his mind and made him into a ganking monster.

    1. The Saviour of Highsec has cleansed all our minds of impure thoughts, through His written word.

      Perhaps one-day you too will join our glorious crusade. \0/

    2. I agree. It is very interesting how "Unknown" (Afraid to post with his in-game name) subconsciously associated CODE. with cleansing ones mind.
      His mind knows the truth but he is too psychologically damaged from mining to realize it.

    3. You call him a monster, I call him a human. Bots begone!

  2. Huray!

    The true power of The Code can be best observed when it transforms one of the lesser kind of players into an agent!

    I'd love to hear it finding the way into agent Celeru's heart, and I'd be delighted to read more stories of his enforcement procedures.

    Though it would also be fun if he suffered a breakdown of just a magnitude of 0.3 lahnius.

  3. Dear Saviour, help us all, we need your blessing in those troubled times.

  4. Another victory that makes new eden even better!

  5. Flattering to see myself mentioned.
    Ganking sets you free.

  6. that ex-wife comment about ag at the end made me giggle.


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