Friday, June 14, 2019

Code-Capable, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Ali Belette profaned the asteroid belts of highsec by mining in a Talos. Agent Guybertini put a stop to Ali's madness, only to be rewarded with a barrage of complaints and accusations.

Our Agents are known for their patience and compassion--and also for their truthfulness. Guybertini called the miner out on her character flaws.

If you want a miner to confess his crimes, talk to him. Ali admitted that she'd already read the Code. Pleading ignorance was off the table.

Having accepted the Code as the standard, Ali would now be judged by it. The walls were closing in.

Though Ali had read the Code (supposedly), she clearly had not absorbed it. She didn't even know that highsec was in the territory of the New Order of Highsec.

Guybertini won the debate; he soundly defeated the miner on all points. If Ali cared about preserving whatever was left of her dignity, she would quickly and quietly buy a mining permit.

Ali refused to give up. Well, sort of. She declared her intention to quit EVE forever, which I suppose counts as giving up.

Our Agents have learned that sometimes a miner will fail to quit EVE even after promising to do so. Guybertini continued to correct Ali, just in case she stuck around.

Protip for all the miners: These are not good reasons to mine in a Talos.

Agent Guybertini refused to take the bait. If Ali wanted a positive EVE experience, it was time for her to listen and comply.

For some reason, Ali thought she was being generous to her fellow miners by sucking up as much ore as possible. But those who truly care about highsec know that ore respawn rates are unimportant. An asteroid belt's value comes from the Code compliance of everyone in the system.

Rather than allowing Guybertini's wisdom to seep into her brain, Ali buried her head in the sand and blocked him.

...And then she went to work on sending me the rant that appeared in the Highsec Miner Grab Bag. Let us revisit the final paragraphs of said rant:

According to Ali, her plan all along was to become a PvP'er. Like so many other miners with similar plans, she kept putting it off--she needed "just a little more isk" before she could begin. Ah, the self-deception of the highsec miner! When Guybertini strode confidently into her life and gave her a taste of PvP, she reacted badly.

Our Agents only have eyes for the truth. Those who wish to succeed in EVE would do well to heed their words. Always!


  1. James, can you please clarify the rules of engagement so there is no more confusion? As I understand it, we are to be locked and loaded, and are clear to engage, free fire at will - correct? I've already opened fire, but I just want to make sure I'm following the RoE.

    1. Anonbear 11:15, I will assist you.
      The RoE is as follows:
      If the target is complying with the New Halaima Code of Conduct, then you will not engage because it is literally impossible for you to do so.
      If the target is breaking any provision of the New Halaima Code of Conduct, then you are free to engage.
      If you want to post on the comments section of any post, then use your in-game name. Otherwise, please post your comment on the heavily-moderated anti-ganking site that no one reads.

    2. Rule of engagement?


      The only rule is shoot the pod after you gank the vermin miner.

  2. That 'big shining beacon' line was spectacular.

    The miner claimed he was aligning into warp as our Agents landed, but he also confessed in part one to recalling his drones first. One wonders whether he might have escaped had he been less greedy.

    The miner also seems to be entirely unaware that Ventures are capable of jetcan mining. Of course, doing so is still considered intent to mine excessively.

    He also could have paid for a permit and a fitted Venture with the default insurance payout from his Talos (23 million), but as a grasping min/maxer he felt it was beneath him.

    This story reinforces the maxims good pilots already know:
    - when in imminent danger, never wait for the drones to recall
    - don't fly what you can't afford to replace
    - carebears will be satisfied with nothing less than complete safety
    - highsec miners are at the bottom of the EVE hierarchy and deserve to feel only fear, humiliation, and misery

  3. but now who will mine all the ore and respawn the belt? :(

  4. "I'm not greedy, I'm just mining ALL the ore in the asteroid belt [for reasons]."

    "I'm not greedy, I'm greedy.

  5. i never really understood why you guys suicide ganked...i know now.. after watching the system i live in being strip mined daily by high powered mining vessels...i was ganked many times as a noob in my venture...i still venture mine as i do other things ps bought a permit..and the code of conduct is quite simple:dont be

    1. Congratulations on your legal status, miner. Not being greedy is a good start. You should feel a profound sense of gratitude for each load successfully deposited in the station. A compliant miner praises James 315 early and often. Having risen above the lowest rung of the EVE hierarchy, you may care to exercise your superiority by proselytizing to nearby illegals.

  6. also..if you are truly online and watching your butt you will see a code agent warp in..greet and alls arent simple...gotta go have a smoke or toillete.... dock it..not like an asteroid belt i3 more than 30 seconds away

  7. This miner doesn't even know that belts respawn at downtime only... so he was doing no service at all by picking everything. Not like isogen is worth anything right now...


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