Saturday, June 8, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #185

How do you say "Highsec Miner Grab Bag" in Chinese?

...Close enough.

And that's how you say it in English. Welcome to the latest edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Our Agents are known for their persistence. Given enough time and effort, almost anyone can be rescued and trained to obey the Code.

...In some cases, they can become an Agent on 40 accounts.

According to Google Translate, this message translates to "Go to the forest." I like to think that in the Russian mind, lowsec is a great, untamed forest.

Three tearmails for the price of one Retriever. Not a bad deal, but the guy still owes our Agents 10 million isk.

Cagalli Atha's tearmail was poorly written. Is he going to pay or not? Miner, work on it and get back to us.

Watch out, we've got a live one. Space lawyer Jane Cromwell wrote again the next day:

It applies to asteroid belts created by moon mining as well.

Alas, Jane could not keep up her facade. She scolded Agent Aaaarrgg for "not following his own Code"--and then she admitted that she didn't care about the Code anyway. She was a Goofus all along!

I'm sure the Goons will be disappointed to learn that their chief weapons supplier is out of commission.

"Keep your fucking dogs on a leash"? What do you think our Agents are trying to do to you?

Smoking may be hazardous to your health, but autopiloting definitely is.

As I have often explained, the Code is not a cult; it is the legitimate governing document of highsec. I guess that explains the mystery of its longevity, eh?


  1. Woof Woof Woof....

    The only approved use of a leesh is for a miner.

    Who is the chief weapons supplier for GSF?

    The games IQ is really ag low.

  2. Whatever the original intent of CODE was at the start now its just an an excuse to be pirates. Time for CODE version 2.0 where the saving hi-sec nonsense is dropped and replaced with just plain honest pirating.

    1. I think you should read it again. Repeat the process until your comment reads like the absolute utter bogus that it is.

      If reading The Code 40-50 more times doesn't change, lose some billions and/or gank some miners, and try again.

      Ahh, and get a mining permit! Statistical analysis clearly shows a correlation between permit ownership and the level of understanding the spirit of the text.

    2. I love it that CODE take themselves so seriously. No one else does.

    3. Nobody keeps you from reaching the top ranks in CODE. or creating your own ganking corp and reforming the movement as you see fit. Until then, dont forget to double-check if our mining permit is valid.

    4. But Agent S. I don't need no stinkin' permit!

    5. Why do people who come to a third party website and whine about CODE, always claim it is not relevant?

      It is relevant enough to keep coming back to whinge like impotent beta males about how they fail to stop a gank.

      When are these players going to get good enough to play eve properly?

    6. "...the Former Fan is an ordinary critic who despises his own ordinariness. He wants to lend extra weight to his (usually anonymous) words, so he casts himself in a more impressive and more important role." —WTHTC-9 VII.I.MMXVII

    7. "We don't need no stinkin' permit
      We don't need no bump-control
      No dark sarcasm in the local
      Agents! Leave them bears alone!"

      *suppressed giggle*

  3. Space-lawyering is fun in itself, but space-lawyering a pro-mining stance from The Code is an entirely different matter. It always cracks me up.


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