Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Career Agent, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Ernst Steinitz brought Mick O'niel to justice and relieved him of his blingy drones. When Ernst next encountered the miner, Mick still refused to purchase a mining permit. In fact, he demanded reimbursement of his lost ship and drones--and questioned the very legitimacy of the Code itself.
Mick O'niel > my ship was a pecable mineing vessel
Mick O'niel > how do you think your ships come to be ?
Mick O'niel > if u destroy the miniers they wont be able to produce ships for you to cut about in thinking ur hot af
Ernst Steinitz > We are not against Mining, only against illegal HighSec Mining.
Mick tried to play the martyr, behaving as though all the highsec miners were doing us a favor--as if it's from the benevolence of the bot or the bot-aspirant that we all get our ore.
Mick O'niel > why is hihg sec mining so offensive to you
Ernst Steinitz > Because all of HighSec is owned by James 315. He was the first to stand up against HighSec Mining bots and bot-aspirants.
Mick O'niel > what even are you talking about ... what is a bot ?
Mick O'niel > am i a bot ?
Mick O'niel > im a miner yes am i a bot ????
Even for a highsec miner, Mick was woefully ignorant about the game he played. Who in 2018 plays EVE without knowing what a bot-aspirant is?
Mick O'niel > i have no such software i adhear to ccp EULA
Mick O'niel > if i did that id get kicked off by ccp not you
Ernst Steinitz > No, you are a bot-aspirant. You are no bot, but you behave like one. You mine in Rookie Systems, using illegal modules and show no respect to the New Order.
Mick O'niel > what id the defining criteria for a bot asperant ???? ur making things up im sure ...
Mick continued to question Ernst about the Code. He wasn't satisfied by the answers, but he couldn't really argue with them, either. So he asked more questions.
Mick O'niel > self reinforcing delusional
Ernst Steinitz > The New Halaima Code of Conduct
Mick O'niel > i read it
Mick O'niel > thats ho ive concluded you hypacrits
Lewak > Mick O'niel you aspire to be a bot, if ccp allowed you would gladly bot then
Mick O'niel > mining is good i find it fun. who are you to tell me i shouldnt ?
Tellingly, Mick chose not to deny that he would bot if CCP allowed it.
Ernst Steinitz > We did not tell you you should not mine, you should only avoid Mining without a Permit in JAmes' territory.
Mick O'niel > what harm do i casue you we have already established im no bot
Mick O'niel > james teritory ?
Lewak > yes
Mick O'niel > what is that ?
Mick O'niel > where
Mick O'niel > all hig sec ?
Slowly but surely, Agents of the New Order filtered into the Isanamo system to join the conversation. Mick was surrounded. No one in local dared speak a word in his defense.
Ernst Steinitz > yes
Mick O'niel > impossile task to complete
Ernst Steinitz > Task was already completed
Ernst Steinitz >
Mick O'niel > nagative u targeted a miner simple as that
Ernst Steinitz > I target miners everyday
Mick O'niel > i highly doubt you have the means or intelegance to cordinate the way you say you can
Over the years, one fact of life in highsec has held constant: Everyone who has doubted the means or intelligence of the mighty CODE. alliance has ended up on the scrap heap.
Ernst Steinitz > You could not even coordinate your two Covetors, who are you to judge?
Mick O'niel > and who are you to judge me
Minx Mattel > We are Agents of the New Order, your social superiors.
Mick O'niel > deluded bunch of idiots
Ernst Steinitz > Mick O'niel You are rude.
Mick O'niel > and shoting down a guys undefended ships isnt ?
Ernst Steinitz > No, we just defended our space after you desecrated New Order territory with your illegal Covetors.
Mick O'niel > nonsence
The miner grew increasingly frustrated and angry. This was the result of the conflict in his own mind: Part of him knew that he needed to buy a permit.
Mick O'niel > ok ok ok
Mick O'niel > right u said some bull about my bio what were u talkn about ?
Ernst Steinitz > Your bio has no Mining Permit.
Mick O'niel > and how do i put one in there its my bio ....
Mick O'niel > a text block only i can use
Ernst Steinitz > You put one in there by purchasing a Mining Permit from a New Order agent. In theory, everyone can copy and paste a text block, but we use only spreadsheets for verification.
At last, Mick expressed a curiosity about the game mechanics associated with mining permits. Purchase imminent?
Mick O'niel > .... wait wait wait .....
Mick O'niel > ur telling me
Mick O'niel > that u checked a spread sheet befor u shot me down .....
Mick O'niel > .....
Ernst Steinitz > No, we only check the Spreadsheet if there is a Permit.
The miner was mired in doubt and disbelief. He still didn't "get" the whole permit thing.
Mick O'niel > ur full of it there is no way ud spead sheet that
Mick O'niel > and whats in it for a agent ?
Mick O'niel > ur extosionists ud offer no protection either
Colonel Catpetter > a permit acoompanied with the proper mindset grants you protection
Mick O'niel > from who you ?
Ernst Steinitz > Mick O'niel What other threats are there you need protection against? NPCs?
Mick O'niel > bull if i get ganked by a randomer what u gona do .... nothing
Mick had already lost billions of isk to CODE., yet he showed more concern about the threat posed by all of those other alliances with tens of trillions of isk worth of highsec miner ganks on their killboard.
Colonel Catpetter > also if you are prepared to avoid code ganks you should be able to avoid random gankers with ease
Mick O'niel > sure they are hahahah coz you the be all and end all of ganking hey u made it up ur the creators of the term ganking
Ernst Steinitz > Mick O'niel What is your problem? I see you apparently do not like that your Mining equipment got confiscated because you were illegal Mining, but I see no point in your random accusions.
Mick O'niel > i dont like bullies. real world i fight them every day.
Lewak > we are not bullies, we are police
Colonel Catpetter, one of several additional Agents to enter the Isanamo system, made a solid point about Code-compliance: If you can avoid being killed by the most elite group of gankers in EVE, you don't need to worry about anyone else.
Colonel Catpetter > do you like thieves?
Mick O'niel > nope but i sympathies with them thievery has a a real world cause and usually its the system at fault the police just eforce blindly (in most cases)
Mick O'niel > what do u actually think ur doing Lewak ?
Mick O'niel > ur turing new players away from the game
Things only got worse when Mick revealed himself to be a thief-aspirant. (He didn't find common cause with the people who took his blingy drones, of course.) As time went on, the miner only spouted more carebear talking points. Would Mick ever come to his senses?

To be continued...


  1. James-who?

    And the lack of actual screenshots of the supposed chats make this yet another "Meh, looks made up" blog post.

    1. Lol why u so mad brah? Link retty loss please. xD

    2. What's it like being so eternally butthurt that you visit a blog you don't like every day to cry in the comments section?

  2. I bet Mick washes out. He was too ignorant to capitalize the N in his own name during character creation and it's been downhill ever since.

    1. The ability to read and write is notably lacking here.

      Sadly in this scenario, Void S appears to be the only viable solution.

  3. ive concluded you hypacrits


    1. You gotta have a lot of intelegance [sic] to understand him.

  4. If only you could bump a highsec miner into a gas cloud.

    And that cloud was full of mustard gas.
    So toxic and full of arrogance. They need to remember where they are on the new eden food chain.

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