Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A Claim for Reimbursement

Meet SS Brunnen-g.

Nice to meet you, SS Brunnen-g.

SS Brunnen-g was stunned when he lost his prized Gnosis. But he was even more upset by the fact that the rulers of highsec felt he had violated the law.

When Agent Shadow Cyrilus didn't immediately respond, SS Brunnen-g went into a panic and started sending out EVEmails to anyone in local who had a connection with the New Order.

At last, an Agent followed up. The carebear could breathe a sigh of relief.

SS Brunnen-g insisted that he was innocent of all charges. He promised to be a respectful citizen of highsec--if he got all of his stuff reimbursed, that is.

SS Brunnen-g was gratified to hear that the matter was being processed. At least his claim was in the system now.

Agent Viirilithizu Ward sent the carebear a form with several questions. Time for SS Brunnen-g to do some homework.

The carebear spent the next 20 minutes filling out paperwork. It wasn't fun, but neither was EVE's PvE. And if he did get reimbursed, his isk/hour would be better.

Gankers don't go around reimbursing everyone they kill; that would be pointless. The New Order Reimbursement Claim Form was designed to filter out unworthy claims from Code-violating carebears. SS Brunnen-g spotted a potential trap in the question about being AFK. He cleverly answered "no" so as to avoid incriminating himself on the record.

One by one, the carebear filled in a response to each of the questions. He grew more confident that he would pass the test.

Alas, a bot-aspirant's true colors always come out in the end. SS Brunnen-g admitted that he had failed to purchase a mining permit. His reimbursement claim would be denied after all. SS Brunnen-g was right about one thing, though: It was foolishness--foolishness for him to think he could get away with disobeying the Code!


  1. That Reimbursement Claim Form is a true beauty.
    And undeniably useful.

  2. "He cleverly answered "no" "

    Comedy gold right there!!

  3. The filthy carebear is an insurance fraud.

    He demands reimbursement of his Ionic field accelerator at a value of 100,000 ISK. ZKB plainly states its value as 58,302.48.

    His claim for a Missile Guidance Enhance at 25,000 ISK is also fraudulent, as zKB prices at 6001.41 ISK.

    This scamming is sickening.

    1. Maybe he was using local trade hub prices, instead of Jita?


    2. Unfortunately miners frequently attempt to victimise Agents of The New Order with their depraved and nefarious scams. This appears to be one such example.

  4. My, how the Brunnen-G have fallen.

  5. Due process is slow and burdensome, but it's good to go through the motions every once in a while to be sure the system is still fair. Well done, Agent!

  6. This is elite PvP bureaucratic warfare at its finest.
    Well fought.
    CODE red tape is mightier than their blasters.

  7. I just wonder: If somebody did everything right (followed the Code to the letter), even bought a mining permit and equiped his/her mining vessel properly (tanky) and still got ganked by agents of Code. Would he really get an reimbursement?

    1. This gets asked this from time to time. If the miner is without fault he is absolutely eligible for reimbursement. But we have yet to see an example of a miner ganked who didn't break the Code.

    2. It DOES happen, but its very rare. Like, maybe once or twice in a year rare.

  8. What mining permit? That's not a mining ship.


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