Friday, June 28, 2019

Halaima Miracle, Part 1

Life is complicated. So is highsec.

Consider the case of Unflinching Savior. He owns a mining permit--two, actually. Apparently the Goons' Ministry of Love sells permits, too.

Unflinching's alt, The Ore Hunter, also has his paperwork in order. Though his character name does not inspire confidence, he claims to be an "outfitter of destruction". That's something, I suppose.

Next, we add Cynthia Rotsuda to the mix. Judging by her bio, she is a troubled youth. Cynthia is not affiliated with either of the gentlemen whose profiles are pictured above. But this is EVE. Their fates were bound together by the force of destiny.

Speaking of the force of destiny!

Cynthia traveled to Halaima, the birthplace of the Code. Regardless of Cynthia's past, she felt compelled to visit the famous system to see it for herself. While she was there, she was inspired to speak the truth in local chat.

What happened at 23:20 on that day in Halaima would become the subject of a heated controversy--and a mystery to be solved by those charged with investigating it.

The permit-owning miner lost a 609 million isk Skiff equipped with ORE Ice Harvesters. There's no question that CONCORD did the deed. We have the killmails. Yes, "killmails", plural.

...For at that same moment, an Orca was also destroyed.

CONCORD was responsible for the Orca's destruction, as well.

What happened? Well, whatever else may be said, those two ships--each belonging to a permit-owning miner--blew up in Halaima when they were shot by the NPC police. Those are facts. They left wrecks behind.

...And that's where things get complicated.

But, as I said, this is highsec.

When it comes to navigating life in highsec, there's only one guiding light: the Code.

Time for our Agents to get to work.

To be continued...


  1. Wow, this is like a Tarantino movie, intertwined tales of mystery and daring do .....

    1. That's "derring-do" friend, and I agree,

  2. Stories like this are what keep EVE alive. Maybe I will return someday. RL work and the fact that they ruined HS aggro and logi mechanics are the main things holding me back. But if I do return, it will be for James 315 and the glory of Making Hisec Great Again!

    1. Also, if John E Normus returns, I will donate 3,315,315,315.

    2. I would gank wretched miners with John.

      Bring loyal back as well and i will resub.

  3. Meh seems made up

  4. Despite nobly sacrificing his Skiff and Orca that miner still doesn't seem very Gallant. Was it an accident?


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