Thursday, June 13, 2019

Code-Capable, Part 1

Would you believe, dear reader, that someone could mine in a ship like this and still have the gall to play the victim upon being ganked?

Ali Belette earned the dubious distinction of being featured in a Highsec Miner Grab Bag post not long after. I won't republish that rant here; the purpose of today's post is to let the ganker tell his side of the story. In the interest of fairness.

The ganker in question was none other than Agent Guybertini, a distinguished gentleman from the mighty CODE. alliance. He was outraged by the mining Talos, but he kept his righteous indignation in check and sent the miner a form EVEmail. She sent a reply. Would it be an apology?

Ali was unrepentant. She confessed to jetcan mining, but she wouldn't admit that she'd been AFK. Players can't leave their keyboards if they're in a Talos.

Guybertini wasn't in the mood to be scammed. He wanted answers and was determined to get them.

The miner explained that she had to mine in a battlecruiser because she was disabled. New readers might be surprised how often we hear some variation of "I broke your Code because I'm disabled." Here's the truth: If you're able-bodied enough to break the Code, you're able-bodied enough to obey the Code.

Our Agent got his second wind and was filled with compassion for the miner. He taught her how to play EVE. He gave her the chance that no one else did. Would the miner respond with gratitude--or with more lies?

Ali chose the Goofus option.

Even if Ali spent her first 60 million isk on the Talos, that would also mean she spent 50 million isk worth of grinding time with 10 mill in her wallet and no permit in her bio. But, of course, it wasn't her first 60 million isk. In fact, 25 hours earlier, Ali lost another 60 mill in lowsec.

And, I must point out, she had enough isk to throw away on frivolous purchases like a custom 1-man corp for illegal mining.

Ali's killboard proves she had a history of mining in lowsec in Ventures. She kept losing them--likely due to her habit of going AFK. So she moved to highsec and became Guybertini's problem. Was there any chance he could talk sense into this miner?

To be continued...


  1. I wonder if there would have been more or less tears if Guy had just took the ore out of his container

  2. "I use the Talos because I'm disabled"

  3. "I'm sitting there mining out THE WHOLE ASTEROID BELT so that the belt will RESPAWN FASTER"

    This makes me want to vom. Multiple Code violations RIGHT THERE:
    - The Code demands no excessive mining.
    - If you've mined out an entire asteroid belt with only a venture or a talos, that is excessive mining.
    - If she mined to mine even more, that is even more excessively mining.
    - That takes a metric tonne of time. Did she go to the toilet during this time? Did she ask permission?
    - Not by accident, oh no! That's plain intent to excessively mine.
    - A mining talos is a perversion of justice. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?!
    - Spuriously claiming disability is disrespect to an Agent.
    - Swearing in any medium is disrespect to an Agent.
    - Claims to leave the game, then begs the Saviour to discipline an Agent. Miner hypocrisy is a violation of the Code.
    - Bad English grammar is a violation of the Code.

    She deserved what she got, and should be grateful for it.

  4. Hearing carebears squeal "DISABILITY" "DISCRIMINATION" reminds me so strongly of this:

    1. That's hilarious. ABLIST! *stuffs fried shrimp into piehole*

  5. lol that nerd sure came to EVE with the wrong set of expectations.

  6. I just saw proof that the CODE. teaches people how to play the game!

  7. Guybertini is a legend! I love reading about his elite enforcements.

    1. Who else would fit a t2 talos to gank an untanked hulk in a pulled 0.6.

  8. Does Ali use a mining battle cruiser because she is disabled, or is she disabled because she uses a mining battle cruiser?

    Who knows.

  9. Give her some credit, if she's already flying a Talos it's only a small step towards joining CODE!

    - Robert Leheirault


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