Tuesday, June 25, 2019

There Is Always Another Way

Take a look at this Retriever:

Now watch this miner be surprised that she was ganked.

NoTrino Shi was, by her own admission, totally lost. That's typical of highsec miners these days. Luckily, miners have plenty of people to tell them what to do.

Anti-Code carebears sometimes accuse our Agents of "harassing" people by talking about the Code all the time. In fact, as we see here, miners want to know the reason why they lost their mining ship. They bring it up themselves. What are our Agents supposed to do, not answer?

Agent Lewak did more than offer to sell NoTrino a mining permit. He offered to give her a new way to play EVE--a new life! Would NoTrino make the best of this miraculous opportunity? Or would she do the other thing?

The path of the Goofus is a crowded one, I'm afraid.

NoTrino demanded answers, but she didn't like them.

(Side note, CCP/Pearl Abyss: This miner specifically requested that information about the Code and mining permits be included in the tutorial. Get to it!)

The miner's ingratitude was astonishing. If anything, her attitude was getting worse.

NoTrino was miserable. She hated mining, but she believed it was the only activity available in EVE. And people blame us for the game's low retention rates!

Agent Lewak was aghast. Joining the mighty CODE. alliance is an extraordinary privilege. Needless to say, we do not bribe AFK miners to join us.

Once again, Lewak threw the miner a lifeline. She didn't need to be powerless and miserable anymore. Unless she was an isk-craving bot-aspirant, that is.

The miner's true nature was unmistakable. Hearing the name of the Saviour of Highsec was more than she could stomach.

NoTrino certainly looked like a Goofus. Yet there may have been hope for her: A few days later, NoTrino was ganked again, but she was piloting a ship with weapons. Maybe, on some level, Lewak got through to her?

Then again, maybe not.


  1. "The path of the Goofus is a crowded one, I'm afraid." - I LOL'd

  2. strange how this noob miner went from sudden confusion and oblivious to CODE., and then "jumping unarmed freighters" suddenly fell off their deceitful poisonous tongue

  3. *sniffs*

    That poor VNI!!!

    It didn't deserve that!!! She abused it HORRIBLY!!


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