Friday, June 21, 2019

Rattling Sabre

Pop quiz, hotshots! You come across someone in highsec who's sitting around AFK on two accounts: One pilot in a Sabre, the other in a Buzzard. You have a single Catalyst to spare. Which ship do you gank?

If you're Agent Overmind Niminen, the answer... both. Of course.

After the AFK'er returned to his keyboard, he wasted no time in confessing his crimes.

Alas, Hamlab YaBoi hadn't become any less of a Goblok upon confessing. He refused the joys of the Code.

Additional Agents reported to the scene, just in case their assistance was needed. The New Order is a family, after all.

One advantage of ganking multiboxers: You can provide helpful lessons to multiple accounts in a single post-gank conversation.

Hamlab attempted to banter with the Agents. Was he a good sport about being ganked, or was he merely concealing his resentment? Sometimes carebears with big egos don't want to express their true feelings.

The name of highsec's Saviour was spoken. Hamlab flinched.

Hamlab's ego was tested further: Agent Overmind let Hamlab know that he viewed him as being no better than a typical highsec carebear.

The carebear was a bit star-struck. After all, he was dealing with EVE's most extraordinary players. Nevertheless, Hamlab's bitterness toward the Code began to ooze from his mouth.

Agent Ange des Larmes had no time for any "ganking is bad for new players" nonsense. Highsec's greatness was at stake.

The carebear's studied nonchalance crumbled away. His tears flowed freely.

Nothing false can long survive when faced with the shining light of the Code. No wonder carebears of all stripes have spent years begging CCP to nerf us.


  1. BOTH of those ships had cloaking devices. Pushing two butans, too hard.

  2. His buddies are going to laugh so hard at his killboard.

  3. Good to see Overmind dispensing justice again.

  4. Where does one buy shares from now that James315 is banned?

    1. Just checked, he is not banned. You can send the ISK trough the usual channels.

      You should also consider refraining from spreading malignant rumors around people who are famous of being able to find valid and reliable information. You'll need it once you have more noble aspirations than clicking a rock.

    2. James is not banned, quit the defamation and go back to mining your rock, miner!

    3. i assure you, our saviour is not banned


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