Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Elonaya Conspiracy, Part 8

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Kalorned was unstoppable. The Trade Syndecate's only hope was to enlist the support of nullsec. bgmc from the notoriously bot/RMT-friendly alliance Brothers of Tangra contacted Kalorned out of the blue and tried to win him over with flattery.

bgmc took a break from buttering up Kalorned. The nullsec diplomat turned serious.

bgmc wanted Kalorned and the rest of the New Order to leave The Trade Syndecate alone. But Kalorned had his principles--his Code.

The idea of encouraging The Trade Syndecate to comply with the Code didn't appeal to bgmc. Instead, bgmc simply gave up and disappeared. So much for powerful friends in nullsec.

Meanwhile, The Trade Syndecate's problems were growing worse. Inspired by Hero Of HiSec, Agent AGBee 001 started forwarding all of his killmails to The Trade Syndecate's CEO, Bladez Runner. He wanted Bladez to know what his anti-Code policies were costing the members of his corp.

The CEO took the unusual step of forwarding the messages to the entire corp.

In response, one of the more hawkish members of the corp--who would lose a Mackinaw of his own a few hours later--cried out for revenge. But was the corp ready for total war?

Bladez Runner now had a huge decision to make. For several hours, he carefully pondered his next step. Whatever he decided would have profound consequences for himself and his entire corporation.

He chose the path of retreat. Highsec mining was simply too risky.

It was a dark day for Bladez Runner and The Trade Syndecate. The corp's future didn't look very bright.

What The Trade Syndecate needed was a hero, a man on horseback who could lead them to victory. One of the corp's two new recruits, Greypses Foryuu, thought he knew just the person.

During a chat with the CEO, Greypses remembered a fellow veteran of Mission Ready Mining. He was someone of extraordinary talent and ability. Since Mission Ready Mining was defunct, he might be willing to trade in his MRMNG ticker for a TTS1 ticker--to join The Trade Syndecate.

The man of destiny was Energy Minx. And his credentials--according to his own bio, anyway--were impressive indeed. Bladez Runner asked Greypses to put him in contact with Energy Minx as soon as possible.

Greypses immediately arranged a private conversation between Energy Minx and Bladez Runner. But this was no ordinary job interview. Energy Minx was a person of such high caliber that he didn't need to prove himself to a prospective employer.

If anything, Energy Minx was interviewing Bladez Runner.

To be continued...

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