Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Over One Trillion Eight Hundred Ten Billion in Shares Sold

Let's start off the month with a new milestone. The New Order is good at milestones.

Vals Loeder joined the ranks of highsec's shareholders with her inaugural purchase of 100 shares. This took us past the 1,810 billion isk mark and earned Vals a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. Vals' growth as an EVE player coincides with the New Order's growth as a highsec-saving entity. Excellent!


Every miner should know that it's essential to buy a mining permit.

This is not a mining permit.

Sidheag Ardra was ganked by Agent Pewierre Ellidiot Trudeau. Our Agent informed the miner that her permit was not genuine.

Sidheag replied in Czech:

"What the fuck do I have to say?"

Some people assume--not without reason--that Russians have a monopoly when it comes to non-English profanity. Not so.

"That's why I have motherfuckers there. I swear to all that is holy to me that if I ever meet you, I will cancel you that your own mom will not recognize you kriple fucking."

"I already bought my bitch license for that. Free ... And you have the calculated Ukrainian dirty dirt."

I think "Ukrainian dirty dirt" is Czech for Veldspar.

"I don't have a piss on you. Justice you NEMINE! And you're already going to the fucking fucking block."

Miners, don't be like Sidheag: Always make sure to buy your permit from a duly authorized Agent of the New Order!

Also, this may be a good time to mention that the Code is available in Czech.


  1. i love google translator rage, thank you james.

  2. The grab bag overfloweth.

  3. Agent Trudeau is doing great things for James! Love this salt. :)

  4. BTW, 'vals loeder' in Dutch translates as 'mean bitch'. Dat u het weet.

    Robert Leheirault

  5. "I think "Ukrainian dirty dirt" is Czech for Veldspar."

    This is why we keep coming back.


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