Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Over One Trillion Eight Hundred Eleven Billion in Shares Sold

Dragoncrusher Kei is crushing it as always. This month, Dragoncrusher purchased another 1,000 shares of New Order stock. This took us past the 1,811 billion isk mark and earned him a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. What will he do next?


Our Agents from the New Order Outreach Division are ambassadors--elite ambassadors. Their smiling faces watch over the great cultural exchange of highsec and nullsec.

In their continuing mission to improve relations between highsec and null, a small NOOD fleet offered to escort Agent Aiko Danuja through regions occupied by Pandemic Horde.

To those accustomed to the more traditional vessels of EVE, NOOD fleets can appear strange and exotic. They fly ships with names like "Draugur" and "Kikimora". But they are effective; Aiko watched with wonder as the NOOD squads killed enemy after enemy.

Though anti-Code rebels have spent years telling us to "go to nullsec", the residents of nullsec are not always welcoming when members of the mighty CODE. alliance do present themselves.

But our heroes have ways of making friends with the locals.

Even nullsec craves the Code.

Of course, some people are always happy to PvP.

I refer to the Goons--they don't always get the credit they deserve for their good sportsmanship.


  1. That's actually pretty amazing. Shardani's aren't typically know for good sportsmanship.

    1. hmmmmm... trying to think of any REAL anti-ganker that had any good sportmanship at all..... .... nope none.

      All the ones I knew were either agents working under-cover, or agents in training.

    2. definitely not the one i poked with a stick.

      Mind you, it was pretty easy.

      The guy killed his own child because he failed to stop the ganks.

  2. the new order outreach division is such a great part of the CODE alliance, full of competent elite agents. i always wonder how they get so many kills without significant losses. i hope one day they let me being part in one of their great fleets.

    1. The power of the Code... there is no stopping it.

    2. ...Praise James!


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